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  1. Seth Member

    thoughts on best places to harvest in SS & PoF? Cant seem to find any sweet spot or good rotation
  2. Sentrasia Active Member

    Depends what kind of node you're looking for. I don't recall spending much time in PoF to harvest, but off the top of my head for SS (And it's been a while so may be remembering wrong).

    Ores: Croc caves or pirate caves (May be any cave system for rocks, can't remember)
    Bushes/Roots/Hides: Strip that has druid rings up to the waterfall and the camp with the SS carpet quest. Basically the greenish areas.
    Wood: Along the beaches or on the island with the chests (up top) and/or pirate islands.
    Fish: Uh... in the water.
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  3. Avithax Well-Known Member

    IIRC Lfay has materials of the same harvesting tier if you're just looking for materials.

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