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    Ok, I am curious about dispells. I see/hear this term used frequently in regards to dispelling mobs particularly named mobs. I ran into this yesterday in a PUG x2 in ToFS while fighting the librarian. In regards to necros what spells do we have that would fall under this classification? I know that wizzies and locks have a better range of these dispells (or that is at least what I have been told) but are necros at the bottom of the list for these abilities or do we have something that will contribute to dispelling these mobs?
    Although I have played a necro for a while now, I will readily admit that I knowledge and understanding of this particular issue is limited and quite confused.
    Would appreciate some constructive feedback on this. Thanks!
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    Necros have 1 dispell : "Absorb Magic". It can only dispell Arcane based buffs unless you spend AAs in the necro tree to dispell noxious based buffs too. If a buff is Elemental based, necros can't dispell it.

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