Doomfire: Elements of Rage [Heroic] [Solo]

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  1. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Zone: Doomfire: Elements of Rage [Solo]

    Running this on my paladin, Sigrdrifa, who is low DPS and wearing all mastercrafted/refined gear. Fount of Power is on. Resolve 1,270. Potency 115,379.9%. DPS ~200M-275M. Mercenary: Kenny.

    Spikesnot the Gall -- This was a fairly straightforward fight. Towards the end of the fight, he succeeded in power draining, but between autoattack and Manastone, I got him killed.

    Daedalus the Sunbird -- The first time I attempted the fight, I was not wedged in, and he punted me, and it broke the encounter. For my next try, I found a crack in the cliff by a boulder and wedged myself in... I could not jump. Even wedged in, I was unable to keep Daedalus from punting me. He knocked me up the cliff and squirted me out of my hidey hole like a watermelon seed, but I was able to get back in position fast enough that he didn't break the encounter. This fight probably needs a little adjustment. At the end of the fight, he was doing his knockback/knockup every tick. Finally killed him.

    Manacrush -- Good: The crystal embernauts around Manacrush now have a reasonable amount of health, I had no real problems killing them, but I wasn't one-shotting them now. This fight probably needs some adjustment. Not good: Manacrush is casting his manacage on top of his purple circle, with no time to cure or break out of the cage. At the second purple circle, he nailed me down with the manacage and then whalloped me with the purple circle. Kenny and I were curing constantly when we had any power, but there was just too much damage to finish the fight via autoattack. I was curing, using my Inheritance Manastone, Overclocked Manastones, power potions, the Essence of Magic Etherealist's Ascension, but I was completely unable to keep up with the overwhelming power drain. There needs to be some separation between the manacage and the purple circle. Doing them one on top of the other just means a wipe.

    Right at the moment, I can't get past Manacrush, so I can't report on the other names. I will try again tomorrow when I'm not post-raid and tired.

    Summary: Daedalus is going into a knockback frenzy at the end of the fight, and that should probably be slowed down. The Manacrush fight probably needs some adjustment so he isn't stacking his big detriments.
  2. Chillispike Active Member

    I agree Manacrush could need some adjustment. the manacage and the purple circle are crossing really fast, the manadrain is quite a lot as well. I guess it's meaned to be jousted somehow, but with the cage it's not really that possible. I was able to get past him, but i was boxing by Coercer and my Channeler.

    So far was it was the hardest/most annoying named in the solo zones for me.
  3. Kander Developer

    This has been adjusted.
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  4. Kander Developer

    These have been adjusted
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  5. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    I just tried this again. Daedalus is still doing constant knockups/knockbacks, which seem to be accelerating at the end of the fight. He was ping-ponging me back and forth between the two cliffs in his little valley. I'm trying to wedge myself into the cleft (see picture), but he's squirting me out like a watermelon seed. As long as I was able to keep my facing across the short distance between the two cliffs, he couldn't knock me out of range and break the encounter.


    Manacrush... I couldn't see any difference in the fight. He is casting an actual curse during the fight. I was too busy trying to fight my way out of mana cages before being killed by purple circles to really get a look at what it was, but it looked like a trauma curse.

    At this point, this character cannot proceed past this point in this zone. Which means that I can't finish the adventure sig line.

    Also, why are there vinegusts in Doomfire and wildfires in Eryslai? Isn't that backwards?

    SUMMARY: Daedalus could use fewer knockups, Manacrush is overtuned and casting curses in a solo instance. There seems to be a mixup with vinegusts in Doomfire instead of Eryslai and wildfires in Eyrslai instead of Doomfire.
  6. Kander Developer

    Will take a look at it.
  7. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Zone: Doomfire: Elements of Rage [Solo]

    Trying again today (Build 14365) to see if I can get thru this on my paladin, Sigrdrifa, who is low DPS and wearing all mastercrafted/refined gear. Fount of Power is on. Resolve 1,270. Potency 115,379.9%. DPS ~200M-275M. Mercenary: Kenny.

    Spikesnot the Gall -- He's throwing his detriments too close together. Using every tool I had to cure, he still completely drained me, then I spent a very long time autoattacking him to death. This fight probably needs a little adjustment.

