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    The guild is formed by players who have been playing MMOs since well there were MMOs, with lots of experience in EQ, EQ2 live and TLEs.

    We are recruiting all players. Back up raider positions available. All current raid progression cleared… Go Top 5! Our goal is to be more than just a raiding guild. We always welcome any non-raiders, crafters, and back up raiders. We want this to be a community we can grow with in EQ2 and beyond.

    We have the following main raiding positions

    DM for more information airiel04#3607 or message a recruiter in game.
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    Sunday/Tues/Thurs 830-1130EST
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    Any second raid group forming or space for a Templar/SK?
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    Currently on Skyfire but willing to transfer to right situation. Guard/Swash mains. Have tons of raid MT OT experience. Have tons of raid lead experience. I just downloaded and went all access today so I obviously have some work to get raid ready but will get there fast. Let me know if you have room. Thanks.