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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Avianna, May 7, 2020.

  1. Avianna Well-Known Member

    On the TLE if that's where you play exclusively you get a flying mount that doesn't fly, a portal that doesn't port and overseer quests that reward you with useless harvests that are no longer in the game. Worst $140 I have ever spent. Save your money. until they can make it relevant just don't buy it, thought I would warn people so you don't waste your money thinking it's something cool we can use on this server because it's not. DEFINITELY not worth the $140 I got charged.
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  2. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Do you even understand what a TLE server is? It's a server limited in content and function to what was available in the game at the point of the latest expansion loaded to it. In the case of Kaladim this is currently EOF.

    Of course flying mounts don't work. Flying mounts won't work until the DoV expansion goes live as that is where the flyng mechanics were first introduced. Your portal won't work fully because the transport system currently loaded completely isolates city destinations from other destinations. I'm not even sure why Overseer quests are even available on this server and in my view they shouldn't be.

    Most of us playing on TLE are doing so precisely because we enjoy the challanges of the older versions of the game and there is no reason to change anything to make the latest expansion 'relevant' to it. The server will doubtless be merged back to live long before this expansion even becomes a blip on its horizon,

    If you play exclusively on TLE the only valid reason to buy the current expansion would be to gain access to earlier expansions that have opened up on the server that you didn't buy back when they were oriiginally available.

    And if you really must play with the trinkets and other junk that comes with more recent expansions just go and roll a character on a live server where it will all be fully available to you.
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  3. Raff Well-Known Member

    Expansion purchases are for the Live Servers, not the TLE servers. You can access the TLE's just by subbing.

    There are some nice buffs / mounts / mercs in the $140 expansion pack for BoL. None of which applies to the TLE servers.
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  4. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Yes I understand EXACTLY what the TLE is, it's why I am there. Flying mounts don't work because the proper coding for flying was not introduced until DoV not because of any lore friendly reason. So to make a TLE where all the creatures of Norrath have their wings clipped because we want to remember a time when the game lacked the proper coding.... from a RP perspective is ******** anyways and should be changed. So that is dumb idea number one for any TLE.

    I enjoy the game and it's challenges from when it was live as well, I have been playing this game exclusively for 15 years and some change, I do not enjoy the live game nearly as much as the older content. Sure I could roll a toon on live and level lock it at whatever expansion, but it would be a lonely world as everyone races to max level.The TLE forces everyone to stop at lvl 70 and hang out for a while.

    I have bought every collectors edition expansion since game launched. If I really must play with trinkets and other junk that says it will work on the TLE then I expect to be able to do just that.
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  5. Avianna Well-Known Member

    Even then you are still getting overseer quests that reward you with a bunch of harvests that are no longer in game! Not in the game on the TLE, not in game on live, just not in the game anymore.
  6. Tkia Well-Known Member

    You know, when you quote a post it's customary to respond to the points in the post not head off on some tangential irrelevance. DOV code mechanics being needed for flight is precisely the point I made. Are you repeating it to argue or agree with me? And if you already knew that why are you whining about your mount not flying on a server that's only loaded up to EOF code?

    As for lore - who mentioned lore? What's lore got to do with anything? The lore is what it's always been. That doesn't get changed for TLE servers, it's simply limited to what was in place at the time of the loaded expasnsion.
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  7. SwashbucklerWoman Active Member

    Wish I didn't buy it and I'm not on the TLE server
  8. Mucko Member

    Plays on a server locked on expansion #3.
    Buys expansion #16 and complains they don't have those features yet.
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  9. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    [quote="I have bought every collectors edition expansion since game launched. If I really must play with trinkets and other junk that says it will work on the TLE then I expect to be able to do just that.[/quote]

    Not once has there been a single piece of content that specifically says "Hey, this works on TLE!"
    We just assume it won't. We know flying mounts don't work, I'm sorry you didn't know that.
    We know most items are unusable, sorry you didn't know that.
    We also know from experience, that a lot of items do work... such as broker boxes. zero broker fees are a huge improvement for crafters on TLE, Overseer works, that is a lot of fun for me.

    The issue I have with your post is that you have bought every collector's edition since launch and that you say you know what TLE is, well... it is a learning curve. I just don't think this is the place to air your grief with it and be mad at the game. It should be a casual sigh, with a "meh" emoji attached.
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  10. Avianna Well-Known Member

    The issue I have is not that it doesn't work on the TLE it's that when you go buy the expansion it says it DOES work on the TLE and then after your non-refundable purchase you discover that is not true. So the money I spent to get said item is wasted, /claiming the one item per account on the TLE is wasted. These things were wasted because before my purchase I was led to believe something that was falsely advertised.
  11. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    I went back and looked at the items and I don't see where it specifically said TLE< but maybe you can petition to have the item reset, so your "once per account" item can be used on Live.
    I get your point, but hopefully, if the server stays strong, it may become active then? Or if it dies, your character transfers to live where you can use it, if nothing else...
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  12. Nuhvohk Active Member

    Flying mounts don't work because they are out of progression, they trivialize the zone geography in the earlier expansions and also go insanely fast compared to other TLE mounts. There's no zones currently unlocked on TLE that require flying, so why do you think they should allow it just because it's not necessarily "lore unfriendly"? It's not about lore, it's about what mechanics were in at the current era. Kaladim is actually much better at being "feature-accurate" than the last TLE, and I'd like it to continue being that way.

    In every TLE thus far, expansion bonus mounts were available to claim pre-DoV, but functioned just as ground mounts. Why would it be any different now?
  13. Amalar Member

    @Avianna Your toxicity and level of entitlement is brilliant. I can clearly see how you could have turned an entire server against you as per the other thread you have going.

    10/10 unhinged
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  14. Ursa Minor Well-Known Member

    One the expansion purchase page, any feature marked with a single asterisk is, according to the footnotes, "Available to claim on Time-Locked Progression servers".

    The mouse-over description of the Ever Portal (which is marked for TLE claim) says "Teleport to the starting area of any expansion, including &quot;Blood of Luclin,&quot; with this house item."

    I would take that to mean that if the TLE server has advanced to a later expansion, then this item should function as advertised and allow the user to teleport to the starting area of any active expansion. Since it doesn't appear to do that, I would say that is a misleading description.
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  15. Avianna Well-Known Member

    yes Ursa this is exactly what I mean.

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