Does this not infuriate anyone else?

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    Xelgad wrote:
    I am Certainly not angry about Gaurdians getting some attention. It appears they need some. Our MT is a gaurdian our OT an SK and we regularly run a Brawler (Monk). On mobs with lots of adds we swap the MT and OT. We use the Monk to peel mobs who get loose back to the MT saving whoever grabbed aggro. We are not clearing all the content, we are through Madoril Medorius and Mikla though so we are not total n00bs.
    But after years, all of our posting, examples, data and ideas we get nothing to very little response. And in my memory no request for feedback. Now Gaurdians are asked for feedback from the developers ..... sorry but WTF?
    But then I remember "Ranger's are a Mighty Force" and I calm right down, as I get ready to raid my mystic full time.
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    I actually am happy to see this. While I disagree on Rangers balance and was very irratated how it was communicated back to us, seeing Xel take a step out and really start playing with the classes is a great thing to see. It may not be the class we wanted addressed but it is a class that needs help. It may not be the changes that we think but I have a hard time arguring with "let me tweak first, measure, tweak again" rather than the old school "complete revamp and repeatedly nerf back down".
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    I actually agree to the direction he is taking. It is nice to see them look at fixing a non DPS class with something instead of added DPS. I still think a majority if not all the current imbalance started with using DPS to help tanks control aggro instead of creating more tools to control aggro with. It lead to giving most classes the ability to do decent DPS in addition to their original roles. Now they constantly try to get two brother classes adjusted (almost always up) because one does more DPS than the other.
    Now they can't balance the true DPS only classes without making them OP'd for the current encounters or killing the game entirely by downgrading DPS for 20 other classes to the point that mages and predator's are required for instances and Raids.
    I have heard many a tank complaining about lack of DPS and that their play style requires DPS. It was not fair that it took them so long to kill a mob. I know tanks that solo the Hole farming it on a regular basis, both brawlers and plates. At the very same time I watch tell after tell with people looking for tanks to do the hole with. LOL does the term Role Playing vs. FPS mean anything to them? .
    How many instances or encounters truly need pure DPS currently? You can get what you need DPSwise from any of 6 mages or 6 scouts. Except from 8 of those 12 you also get REQUIRED utility. Why would you want a pure DPS who will do 5-10K more and have to worry about aggro control when you can take a utility that will add 10 -15K to the group/raid overall?
    Now are there any guilds that run raids without a Mage group? How many run with 2 Mage groups? Ever hear of a scout group now a days?
    The scout group, our group is extinct. There is one mob I can think of where there should be a melee DPS group Penda Parmare. Are there others? In reality that can most likely be done better with two mage groups who pay attention.
    Want a high parse take a Swashy put him in the MT and an assassin and put them in the OT. 2 driges, 2 troubs. Thats is all you need from the scouts. Sure toss a brigand in there if you find one who DPS's well and you need some more debuffs on the really tough mobs.
    Group logic is way out of kilter. They can maybe fix it by taking some of those left out and create buffs specific to the logic needed to create a group 4. Take classes that are really hurting for desirability and performance and give them some grouping logic that is needed. Have those left out crossbuff.
    I don't know maybe:
    Have the Brigand do something that procs big poison damage if not plate or spell based. Have them add to the hit rate by obscuring attacks so they can't be blocked, avoided or parried easily. And since they are sneaky the ability to slide group members in and out avoiding or greatly reducing aggro.
    Have a Brawler buff that significantly increases in melee based attacks and procs a deaggro like peaceful link, Have them significantly increase melee and ranged CA reuse by teaching their group to focus and concentrate. Have them provide a 5 meter extension to all melee attacks as masters of the body.
    Have the ranger add significant full time accuracy and additional strike-through as they discern and point out the mobs vulnerability to their group. Let rangers add haste to melee based attacks and ca's because they can show group members how to move more swiftly. Let them show group members how to forage energy from their surroundings that procs power for group members.
    It just seems to me that there are ways in which SOE could take brawlers, brigand and rangers and have them a natural fit for one another. My situation may be unique but I am almost always in a group that contains a brawler and brigand. I add nothing significant to help them and they add nothing significant to me.
    Ideally what we three do should add something to the healers we need .... mystic's and inquisitor's.
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    If we get a utility, I would rather see something a little more original like maybe extend range of melee/bow and casted spells by 15%. For the love of god though...Make it a maintained group/raid buff, not some 15 second thing.
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    Glad Guards getting boosted.
    But totally confirms my belief that Xelgad is a complete POS, hope he is next on the lay off list tbh.

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