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Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by ARCHIVED-xpraetorianx, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-xpraetorianx Guest

    I play a chanter class that has melee abilties and spell auto attack is really messing with my classes abilities because it overrides my melee auto attack at ANY range even close up. Would it be too terribly difficult for there to be a way to implement a toggle or even a switch to disable it completely?
    Any comments would be helpful.
  2. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    Don't equip the wand. Presto. Fixed.
    PS - Try being a melee priest. Yikes.
  3. ARCHIVED-Mohee Guest

    You'd think they'd come out with some options to fix this before they even released Spell Ranged Weapons.
    My conjuror has a sweet, super nice stats on his ranged item, but its a Spell Ranged Weapon that I wish would never fire at all!
    Turns on when out of combat and you target yourself or others for buffs...
    Accidentally hit mobs when tab targetting and tab fails and targets a nearby friendly...
    And the DPS it does (even though its a sweet fabled) is hardly anything.
    WTB the option to TURN IT OFF! Or not have it turn on at all!
  4. ARCHIVED-Seiffil Guest

    Rangers have been asking for this for years, they were supposed to put it in back around TSO/SF and then it got shelved for some reason.
    I'd love to have a set toggle for both my ranger and coercer, but until then I don't know that I'd hold my breath while expecting anything to be done.
  5. ARCHIVED-Banditman Guest

    The simplest solution (imo) is to simply make /autoattack binding.
    So, if I use the command "/autoattack 1" it will turn on my melee autoattack, and NOTHING can force that to change except me using another command that directly addresses autoattack.

    0 - no autoattack at all
    1 - melee autoattack
    2 - ranged autoattack
    3 - spell autoattack
    How hard is this? Really?
    You can continue to let different things turn on various autoattack methods . . . a melee CA for instance turns on melee autoattack, but as soon as someone uses one of those four /autoattack commands, that becomes binding until the mob dies or the player uses a different /autoattack command.
  6. ARCHIVED-jester0770 Guest

    I also would love this on my ranger, coercer, and i'm sure when my inqy gets to 90 would like it on her too. I did use the /autoattack 1 command macro'd to my coercer's spells, and it did put me into melee when i hit the spell, but when the spell fires/goes off it put me back to ranged auto attack. So a toggle to turn it off permanently would be awesome.
  7. ARCHIVED-Fitz Guest

    Macro /autoattack 1 to your melee abilities.
  8. ARCHIVED-Cocytus Guest

    Does the singular focus skill not work on spell AE auto attack? I thought it canceled all forms of it, including spell. Hmm
  9. ARCHIVED-Chronus1 Guest

    This isn't about AE auto, this is about spell auto attack interrupting melee auto attack. Melee priests and enchanters use their melee auto for dpsing but want to use the OP wand stats but can't. Only solution is to not use a wand in the first place.
  10. ARCHIVED-Seidhkona Guest

    I want to turn spell autoattack off and on without it coming BACK on the instant I've changed it.
    As a squishy caster, I stand way back in the back. The tank kills a mob, then runs around a corner and starts whacking the next. I'm still running to get there, but now spell autoattack is on and I have spun to face that mob, and my runspeed drops.
    I am okay with the little bit of extra spell damage, but I do not want it coming on unless I ask it to! Also, even standing on the mob's butt, it won't use melee autoattack, because apparently it has no idea how close to the thing I am.
  11. ARCHIVED-Kreton Guest

    This is ridiculous that it hasn't even been addressed. Having spell autoattack turn on at the end of every hostile spell attack makes it even more tedious to manage it since it's at the END of cast. There should be an option to disable this entirely.
  12. ARCHIVED-Mohee Guest

    Its awesome when it turns on when you'r not in combat, and you target yourself to cast a buff. Now you slow down and it thinks your in combat. Don't you just love it =)
    Best case scenario with Spell Weapon Auto Attack... you spend 50-150p reforging all your raid gear to increase the damage of it. Maybe gaining about 500-1500 dps total, while losing a ton more DPS because now you have hardly any spell reuse :p
    I love my wand because of the awesome stats, I hate it because of how much spell auto attack gets in the way (and doesn't even add diddly squat to DPS)

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