Dissonant Rythym & Alins keening lamentation?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Haddad, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Haddad Guest

    Disso is supposed to by an upgrade to Ailens (please correct me if Im wrong). I have both at adept1 at lvl 33 and Alins is still doing more damage than Dissonant. Anyone else seeing this?
  2. ARCHIVED-LincolnLogs Guest

    I noticed this too. I haven't used either of them in quite a while, even if I happen to be in a group that is ae spell friendly. The casting time and three second down time after the cast, not to mention the fact that the damage is very low, make this my nominee for Worst Song(s) In My Songbook.
  3. ARCHIVED-Haddad Guest

    Any lvl 43's and up see this with Jarol's Melancholy Requiem? It is the next song in this line.
    At 33 with both at Adept 1 , Dissonant does damage in the 40-50s , Alins usually hits in low 60s.
    With the cast time and recovery time being a combined 6 sec, Dissonant Rythym is a waste as we can do more damage with melee attacks in that amount of time, even considering that Disso is an AE encounter song.

    Bug it.
  4. ARCHIVED-dark_druid Guest

    It may be my imagination but I'm not sure if these share the same timer. I'll have to remember to check when I'm next on.
  5. ARCHIVED-Haddad Guest

    They do not share the same timer, but they would appear to be the same line. Both are "medium mental damage to the encounter" and they come 14 lvls apart, Jarols Melancholy Req being the next in line at 43.
    At any rate - even if Dissonant was not , per se , an upgrade to Alins, what purpose is a song/spell that does lower damage at higher power cost?
    Dissonant rythym is supposed to be harder to resist, but as it is , it is almost useless, unless your facing a bunch of resistant gray mobs.
    When I have had occasion to use it, I don't recall being resisted with Alin's much anyway.
    I am not asking for an AE nuke on par with pure casters, but as it is , it seems broken to me.
  6. ARCHIVED-Tsoe Guest

    This line seems to be the most useless we have...

    doign AOE dmg of.. 60-ish, once or twice during a fight post level 30 isn't worth the cast time imho
  7. ARCHIVED-Xeryna Guest

    I hate to disappoint, but yes Jarol's is just as useless as the others. I think it has a 2.0 casting time rather than 3.0 (big deal /rude), but still has the recovery time. Currently it does about 60-70 damage, which is the same as good old level 13ish Alin's, except Alin's is more mana efficient (and as others have stated, Alin's never seemed to resist very much anyways, so the argument that the low damage / high power cost exists to justify the lowered resist is a bit silly). I've stated before, even at the level you get Alin's Keening Lamentation, it is not extremely useful, but it sort of had a place. As the line has continued, however, it has gotten only worse and worse, while classes (like templars) that don't get AEs until far far later than bards (like level 30 or so) can AE better than us? Seems like we're maybe getting swept under the rug on this one...
  8. ARCHIVED-Haddad Guest

    I am tempted to say "Bug" it every time you log in, but knowing SOE, they will simply say :
    1. Working as intended - less damage at more power cost makes sense to us!
    2. It's a known bug and will be fixed, maybe by 2006.
    3. The post 50 upgrade will work correctly.
    4. This line will be fixed in the next patch, but in interest of class balancing we are removing the Bria's line from Dirge abilities.

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