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  1. mythicaly Active Member

    i have ataxia, only sayinng that so yyou unnderstand my frrustrationn witth the jubiilee dungeonn for scorched sky, for someonne like me with limited dexterity, its immpossible to do! i can barely function after trying that zone, i fell outtaa my wheelchairr because i', shhaking so bad from frustration, normallly ii can do a lot on my own, its hard but i manage to pull it off, but way that zone is setup ((climbinng jumpinng, manuverinng) is to darn hard, before patch i was at 3rd boss............thouught i had to reset after patc h..................did everything same but cant get to third boss, so now outta frustration i'm walking away from that stuff, a game shoouldd not feel harder tthen reeal lifee and my real life is very hard
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  2. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    if this is not a hoax i'm really sorry for you.....
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  3. mythicaly Active Member

    its not a hoax, dont feel sorry for me hun, i can
    usually cope, but when i try to don a dungeon like this one, its frustrating to say the least
  4. Lidahn Lady of Light And Crystalline Hydromancer

    the game forum has been full of frustation lately.......i been on many threads and frustration should come before the titles.....
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  5. Almee Well-Known Member

    I have complained many times, over the years, about this game trying to be a video game instead of the MMORG it was originally designed to be. There are probably thousands of video games available for people with great hand-and-eye coordination to play whereas there are very few MMOGs, in comparison, and a lot of them require good hand-and-eye coordination.

    It isn't that I mind the video-game type encounters for raiders, if that is what the raid population wants. It is when video-game type encounters are included as part of a quest line, like the Frillik Tide encounter at the end of the Shipwrecked timeline, that I think DP has done a great disservice to a significant portion of its loyal player base.
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  6. mythicaly Active Member

    the devs dont realy get a say their bosses get final say, i think the devs should, they honestly care bout us loyal long term players, they can only do as their allowed to do, unfortunaly.........they work their butts off only to have me whine at them for dp's final say
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  7. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Yeah even with the Hot Hoppers that you create to help you double jump to the various locations, this zone requires some exceptional dexterity.

    Hey devs, if you're reading this: this isn't fun for most people.
  8. Chrol Developer

    The harder-to-reach areas in the zone is just bonus content that is not a required to progress to each boss. Also, the shineys are tradable.
  9. mythicaly Active Member

    ty chrol you give me hope
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  10. girney Active Member

    yes, the shinies are tradeable but i like to obtain them on my own. i really dont appreciate the mario brothers jumping to get to them. this is very frustrating and not fun. in my humble opinion this is an epic fail on the devs part. the boots are worse than useless.
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  11. Bludd Well-Known Member

    you dont need the boots, you just need a floaty and some semblance of speed, my speed was 196 and i got to all of them without the boots. my floaty is the jann illusion
  12. girney Active Member

    it is great that you can do it but my speed is only 176 and not sure what you mean by floaty but i have mind over matter which allows me to slow down when jumping from heights..
  13. Bludd Well-Known Member

    yes its the thing that makes you fall slower and then you can go farther

    try to pop a totem of the deadly sabertooth
  14. Chrol Developer

    There is now an extra shiney by the Luminous Loom after defeating the final boss.
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  15. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    How did you get inside the hollow stump on the island? Even with stilt boots and harvester cloak, I got stuck outside.

    Anyway, the boots made things easier and the zone has been live-patched so there's always a shiny next to the loom after you beat the boss, so players can now gradually get the collection.
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  16. girney Active Member

    with or without the boots i can get the shiny on top of the tent but the others............................... glad there will be another one at the end. the one by the loom at the end is the same one i get from the tent. will it ever be another?
  17. Bludd Well-Known Member

    i found the highest spot on the log and jumped into the crack. pro tip: stand still, jump then move
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  18. Mezaka Active Member

    Alternatively, if you go to the Island with the Phoenix, and then climb the hill behind the tower as high as you can and then jump toward Lonely Island, it is also possible to steer yourself into the hollow stump.

    Getting out is harder - I usually have to use my tradeskill teleport item from SF to get out.
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  19. Mezaka Active Member

    If anyone is willing to share where Cinder Peak and Death Rock Island are, I'd be grateful - only two places I haven't been able to find yet in the zone.
  20. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Yes, I could get that tactic to work everywhere else in the zone except that one. I just used the hoppers.