Dive On In... Oceansfull Festival is Back!

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    For generations, the Othmir have been giving thanks to Prexus during the early summer months each year for all he provides, both above and beneath the waves. It is a celebration of all things Prexus, ocean, and sailing. Although this began as an Othmir celebration, pirates, sailors, fishermen, and other ocean-folk have caught on quickly, joining in the reverie and praising the Ocean Lord.

    Now, they have opened the celebration to all of Norrath and anyone who may want to join in on the festivities!

    From Friday, June 4, 2021 at 12:01 AM until Thursday, June 17, 2021 at 11:59 PM, you'll be able to join the Othmir in celebration!


    Here's a rundown of the fun you'll get to have and the rewards you'll get to earn, but remember, there's nothing like experiencing the event yourself!

    Where to Celebrate:
    Where there's water, there's fun to be had! You can partake in Oceansfull in the following areas:
    • Great Divide
    • Eastern Wastes
    • The Commonlands
    • Antonica
    • Timorous Deep
    • Greater Faydark
    • Kylong Plains
    • Moors of Ykesha
    • Tranquil Sea
    • Phantom Sea
    • Obulus Frontier
    Holiday Overseer Quests and Agents - New for '21!


    Offered: Taffil (female Othmir) in Antonica
    • Yodie’s Adventure - Kedge Curiosity
    • Yodie’s Adventure - Merchant of Trouble
    • Yodie’s Adventure - Wakey Wakey
    Clam Shell Hunt:
    Find clam shells off shore in any of the areas where Oceansfull is being celebrated and open them up for rewards! You never know what you may find when you pry open a gift from Prexus. (More details below)

    Open up enough clam shells and earn a title!
    • Shell Raiser

    There are a number of new ocean-themed items that you may receive during the festival by opening clam shells in including:
    • New Clam Shell Game Rewards for '21!
      • Siren's Alluring Hatchet
      • Full Fish Rack
      • Bamboo Raft
      • Coral Behemoth Plushie
      • Awuidor Marble Tile & Bldg blocks recipes
    • Returning Clam Shell Game Rewards for '21:
      • Barnacle Encrusted Anchor
      • Rust Covered Anchor
      • Iron Anchor
      • Rhodium Anchor
      • Standing Ship's Wheel
      • River Fishing Net
      • Othmir Fishing Stand
      • Driftwood Bench
      • Sea Foam Brain Coral
      • Sunset Sponge Coral
      • Shallow Basket of Shells
      • Square Basket of Shells
      • Dancing Othmir Shaman Plushie
      • Aqueous Sentinel Plushie
      • Marid Tide Hunter Plushie
      • Lodizal Plushie
      • kelp fiend
      • Oceansfull Wise Othmir Illusion
      • Oceansfull Ulthork Bonepriest Illusion
    • The event is active, with the following exception (due to expansion availability):
      • Oceansfull of Good Food
    • The event is active, with the following exception (due to expansion availability):
      • Oceansfull of Good Food
      • To Shell and Back
      • "Sacraments of the Deep" collection
    Want to learn more about the events and rewards available this Oceansfull? Take a look at some of the helpful guides available from these fabulous Fansites:
    The Oceansfull Festival is sure to make a splash! Head towards the water and get ready to celebrate this wonderful time!
  2. Siren Well-Known Member

    Is Oceansfull live on Tarinax? I see the Othmir dancing, but zero glowies. Maybe someone already got them, and they're on a really long respawn timer?

    *taps mic* Is this thing on or am I wasting my time? ;)
  3. Tkia Well-Known Member

    No collection at your level of expansion. Kaladim had the same limitation last year.
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  4. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    no collections on Tarinax , but you can still dive for the shells.
    You would not be able to finish the collection , because you need at least 3 zones with different parts , so to not get frustrading for people trying to finish the collection , it was left out .

    Kaladim actually would have been able to finish the collection but is was still decided we only get the shells .
    Next year we will get it all on Tarinax too .

    I want to warn you now any of the other live events will be limited to a merchant only , with a very limited inventory.
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  5. Kaitheel Developer

    Good catch, Siren! I've added the details for Tarinax to the announcement list.

    Thank you!

    ~ Kaitheel
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