Doomfire: The Enkindled Towers [Heroic] [Solo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Kander, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Kander Developer

    Please post any feedback, bugs, etc. regarding Doomfire: the Enkindled Towers. There are 2 versions of this zone, [Solo] and [Heroic]. In your posts, please be sure to call out which version of the zone you are discussing.

  2. Shonshazzitt Member

    First named Kriegor in the solo his spell Clawed Kick, is hitting for 100% power drain, was able to kill it eventually as a swash lol... Pretty much, 100% of the fight, no power.
  3. Monstuhr Active Member

    Yeah the 100% power drain seems a bit excessive.
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  4. Shonshazzitt Member

    Thede buff says 22-37% every 4 secs, so if you miss the dot, your out of power in about 12 secs lol
  5. Monstuhr Active Member

    Yeah I was getting completely drained as soon as it applied.
  6. Leed Active Member

    Yeah, with his power drain you're out of power almost immediately after battle starts and depending on your class you might be out of luck on being able to cast anything the rest of the fight.
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  7. StoneAch Member

    After you kill 4th name Pyrefist, you get the message about sudden increase in temperature. 5th name spawns and I can see it from where I killed the first name, however it's impossible to reach him. I assume the circular platform next to the tower with the first name is either a hovering platform or a portal, but it does not work. I've looked for anything to click, literally murdered everything in the zone, but it just won't port me to the last name. Also lava is fake :p
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  8. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Likewise, a person joined up with me and used mario-skills ot get in range to pull the last named to finish the zone.:p
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  9. Addone New Member

    Teleport to last named broken. Have done the zone 3 times and nothing every time.
  10. Bawkan New Member

    Last named ported me into the terrain and I ended up under the world, consider revising where the mechanic ports players to (Solo version)
  11. Sakurra Member

    its really nice that the porter to endnamed wont work ;)
  12. Teesia New Member

    Managed to get my character stuck near the last name when I was attempting to get my pet to pull it. And there is no /stuck command upon relogging I was able to call home...
  13. Shonshazzitt Member

    I was finally able to do the zone, the power drain on most named are definitely... high lol... and as everyone else is having the issue with... trying to get to Ra-Sekjet, the Molten... No way to get to him, so unable to progress the sig line.
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  14. Seth Member

    So I entered the zone, I tried to kill a mob, I got 1 shotted. I Exited the zone and then re entered and tried to kill a mob, got 1 shotted, I tried to avoid all the mobs and In the end got 1 shotted by basilisks that have insane Aggro range. I explored all of the Map including outside the map and found no boss, so idk what you guys are doing right but I cant do anything. No bosses, all mobs 1 shot, cant see a teleporter for the life of me. So idk what to do. P.S. yes I was using real gear.
  15. Teesia New Member

    I was finally able to get up top by attacking the mob at the back of the last name and using Blink... it got me up higher and i waited for it to refresh and used it again and MIRACULOUSLY I was up there LOL good luck with that strat....
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  16. Teesia New Member

    sorry Seth :(
  17. Sakurra Member

    seth u have the Funt of Power buff activated???
  18. Seth Member

    It would not be provided to me so I just did /beta on one of my toons
    Anyway all done
  19. Ahyes New Member

    Zone crash leaving 2nd name tower. Does it every time I have tried to do this zone and in the exact same spot causing the crash.
  20. Ahyes New Member

    I am also having the same issue as dozens of other people with the portal not working to get to final named in the zone.

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