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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Adoninilol, Sep 11, 2017.

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  2. Zenji Well-Known Member

    That forum is for the Test Realm, not the Beta server. FG Beta received a Beta forum before launch, so expecting to see one again... I guess logic shouldn't be applied to the forums though.

    Discord, which has a Beta text channel, is not available at the moment either.
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  3. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    So the gear from baubles was updated... and its horrible.

    I made a level 1 and boosted it to 60 just to check the gear from the baubles. Compared to my Shattered Lands gear right now I gain 2.5% crit, 0.1% potency 1k health/power and 0.2% casting speed, while losing 1/3 of my DPS mod, around 20% attack speed and 250'ish ability mod. (yes I did calculate did using grandmaster versions from eq2u of the spells)

    Character copies are still bottle necked or not working, I did it when it was announced yesterday and my INQ is still not on the beta server, been waiting an hour now after the beta server restart and its still not there.

    Will be trying to get groups going for heroics to see if they drop stuff now in about 30 minutes from this post, so if people wanna tag along feel free to do so. Need tank and dps.

    IMO we need to see HEROIC gear drops that we can get from a merchant and we a RAID gear merchant. Not only to see if stats are making sense, also to see if content is properly tuned. We also need a way to upgrade our 51-60 spells.

    I still don't understand what they want us to test if not heroic and raid content and see if balance is out of wack, if its bugged or if it needs nerfs or buffs.
  4. jessejames Active Member

    Yea I have my buffed toon and honestly my shatter lands gear is better and its not like I have all raid drops. My guild was supposed to test raid tonight but I don't see how we can do anything with adepts and treasured gear. How can we give feedback if we don't have the tools needed? We supposed to farm gear and spells and then try raids in a week? I really don't see the point in this beta whatsoever. To see if 12 year old quests still work?
  5. Zenji Well-Known Member

    I have given up on the hope for the gear /spells they are providing. It is going to come down to, do enough raid testers characters get through the FUBAR show of /beta (character copy), to actually pull some raid mobs. If not this Beta is a wash.
  6. jessejames Active Member

    Tonight is our raid night, with how long it's taking toons to get over I'm not even sure we will have the raid force. Our guild leader has waited for hours. Hope we at least have a crack at Faroth Mal! I owe that gnoll a good beating.

    Is it worth it to even attempt the harder dof stuff if we aren't geared or should just do lockjaw. Hopefully we do raid and I'll give feedback on it.
  7. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Even with the current 50 fabled gear, we should be able to clear LJ, Courts, Gates, maybe PPR. (with a full raid force).

    -if we all make it to Beta....
  8. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I predict, all but djinn master and pedestal of sky will be relatively easy unless the mobs are tune very high in auto attack damage requiring us to farm up the level 60 gear for extra mitigation/stamina.

    The mobs lack scripts and are just large loot pinatas.
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  9. jessejames Active Member

    I feel a lot of them zones are just stepping stones and the real raid zones are pos, ppr, dmp, are these zones going to be broken like darathar for the first half the expansion because no one can even test in beta?
  10. jessejames Active Member

    And what's the point in testing loot pinatas? Tank and spank. We won't see the full loot table in a few raids anyway
  11. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I agree, I believe they should give us a loot box full of all of the raid gear and make us pull the black queen, god king, pedestal, djinn etc. with devs watching so we can properly balance the content. They then can see how channelers outperform other healers as well with their own eyes.
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  12. Zenji Well-Known Member

    but they are in "expansion mode" and don't have time for that :)
  13. jessejames Active Member

    3 hours waiting for my /beta to go through. Outside the given window.
  14. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    Ran a few instances tonight:

    Scornfeather roost, the last named, Ibitnaya the Scorned didn't drop a chest all. The rest of the zone dropped treasured gear.

    Hidden cache dropped treasured gear the entire zone.

    Cazel's mesa we got all treasured with the exception of the last boss which dropped a pretty decent fabled item.
  15. jessejames Active Member

    Same experience with roost and did some contested dungeon names that were just about all treasured except a crap fabled item. No sense in trying to feedback when kander flat out told our guild leader he's busy working on the live expansion.

    Would of liked to raided but out of 7 total days beta 2 were a wash not having our toons.
  16. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    Are people reporting this on discord and getting feedback? I Spent several hours doing research on Storm hold before the DoF/KoS releases and its the exact same issues. I got banned for saying they had to fix it or Storm hold would die, ironic today is it not?

    /beta still has not worked for ANY of my guildies either.

    So are u guys mentioning it and are you getting any feed back at all? There is only a week left before its supposed to launch and if it launches like this, people will be unhappy and I see the same future for Fallen Gate as Storm hold.
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  17. jessejames Active Member

    I'd love to feedback on discord but before when we had a longer than expected downtime they posted two different ETAs on the forums and discord so I got banned for asking which one is right.

    Be nice if you had a dev on beta during peak hours interacting with the community and seeing everything first hand.

    I fear this is alpha and the real beta begins when this content hits FG
  18. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    More stuff:

    The HQ reward is awful

    Prismatic 2.0 proc has not been updated and is worse than prismatic 1.0.. We dont need main stat procs this early into the game, I wonder when they learn?
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  19. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I really hate discord, I shouldn't have to put feedback in a casual chat channel for any of it to get addressed, I think forums are a more official and serious manner to provide feedback.

    In regards to the prismatic 2.0's it's just the beginning to the itemization crisis of DoF.

    I have every single raid item from DoF on a spreadsheet with all of its stats listed who it drops from etc. I will be releasing it when I finish, the problem i'm facing is it's just so large and ecompassing I don't even know where to begin.

    For example we have like five pairs of chain boots in the expansion yet I couldn't find a single pair of mage boots through any of the databases, xanadu, eq2u, zam, google etc... To top it off all of the stat sets are really weird, for example the "shaman" gear is distinguished by having magical skills on it but the same piece of gear has no ability mod, potency, or casting speed on it.

    The issues get a lot more rampant when pieces have tank stats on them and not weapon skills and then you see that brawlers weapons have no block instead they get a few points of multi-attack.

    I know that its the auto itemizer doing all the loot, it really considers things like the limited pet from the truesilver tunic to be worth a itemization slot.

    My other issue is when does it stop? Why do I have to actually FIND and make a spreadsheet for all of these items to begin giving feedback and why were the items so obviously not looked at? I'm very cautious to make a 200+ item fix list, I shouldn't have to itemize everything for the developers. I sent in probably 50+ items to fyreflyte over discord and maybe 20 got fixed, after the beta for the expansion and weeks into it. I also know others have sent in large amounts
  20. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    I guess i'll just start copy pasting everything said in here to beta, i'm sure they read this they just don't respond.

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