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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Noobless, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Noobless Member

    As a returning player I have noticed double cast is a big part of DPS and most top players are at 200 in this stat I am currently sitting at 122 with cloak and belt both stacking double cast they are the pop status merc ones nothing special and I have 600+ cast speed where can I gain another 60 or so, I that into account there is roughly 20 to gain from cloak and belt upgrades
  2. Ragna Well-Known Member

    You can get a few more point reforging to/near 1200 Casting speed and there's a PG rune with Double Cast. After that, it's either belt/cloak upgrades or "odd" gears like the Meta collection neck with Double Cast.
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  3. Steelviper Active Member

    There is another option as well, older purple adorn with Doublecast for Shoulder slot only -
    You can buy it from the merchant in tower on the docks in Phantom Sea. However, they didn't provide any orange adorn alternative for it, so unless you're using older purple slot shoulder armor, you'll have 6% Doublecast less. It's either that, or if you don't have the Tier 4 raid shoulders, you'll be lacking in Potency compared to new armor.
    Kunark Ascending green adorns (Neck / Rings) also give a bit of doublecast - and
  4. Dannni Active Member

    stormwrought stew doublecast food is an easy 7.5% if you still need more
  5. Gandolph Member

    Eh,another desparate gear choice,Varsoon's robe,18 sdc?
  6. Dannni Active Member

    You should not use varsoons robe, the items you need are quite standard

    DC Cloak
    DC Belt
    1100 cast speed = 37.5
    Food = 7.5
    PG adorns x 3 = 21
    AAs = ?

    Those are the standard options which are all easy to obtain. Beyond that you are looking at cloak and belt upgrades and the meta collection necklace.
  7. Gandolph Member

    have to get to 200 sdc..varsoon robe would help that a lot if you are stacked everywhere else..
  8. Revanu Well-Known Member

    preists(or any other classes) can get 200doublecast without much effort: proper spec for 17 DC from casting expertise(priest only), 21 from pg adorns, 6 on shoulders, iirc its 9 or 10 from both finger green rune, cloak/belt gets you 70-95 roughly, reforging properly grants you the balance. if you're willing to go above and beyond, then do meta neck for the extra 38 and your easily where you should be plus some.

    This expac is a lot more effort based than prior in the respect of constant farming to put you at a place to advance through the tiers.
  9. Gregore Active Member

    Make a toon on FG server, level it up to level 30, claim your familiar level up potion for the rest of your account for getting a FG server toon to 30, do the glowing black stone HQ with that toon, and then claim your 32 doublecast/32 flurry neck for the rest of your account. It has a nice 5% damage prevention proc on it as well. The proc will drain your power, so some may not like it. That neck was made for Coercers though! LOL

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