Does any one have clues about 'past is prologue'?

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by Akina_Storms, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Akina_Storms Active Member

    Someone have discovered this quest, but is not willing to share information...
    So far, there's nothing...
  2. Charlice Well-Known Member

    what zone is it in?
  3. Akina_Storms Active Member

    I only know the name of the quest, and that it explains why Aerakins were up in kaladim...
  4. Charlice Well-Known Member

    Where did you get the name of the quest from?
  5. Matilda New Member

    I was wondering about this quest too. I got it from a loremaster in Thurgadin. It has to be a quest that was recently added because that Loremaster wasn't there before. It's a level 103 heroic quest.

    There isn't any information on this quest yet so I don't know where to start. It just tells me to "Find a descendent of Orisin Deepwell."
  6. Kalmaraa Active Member

    Sounds like it might be the quest start there... I'll have to take a peek latter tonight.
  7. Shadowscale Active Member

    where is the loremaster exactly? did a compleat walk around of thurgadin and found no new quest markers.
  8. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    I did the same thing, not seeing any new quest givers.
  9. Matilda New Member

    He was in the back right-hand side of the library. When I saw him he was standing on a bookcase.
  10. Shadowscale Active Member

    the place outside thurgadin? or the temple of brell? and did he actualy have a quest feather?

    hm.. what server do you play on? wonder if it was a guide quest... would explane why no one can seem to find it now...
  11. Kalmaraa Active Member

    Well I checked both the temple of brell and the libary in the wall outside the city there, nada.
  12. Akina_Storms Active Member

    So, i wonder if there are any pre-requisites...

    did check thurgadin and thurgadin harbor, nothing new...
  13. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    yeah I double checked, and he's not in the library of Thurg for me. if someone that can get it can tell us or copy his text maybe we can get a clue as to what prerequisites there might be
  14. Matilda New Member

    Ok this is really weird. I went back to the Temple of Brell in Thurgadin to find the guy again and he wasn't there. I still have the quest though. It's categorized as a miscellaneous quest and the current location in unknown.

    I'm wondering if this was a quest that wasn't suppose to be put out yet.

    This is the quest's description:
    I ran into a loremaster of Thurgadin who goes by the name of Dorondal. He was interested in hiring an adventurer to track down an artifact he was very interested in: the key to the Jaled Dar's tomb. Seeing that I'm very much an adventuring type, I signed up. Seems like a fairly straightforward task....
  15. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    well here let me compare some things if you would.

    I have 30k faction with Thurg. I've done the ToV siggy line. I haven't been to VD or to the ToV instances (group version). I haven't dong freeing the Dain yet, but I have done the Prayer Shawl, Coldain Rings, and Snowchipper.

    and mentioning of Jaled Dar's tomb...that's Harla's hubby, who was the leader of the Ring of Scale before dying with Ganak.

    I'm trying to think if there is a prerequisite for it. but I been coming up blank with ideas on what it might be.
  16. Shadowscale Active Member

    issue is... jaled dar's tomb was in dragon necropolis... a place that is gone now. western wastes and all in it aside from temple was destroyed.
  17. Matilda New Member

    I have 10K with Thurg and 50K with the Forgemasters of Thurg. I haven't completed ToV yet or been in any of the group instances. I don't know if I've freed the dain yet or not, I forgot what quests those are. I haven't got the prayer shawl yet and I have the Coldain rings up to the Mithril ring. I have done Snowchipper.

    I've found out that I can progress with this quest. The quest told me to find a descendent of Orisin Deepwell and I found Olmyr Deepwell in Teren's Grasp. He updated the quest and now I have to go to Kaladim.
  18. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    then if you haven't done/completed the sig line then it has to be something from before ToV that is the prerequisite, or they removed him or something. cause no one can see him. we need a Dev to just come in the thread and tell us what we need to have done to see the guy. I hate having prerequisites that no one knows about to even see a quest mob.
  19. Rainmare Well-Known Member

    and freeing the dain was the quest for the Epic x2 ToFS
  20. Matilda New Member

    Now I can't continue the quest since it's telling me to kill these minions that aren't spawning.

    So not only are people not able to get it, it's also bugged.

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