    Daedalus the Sunbird -- This fight went much better. He still has a big knockback, but he's not doing it constantly. I still haven't found a good spot around here to wedge into, but I won eventually, so I think this one is good.

    Manacrush -- Still can't get past Manacrush. I lasted longer this time before he managed to get me with both the purple circle and a manacage. Once I was completely mana-drained and had no more manastone, power pots, overclocked manastones etc., he eventually drained Kenny's power, I got no heals, and we died. This fight still probably needs adjustment.
  8. Elowith Active Member

    Manacrush - I and my merc killed him while I was caged, and my merc refused to help me get out of the cage. This became less problematic when I then got feared after the fight was completely defeated.
  9. Arcos Active Member

    Ok if you get caged outside the purple circle. Not so good if you're caged inside because you're dead, and my merc refused point blank to rez me.
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  10. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    You can target the cage and attack it to break out. Not so much during the fight, though, unless you have enough mana left to blast it with an Ascension.
  11. Chath New Member

    Manacrush is the only solo fight that's caused trouble for me so far too. I was going through the sig quest again and couldn't get past him with the new characters, wound up using a coercer who we finished the sig on before to kill him.
  12. Razpberry Member

    Manacrush is fine. He has been tuned all the way down compared to when it first came out. This mob needs to be a challenge since it is supposed to be a higher tier than the first fire zone. Bring potions, manastones and all your tricks. It can be done. If you do it with undergeared alts, then of course it is a problem, just like every other mob in any other expac.
  13. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    Um, it's not lack of potions and power or gear. My paladin is kitted out with all mastercrafted/refined gear and still can't kill Manacrush. My conjuror, in T2-T3 PoP raid armor, blows through him. The difference is the amount of DPS we put out, I suspect.

    I guess I'll see if I can somehow get my sage to make the pally a bunch of Expert spells, since she was not 110 coming into the Beta, all she has are Adept-level spells given by the Beta buffer.

    If that doesn't do it, then I'm going to deity infuse every scrap of the paladin's armor AND Kenny's armor and see if THAT helps. I don't really think that you should need more than unrefined, uninfused mastercrafted gear, honestly.
  14. Kander Developer

    So the mana dmg is what is causing you the issues?
  15. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    The when and how Manacrush is using his mana cage is an issue.

    I'm using Zealous Smite, Castigate V, Cure Spells, and Potion cures. As well as the FG Inheritance Manastone, power potions, and overclocked manastones. Kenny is backed off so he concentrates on heals/cures. I still continued to die on this fight.

    I finally got disgusted and had my sage make me all Experts and upgraded all my spells. Then I deity-imbued every scrap of my armor AND Kenny's armor/accolades. I still only barely won.

    Here we go, I saw he was casting and ran. You can SEE the mana cage way away from me over on the right... but I'm still affected as if I were smack in the middle of it. It can't be jousted. (Click for full size images)


    Then he's still throwing the mana cage and purple circle at the same time. He did it twice towards the end of the fight. I was completely power drained and ended up autoattacking him to death.

    Here's the first time. He caught me again with a mana cage that I had jousted away from, then threw the purple circle right on top of it.

    I managed to get potion cures and Kenny heals enough to keep me alive. I even got a power potion in, but then whammo, he did it again:


    As I mentioned in prior posts, Drifa is dressed all in Academic Mastercrafted made from Refined rares, and Kenny's wearing the MC merc armor. Stats:
  16. Kander Developer

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  17. Taiyla Active Member

    Working on the sig quest in the zone Doomfire: Elements of Rage and I'm on the second to the last named. The game just closed..... I've tried logging back in and just as it finishes loading I'm back to desktop. I can load another toon in the GH just fine but poor Tianera is stuck in the zone and can't log in.
  18. Taiyla Active Member

    Kander was nice enough to get me out of the zone yesterday. I just reset the zone and tried it again and it happened again at the same progress point in the zone. On my way to kill Wrathflame the Chosen and the zone crashes me to desktop. I'm sure most beta testers have finished the sig quest so this might be something to look at before launch. It would really suck for everyone to have this bug and not be able to finish.

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