Doomfire: The Enkindled Towers [Heroic] [Solo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Kander, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Kander Developer

    I will look at the adds, but I believe they are coming ever 60 seconds right now...

    {edit} this mob will no longer summon the secondary add.
  2. Mermut Well-Known Member

  3. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Moracar, the Fiend
    When the the unstable spirits spawn, my warden with epic 2.0 at ancient cannot kill them before they despawn and respawn as mobs that instantly power drain me and then kill me.
    Their hitpoints may need to be looked at to make sure they're killable by priests and utility

    Edit: Multiple seem to come in at once. This can be problematic for classes w/o many AoEs
  4. Kander Developer

    the amount has been greatly reduced. The mana miser is no longer spawned. HP was been lowered on the unstable.
  5. Elinea Well-Known Member

    It was the add that spawned the secondary "mana miser" thing, right? I have too many chat windows opened, and didn't notice the yellow text signalling the spawning of adds, so I probably had some stacked up before I noticed they were even there. I fought inside the tower, since the first name feared me, so I thought maybe they all did. I have no anti fear, (my old blinding gleam rune doesn't work anymore), so I couldn't scroll out with the camera to see what all was hitting me.
  6. Mermut Well-Known Member

    The report is from 10/11. It was still a full power drain if the unstable spirit wasn't killed.
  7. Solaria Member

    Not sure if this is intended, but when you kill Moracar, the Fiend, the adds if you have any left over do not despawn. So I was able to kill the mob, had adds still up, they killed me, still didn't despawn, I revived, and they are still outside the tower where the boss was.
  8. Whilhelmina Well-Known Member

    As a conjuror in Guk solo gear, I got killed pretty fast and usually my merc before me during the "Moracar, the Fiend" fight. The adds have definitely way too much HP and hit way harder than previous mobs. I currently need a gear update to overcome the fight.

    I'll try some more after the patch.
  9. Kander Developer

    I lowered the HP and the damage.
  10. Kander Developer

    That is, in fact, not intended. I shall fix that.
  11. Gothicangel New Member


    moracar the fiend third named one shots my merc and when the adds spawn i cant kill one fast enough before the message hits and i get 2 cure curses on me and i die and i have the gear that you get out of the chest for this exp no raid gear so not sure if it is suppse to be that way or no
  12. Kander Developer

    Shouldnt be any curses at all in the solos. Can you give me spell names?
  13. Gothicangel New Member

    the cures is called mancrusher effects decreases power of target in area of effect buy 30.0 - 36.7% instantly and every 5 sec
    damage from this effect is harder then normal to mitigate this effect cannot be critically applied inflicts 30.0 - 36.7 % of max health in magic damage on targets in area of effect instantly and every 5 sec damage from this effect is harder then normal to mitigate this effect cannot be critically applied. It stacks 2 and cant target those adds either thank you
  14. Shadowscale Member

    still no portal for me.
  15. Luziana Member

    Just tried solo twice and both times no active teleporter
  16. Kander Developer

    People were playing in it all day long yesterday, lots of reports it is there. If you come out of the tower, its to the right on the hill.
  17. Poetic_Justice Member

    Oh my gosh! Right on!! No problem! It was fun! :D
  18. Kander Developer

    Please keep Beta posts to Business only. Thank you.
  19. Gothicangel New Member

    last named mob rasekjet the molten in doomed solo cant get him past 78 not sure if im donin something wrong been in that zone for over 6 hrs with the mana drain (not a geared out player) the mobs up top i killed thinking it maybe had something to do with the mobs damage respawned i even killed them with the named nada thanks also fell thru when fighting him and died i give up
  20. Shadowscale Member

    crashed inside instance, now i cant get on for more then a few seconds before i crash again, no error it just shuts down.

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