Do people still think the Varsoon XP rate is too high?

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Xeshaka, Jun 14, 2022.

  1. Arandar Well-Known Member

    I stand corrected. I didn't recall any type of experience or vitality potions on the marketplace, apparently I was wrong and there were vitality potions. Not sure what the logic was in that decision, but it was what it was.
  2. TheGreatGatsby Active Member

    I probably wouldn't have remembered either if my wallet could ever forget.
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  3. Herc New Member

    No pots...1 run through RE. It was stupid. And I shouldn't have to turn off the XP LOL That's f'n just as dumb as having the XP rate set as high as it is.
  4. Travail Member

    You are right.... having a way that you can control how much exp you get so you don't outlevel a dungeon before you want to but others that want to level fast can still do so is just so dumb and inconsiderate. We must all do it one way and it must be your way.

    Did I miss anything?

    You do realize your argument makes zero sense for the entire Varsoon population. But hey as long as you are happy that's all that matters. I promise you that you and those that think like you are not the majority, not even close.
  5. Travail Member

    Personally I would love for the exp rates to be on par or even higher then live, or have a lvl 50 bauble to buy from marketplace, make it no-trade/heirloom of course.

    I have 8 alts made that I would love to have level 50, do not care about the journey as I have leveled every way possible multiple times. Only reason they aren't leveled is I don't want to do the grind 8 more times and I have noticed my eq2 playtime quickly dwindling because of that. Where as if I had a faster way to level said alts I could stay busy and very active until dof is released.
  6. Zenji Well-Known Member

    4 levels in 1 run through of RE with no pots? Something sounds off. Maybe 1 run through means something different to me.

    Maybe help clarify you can share how many hours in RE you spent in that 1 run through and did you have vitality bonus active?
  7. Kurth Member

    I went through Stormhold in about 3-4 hours and went from 16-22. I had adventure vitality at the start of it but yeah it was crazy quick.

    I ended up doing RoV from 28-39 it was going so fast (though that was 3 or 4 runthroughs and the two HQs)
  8. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Ya we just have very different opinions of what crazy quick is.
  9. Kurth Member

    Any quicker they may as well just start everyone at level 50.
  10. Zenji Well-Known Member

    How many hours in game did it take you to hit 50?
  11. Revvix Active Member

    I did 1-50 in just under 4 hours earlier this week in a guild group with a level 50 paladin/necro mentoring 4 of us. I used two of the 2-hour, 100% vit potions. I don't really have an opinion on if this was a good or bad thing. It's the fifth character I've gotten to 50 at this point and I've done it the fast, medium, and slow way. Enjoyed them all in different ways. Drinking three 200k XP pots has been tempting but I can't bring myself to do it heh.
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  12. Kurth Member

    I'm intentionally taking my time and doing crafting/HQs. If I were to just run dungeons though I could do 1-50 in less than 20 hours I estimate

    In my opinion it should take about 80 hours to go 1-50. People racing could still do it on a week, and people playing 5 hours a week would take the full 16 weeks to do it
  13. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    Nuh uh, you're not allowed to enjoy yourself at your own pace, there is a mandated level of fun that has been specified by the community representatives that you must comply with. If people are allowed to level alts relatively quickly, then that might encourage people to keep playing, and let's be honest, nobody wants other players ruining their EQ2 experience. It's way too laborious to have to do an extra click when zoning somewhere because there are multiple instances open.
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  14. Kurth Member

    Boohoo we want you to actually have to play the game to reach max level.
  15. Zenji Well-Known Member

    If it took you 4 hours to get 6 levels in Stormhold, You personally aren't doing 1-50 in 20 hours.
    So you haven't hit 50 yet? So we are a month in and you are not 50, but the speed is too fast? o_O

    80 hours without XP potions?
    that would be about 20 hours with XP + vitality potions
    so about 3 times slower than what we have now.

    Cool you made way more people roll way fewer alts, all so you can slow the progress of the server by 2 days, rather than just using an in-game option of disabling XP for those who like to go slow. Sounds like a reasonable request.
  16. Kurth Member

    I'd do more than just slow down XP, I'd make access quests mandatory, bring back soul shards, eliminate the ability to run over the mountains and get rid of XP pots.

    You and I are different target audiences and I frankly don't care about your race to 50 with 8 alts.

    You and I will never convince the other towards our side.
  17. Zenji Well-Known Member

    This we absolutely agree on.
  18. Pharone Active Member

    You're idea of a good TLE experience is my idea of a nightmare. I personally would never play on a server like you describe.
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  19. Kurth Member

    I'm coming here from Project1999. Base EQ2 already has a ton of QoL things that make the game crazy easy compared to what I'm used to. In my day melees couldn't gate back home they had to beg for a SoW and run back to Freeport from LGuk and they liked it that way!
  20. TheGreatGatsby Active Member

    And this is why I thank all of the Gods that Kurth is not the one in charge.
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