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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by knine, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. knine Well-Known Member

    My emp war rune topped my heal parse last night and I had dg going everytime it was up lol. Garbage spell now, will still pop in the rotation but it's not worth what it was before. Oh yea THE LAG STILL EXISTS AND IS ACTUALLY WORSE.
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  2. Laiina Well-Known Member

    Hard to say about delay or lag - some zones have been less than wonderful since Rum Cellar. What I do notice is more keyboard lag in all AoM zones.
  3. Anghammarad Well-Known Member

    <sarcasm> Whoa after this nerf... Fixes sorry... no more lags at all!!!" </sarcasm>

    now even where there wasn't any spell lag, heroics, solos etc, there is a spell/button lag that is anoying...

    Before you could do heroics spam everything you got and didn't receive this kind of lag.

    Even standing around waiting for an afk rebuffing timers on the ranger like makeshift arrows and such has spell lag. Which it hasn't got before.

    Really good fix.

    I'm sorry, I don't want to be mean, but seriously, there is nothing wrong with the player abilities... really... the encounter scripting, zone scripting, Itemization (uplifting, practiced, etc. procs) ... that's where you should really look closely.

    Again... haven't had this kind of ingame lags with CoE, it started with ToV, got worse with AoM. And we did zonepulls there too with zerker and inqui for example.

    Even with the old c2d e8400, only 4 gig ram, and an old gf 560 instead of a core i5 3570k with 8 gig and a gf 760 and game installed on a SSD (which isn't helping regarding lags only speeding up loading times, and even that not really due to "try to finding the zone you want to zone into... please hold... the zone will be with you shortly... a message has been sent out to the guy carrying the USB Data stick including that zone... the zone will soon be connected... please hold.), there wasn't this kind of spell/button lag. The game missing every 2nd spell/ca you click on. Or worse.

    Else I still like the game, even though it gets harder to log in every day... not because there is nothing to do... no there is plenty to do with twinks, housing etc... but the people that made the game exciting are leaving left and right. And that is, what such a game is made of, the community.

    Good community, bad game, doesn't matter... people come back... because of the other people they play with and enjoy. Bad people good game, no long time players, get scared of from the bad community quickly.

    I think I'm ranting too much. So I'll end it here for now.

    See you in Game... If you happen to play on Valor =P

    Anghammarad, still proud Inquisitor
    Anoashda, Ranger and rising Pumpkin
    Yghi, Mouzerker, proud and standing tall
  4. Ebofu Active Member

    I'm surprised you can even do heroics after this severe nerf.
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  5. Anghammarad Well-Known Member

    Good trolling =) no cookies for you.
  6. knine Well-Known Member

    It's not a matter of doing heroics and raids. Justification was that it would help reduce or fix lag. I'm pretty sure you can see for yourself and agree that it hasn't and in fact lag is worse. If you think any different then your full of....well we will leave it at that.
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  7. Anghammarad Well-Known Member

    THIS! ^
  8. Taysa Well-Known Member

    The server has certainly has not improved. I guess better luck next time?
  9. Errrorr An Actual EQ2 Player

    Nobody said it would fix lag, stop being stupid.

    It was one of the contributors. Not the Only contributor.

    The spell is basically no different to before unless you are pulling like 50 mobs at once. Just learn to adapt to that and get past it already, all classes get spell changes.
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  10. knine Well-Known Member

    I've learned to adapt. Thanks for your insight. It was said at the beginning of the post that it was ONE of the biggest contributors. Learn to read. Now that they have "adjusted" it, the server lag is worse than ever. If you tweak something to fix it you would assume that lag would he better, not worse. I realize that all classes get spell changes and they have for years. They just won't come out and say it was a nerf because the felt it to be too overpowered. If you say it's the biggest contributor to lag and fix it and lag gets worse obviously you have no clue to what your doing. Just jump back out of the forum here and continue on your merry way.
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  11. Xakanis Active Member

    It's a good thing Matt carried you through raids, and helped you get gear. Or you'd be stuck and not progressing.

    Who cares how easy Heroics are?
  12. knine Well-Known Member

    Just so you don't have to look for it.. caith said it on the 3rd post of the thread.. it is a LARGE contributor to the lag issue because it procs an unlimited amount of time, which by the way is due to the pulsing damage from mobs... just saying :) Its okay devs to tell us it's a nerf because you feel its overpowered... it really is :)
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  13. Thor New Member

    They certainly fixed the lag all right.

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  14. Elaiya Member

    So, I was worried about the change to DG. However, since the patch, I've not noticed anything my Inquisitor now cannot do that I could do before. As in, I don't even really notice the change to DG. It works the same. The lag? Eh, that's bad, but DG is working just fine. Thankfully.
  15. Taysa Well-Known Member

    I'm going to assume that was in reference to my post, to which I will point out I said nothing about fixing the lag, but improvement.

    Maybe you're lucky over on Splitpaw, but the lag on AB has been MUCH worse. There has been no improvement, but rather the opposite. So the whole "this is meant as a tweak to combat server lag" is outright false concerning AB.
  16. Scrappyz Well-Known Member

    Lag has been terrible on oasis as well, was the worst in temple raid last night. Thank you to the devs for screwing up Tox for no reason.. Because it certainly didn't "fix" your lag excuse
  17. Atan Well-Known Member

    There are some very edge cases where I can see some difference, but I agree the impact to the DG change is just like the impact to the zerker heal proc changes, not significant.

    I'm really surprised this hadn't been identified and addressed much sooner. Any ability that can proc an unlimited number of times per second is both bad for performance of the system as well as terribly difficult to make remotely balanced between classes that don't have similar unlimited, powerful abilities.
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  18. Avirodar Well-Known Member

    By the same logic - If a player gets hit 100,000 times over the span of 1 second, for 40 hp per individual hit, it is possible for my shammies group ward to "proc" 100,000 times! This is clearly bad for performance of the system, as well as terribly difficult to make remotely balanced between classes that do not have similar, million-trigger capable abilities.

    The problem was the design of a very limited number of encounters, which the Devs would not name despite my repeated requests to do so. The problem was not Divine Guidance.
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  19. Atan Well-Known Member

    You know that isn't remotely the same case, as the healing power of that ward is finite and the fact that it is depleted via 1 hit or 1000 hits doesn't change the value of the heal. If your ward regenerated 35 points every time it was hit, and they were hitting 100 times a second for 40hp, then yes, that would be the same problem. But we don't have wards that work that way.

    They stated clearly they have zone crash logs that show insane number of DG procs in a single frame. Considering how the ability is coded, it is extremely plausible that could happen in the right (or really wrong) scenarios.

    But you are correct, it is equally to blame in an ability that can scale infinitely as well as to present content scenarios that allow for said ability to scale.
  20. knine Well-Known Member

    The reason it has never been addressed before is because there simply was nothing wrong with it. Back a few expansions ago dg wouldn't proc that many times because the incoming damage wasn't horrible. Encounters were based on curing Right curses, mages actually needing to cure, using items that dropped from precious mobs, etc. it worked just fine then, but then they introduced pulse damage without thinking about it or actually testing it. They say it is the largest contributor to the lag we see, but yet after the change to not only dg but et and the lag is worse. The ui lag, which there is also another thread on is atrocious. Need to find a fix if not now then to the next dlc and that devs would be removing pulse damage and come up with another type encounter, plain and simple. The players are eating the nerf on this one because you simply put in something that breaks the game and don't want to change it because of the amount of time it will require. I get it, but I ask you to put a little fore thought into your next set of encounters for the next dlc in a few months.
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