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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Cloudrat, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kerane Guest

    Soooo, 7 months that we know the bug has been around on live, several threads have been posted during those months and got burried and not once a red name posted to aknowledge they know about it and are working on it.
    Not a word, not a whisper.
    I cant talk for others, but for me it takes my joy in tradeskilling away, because the things i want to make, i cant.
    I have not been tradeskilling since i found out about the bug, and i wont start tradeskilling again untill i know the bug has been fixed.
    Its just too irritating to find another recepy missing.
    Right now i just have one question to any of the devs really.
    Just how much do you think a bit of simple politeness costs you? Because that is all we are asking for.
    The politeness to aknowledge you have read about the bug, and maybe even that you are working on it.
    Not letting your paying customers know you have heard them and care about their problems with the product you are selling is rather rude, and if the message you are trying to send to us is that you dont care, well you are succeeding pretty well.
    Maybe i can set your mind at ease.
    Politeness doesnt actually cost you anything, but it can net you a nice profit in that you get the customers to be happy with your attitude, and your service.
    And a happy customer is a paying customer
  2. ARCHIVED-MarkSam Guest

    As an amateur programmer, I can tell you unless there are major errors in the database implementation, there is no way it could be 'overloaded'. Sounds more like a corrupted database: Glitched entries can cause lots of random errors with a database. And they can be very hard to find and weed out, especially when the database gets as large as this one must be.
    The more likely reason its not getting fixed is money: a good database troubleshooter gets paid a LOT to work their magic. You'd figure that the SC Marketplace would be making enough, but maybe that's why SoE is pushing the collector's edition upgrade for absolutely NO discount at all.
  3. ARCHIVED-Kerane Guest

    Solzak@Guk wrote:
    Ah yeah, you got me there, there is no way that that could have happened. Must be some other explenation then.

    Maybe a dev could tell us what the real cause is, so we can understand the problem a bit better?
  4. ARCHIVED-Kerane Guest

    So, another month without a word from any Dev.

    How long is the silent treatment going to last?
    When was the last time a dev posted in the tradeskill forums?
    I'm not looking for a miracle, im just looking for a response so crafters will know the problem has the attention of the TS Dev, and people are working on it.
    Come on, it can't be this hard to type a few words?
    Not looking for promises, just looking for a few words on the matter.
    The last threads on this subject died and dropped from the first page without any response.
    Im gonna do my best to keep this thread on the first page, so we don't need to necro it or have to start a new thread.
  5. ARCHIVED-Kerane Guest

    And another month of silence from the devs, recipies are still missing, and no word on when we are getting them back.
    Soe really is making a mess of their comunication to the players on all fronts.

    Nice to see where we stand.
  6. ARCHIVED-MrWolfie Guest

    I'm missing one of my researched recipes.
    This cannot be rescribed!
  7. ARCHIVED-Omougi Guest

    We have a coder looking into this now - he has a few theories about what's could cause it. I've PM'd a few of you asking for more information so we can track this down. If this is happening to you and I havn't contacted you already, please drop me a PM with the character name and server of the affected character. Thanks. :)
  8. ARCHIVED-Katz Guest

    Yay! Glad to hear it is being looked at.
  9. ARCHIVED-Kerane Guest

    Katz wrote:
    Yeah, just too bad it took 8 months of people asking for some response.
    This bug has been around since july last year, several threads were made and left to die, but oh boy, now finally the bug ate a researched recepy and wow, THAT merrits a response from a dev?

    We had been told in answer to our petitions that the devs were allready aware of the bug and working on it, but the response of Omougi suggests they are only looking into this NOW?

    Please explain this?
  10. ARCHIVED-MrWolfie Guest

    Kerane wrote:
    Where does it say that in his response? It suggests nothing of the kind.
    There's a coder, this bug is in his queue, no mention of how long it's been there or what else he's working on.
    It is a long time for a bug as potentially damaging (and annoying) as this one to have been floating around with no response, but hopefully, with details provided directly to the coder it can be ironed out.
    FYI, my recipe was back today without any interference from CS, who said the same stock answer you've been getting. Which means they look to see if it's a known issue, their database says "yes", they cut n paste the "being looked into" reply.
  11. ARCHIVED-Kerane Guest

    Omougi wrote:
    Look at the sentence i underscored and bolded, how else can i read that?
    And yeah, im glad we finally got a response, just a pitty they only found a missing researched recepy worthy of a response and not the many ordenary recepies that had been reported missing over the last 8 months.
  12. ARCHIVED-Kerane Guest

    I did get a pm from Omougi, asking to give the name and server of the toon that lost recepies.
    I gave the info, plus which recepies were gone.
    As i hope others will join in on this, i also want to post it here, for others to see/compare.
    Melfarith, adorner
    server: Splitpaw

    From essential adornments volume 8 i am missing the following:
    Smoldering adornment of magical skill (greater)
    Smoldering adornment of extra attacks (greater)
    Smoldering adornment of swift casting (lesser)

    From essential adornments volume 9 i am missing:
    Ethereal adornment of damaging (greater)

    From transmuting distillations volume 9:
    Distilled mana
  13. ARCHIVED-Omougi Guest

    Thanks for the information everyone!
    Our awesome programmer Maevianiu tracked down the issue and he's getting it hotfixed in for GU63. It was only a display bug (yay!) so any missing recipes should automatically reappear in your recipe books after GU63.
  14. ARCHIVED-MrWolfie Guest

    Good news, thanks Omougi!
  15. ARCHIVED-Jepster Guest

    Edit: Nevermind.

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