Doomfire: Elements of Rage [Heroic] [Solo]

Discussion in 'Zone Discussion' started by Kander, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Kander Developer

    Please post any feedback, bugs, etc. regarding Doomfire: Elements of Rage. There are 2 versions of this zone, [Solo] and [Heroic]. In your posts, please be sure to call out which version of the zone you are discussing.

  2. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    In Solo, so far the named I have encountered, each gave a ticking dot they apply that drains power 150+% per tick? o_O
  3. Shonshazzitt Member

    Spikesnot - Spell - Acidic Slime - AoE power drain 174.9% instantly and every 3 secs, followed by a 2nd AoE power drain of 8.7% every 3 secs, aka sit there and AE it to death.

    Deadalus the Sunbird - Spell - AoE power drain 119-145% and 118-144% every 3 secs just kicked my *** royally, so beyond that, dont know. cant go further.
  4. Shonshazzitt Member

    Sunbirds spell was Winds of Doomfire

    I would check each mobs MAIN spell with a bunch of options power drain lvls.
  5. Shonshazzitt Member

    And I just noticed Sunbirds other spell - Winds of Betrayal - 39-40% every 7 secs
  6. Kander Developer

    Should be corrected for tomorrow.
  7. Mercychalice Well-Known Member

    /stuck loc /way 309, 70, 123, solo zone.
  8. Leonitas Well-Known Member

    I swore it was said we won't have to go back and revisit old content this xpac? i think i only did the PoP sig line on one or two toons, so this means any new toon that is beta testing and buffing to 110 won't be able to do the sig line, as trash mobs in solo zones are ^^^ and require the fount buff, so basically each toon that wants to test, has to do the PoP sig line, each time they want to test the current sig?

    My beastlord alt was getting 1 shotted by trash without the fount buff.
  9. Rougad New Member

    As a BL i dont stand a chance in hell to
    Deadalus the Sunbird. Instant and constant powerdrain along with it doing insane damage (yes i have the font buff running and resolve way over what should be needed).
    A guildie brigand told me he just burned Everything down in all the zones and didnt even notice the powerdrain or adds that kills me.
    Once again, can you please bear in mind that this quest line will be the first thing people do in the xpac so we wont have any flashy new gear except the quested stuff up to that point on top of what we got in PoP.
  10. Leonitas Well-Known Member

    lol i was told i should be in all PoP raid gear on every toon and have fount on every toon by now. what if i didnt play PoP that much?
  11. Shonshazzitt Member

    Just killed Deadalus today and he dropped a 2 handed staff named - 110_h_qs3_6s_cast2_2h_crush =)
  12. Shonshazzitt Member

    spell - Elemental Crush - 65% max health dmg every 3 secs + 10% max health dmg every tick
    Manakill - curse - AoE power drain 70% then 100% every 2.3 sec + additional 3% every tick
    Winds of Doomfire - AoE power drain 117-149% then 117-149 every 3 sec

    Took me 4x, but I did kill it surprisingly lol
  13. Shonshazzitt Member

    Wrathflame the Chosen - didnt hit me with anything exciting, just a continual power drain tick, I was out of power by the time the mob hit about 15% health.
  14. Pheidra Member

    Manacrush - Dot still takes all of my power in a single hit
    Mana cage - Not sure how you're supposed to get out of this? I couldn't attack it. Ended up getting out of it with Aura of the Crusader
    Boulder joust was good!
  15. Solaria Member

    Just killed Deadalus and this item dropped. I think the name may need to be updated :)

  16. Daelini Member


    100% Power Drain with no chance to cure
    Boulder smash ability is killing the Channeler pet - the pet is supposed to not die.

    Please fix this. Several other places have mobs that are killing the Channeler pet as well. The rock is supposed to be immortal, not die to some random AoE
  17. Suzze/Barshen/Baratroub New Member

    Having Issues with Manacrush. Got hit with three consecutive HEat attacks.. Survived the first two for 3.8M and 47M, but then it ramped up to over 479M HP, Even with the font of Power, My Little Dirge went bye bye.. And this has happened every time in there. Can't seem to get past him.
  18. Grate New Member

    Kill Daedalus the Sunbird and received a 110_h_qs3_mit2_cloak
  19. Victisa New Member

    hi there, i am having an issue with Daedalus, he randomly resets to 100% and goes back to starting position when i am in a fight with him.

    i did find a way to kill him lol :D thx
  20. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Firemonger Rosnarga casts a curse called Firemonger's Will during the fight.

    I remember devs saying that names in the solo zone are supposed to cast curses.

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