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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Iruath, Dec 30, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Kevlin Guest

    97% towards level 21 here in Qeynos and these are my weapons of choice (for now)

    Forged Carbonite Rapier DMG 3-9 DLY 1 +2 AGI, +3 STR, +7 HP, +11 PWR (Max Meelee with this weapon 108)

    Forged Carbonite Kris DMG 3-10 DLY 1, +2 AGI, +3 STR, +8 HP, +9 PWR

    Ranged One-Eye Bow DMG 15-76, RANGE 37, DLY 7, +3 AGI, +2 STR, +2 WIS, + 1 INT, +12 HP, +12 PWR

    Problem with bow is delay 7 seconds stinks and the range stinks on most bows. Getting close to agro range of most named with 37

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  3. ARCHIVED-Darkchida Guest

    I've finally hit Dirge and sold the weapon I got given straight away i'm now using a Dragoon Dager and Hatchet of the Forsaken.

  4. ARCHIVED-Nadain Guest

    I use a glowing epee and a pristine forged carbonite leafblade and they work pretty good for me group or solo.

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