Doomfire: The Molten Caldera

Discussion in 'Raid Discussion' started by Soober, Oct 23, 2018.

  1. Soober New Member

    on Jopal the Thief, playing a channeler i was getting the red fail script saying recklessly casts a beneficial spell. on the first fail i had, i was mid cast on vector of life but hit esc and cancelled the spell cast and got the fail. the 2nd time it said i failed i opened logs and the only outgoing heals i had was aquatic essence (pet heal) and Blackwood;s Focus (epic spell). after i disabled both of these abilities i did not get another fail message. is this a normal thing on this fight for pet heals and proc heals to trigger a fail script?
  2. Gninja Developer

    I made some adjustments to that trigger last night that should help with that.

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