doing over 1,000 damage before Mob even reaches me MWUAHAHAHHA

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-pheonyxe, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-pheonyxe Guest

    Pull with Lanets - 580ish damage applied & delayed
    Fear the mob right away
    Warble him as he runs away...another 300
    Then Cry of Departed for another 200ish
    melee a little
    when Lanets & Fear pop back up, recycle

    oh yes, yes indeedy doodee

    I am lovin the Lanets
  2. ARCHIVED-Haddad Guest

    SHHHHH! Are you ASKING for a nerf?
  3. ARCHIVED-Jziad Guest

    quite plainly heh
  4. ARCHIVED-Havlen Guest

    Just for fun I fear kited a mob just to see how effective it was and I must say it really isn't that effective. If you cycle Warble,Lanets,CotD and Fear on it you blow through a whole lot of mana. At lvl 32 I can take white-yellow solo mobs use HO's and kill faster with less power -- and if I've taken a few hits it still regens as fast as my mana so it isn't a big deal.

    Trying to do just Fear and Lanets you can take the mob down with less mana used but the time it takes you is much longer.

    Overall, I think that for xp just loading up lanets the cacophony as it is incoming and using HO's will give more xp over time than fearing them as they are incoming and loading up front end damage.

    The only time I think pulling out fear and DDing is worth it is when you fight an orange or low red and are taking too much dmg.

    I would expect some type of nerf on Fear soon though. Or really probably a fix as I don't think we are supposed to be able to damage the mob with a DD and have Fear still be on it. But, overall, I don't really think it needs a fix or nerf because it really isn't increasing xp over time. As for being 'safer' -- hey, if you are dying while soloing -- except for having a doubleup pop on you or something -- then you are doing something wrong.

    Soloing isn't bad at all, just throw on a shield and use specials to damage the mob. If you have good resists and AC is high, you'll survive the encounter at least up to yellow solo mobs.
  6. ARCHIVED-pheonyxe Guest

    Not really using it as a viable repeatable technique, I was just all excited over the Lanets damage :)

    still, I find its a nice way to start the fight.

    I highly doubt it will be nerfed, its not kiting, or even really reverse-kiting, since its not a practical technique for an entire combat.
  7. ARCHIVED-Havlen Guest

    I don't worry about it since it is slower damage than doing the same while beating on the mob so it will actually decrease your xp over time, but its a good technique for orange+ mobs or for when you get some bad rolls and get beaten up a bit in a solo fight. Other than that, if you can solo the mob and have as many or more hp as mana then doing upfront damage doesn't really help ya much. It's still good for oranges though which can sometimes throw their own smackdown back at ya.

    Get a Bow. At Level 32 I am using StormFire, which is a very nice bow.
    Our Crypts Quiet Procs on Bow shots as well.
    I have a Proccing weapon (and working on a PGT) and these procs effect bows.
    My Procs go off more on Ranged attacks than normal melee it seems.

    So I open with Sapping shot and usually get 300 Damage, and sometimes go over 500 just with that (2 Arrows X165, Silver Razored Whip Proc of 68, Dirge Proc of 120). Fairly common to get a proc and often 2 procs on this opening volley. Very nice. Really looking forward to seeing if the PGT can give me 3 procs using this power.

    Then throw in a Lanets as it is coming in.

    Dont neglect your bow skills. They are massive damage.

  9. ARCHIVED-Pepper82 Guest

    I just sold Thuris Sapping Shot (Master I) for 4 Gold
    was that a bad idea =D

    I always thought bow-skills as a waste

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