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    I thought it might be a good idea to list songs and abilities that were upgrades to previous songs and what stacks (or what doesn't). Additionally what abilites are upgrades to others. I'm only 27 right now so i can only name a few.

    10: Rousing Tune > 24: Harl's Quickening Euphony > ...
    (note: songs are NOT on same timer BUT effects do not stack even though both can be played)

    11: Sparking Blade > 25: Darksong Blade > ...

    12: Piercing Shriek > 26: Luda's Wicked Warble > ...

    13: Performer's Talent > 27: Death's Scent > ...
    (upgrade, note: Spell icons different but on the same timer)

    13: Bria's Stirring Ballad > 27: Bria's Thrilling Ballad > ...

    14: Merciless Melody > 28: Relentless Tune > ...

    15: Alin's Keening Lamentation > 29: Dissonant Rhythm > ...
    (hardly a upgrade)
    Note: The lvl 20 training ability AoE song (name has suddenly slipped my mind) is a much better song to use then lamentation... well i guess it should be after all it IS supposed to be specialized. Dissonant Rhythm and the training song can be casted one after another they are NOT on the same timer.

    15: Walt's Singing Blade > 29: Thuri's Doleful Thrust > ...

    16: Singing Shot > 30.6: Thuri's Sapping Shot > ...

    17: Walk Lightly > 31: Valim's Dark Song > ...

    17.6: Songster's Luck > 31.6: Lucky Break > ...

    18: Insatiable Ardor > 32.6: Jael's Mysterious Mettle > ...

    19: Taffo's Brilliant Blade > 33: Daro's Dull Blade > ...

    20: Noxious Chorus > 34: Noxious Symphony > ...

    20: Melancholy Melody > 40: Illusion: Dark Elf > 50: Lyssa's Perpetual Motion

    Those are all of the ones I can think of now. Ill post more later. I thought this list may help people plan what skills to upgrade and if its worth it to spend that extra cash.
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    Every 14 levels you get an upgrade to almost every ability post lvl 10. The notable exception is escape and there might be a couple of others. I don't know if the effects sometimes stack with earlier skills or if they are on the same timers, but you do get the upgrade. In some cases you get additional functionality with the upgrade. For example: first tier is improve agil and arcane mitigation, second tier is improve str, agil and arcane mitigation, etc.
  3. ARCHIVED-Doloism Guest

    Great post! I was asking for this lit in another thread and here it is.

    It is probably a stupid question, but just to be sure: the old versions are totally useless once the upgrade comes around and there isn't any reason to keep them on the quick bar, is there?
  4. ARCHIVED-Froren Guest

    not unless you have a master or adept 3 or something that is better than your replacement spell, which was often the case for me
  5. ARCHIVED-Haddad Guest

    Do Jonthan's whistling warsong and Merciless melody stack?
  6. ARCHIVED-Lornick Guest

  7. ARCHIVED-Lornick Guest

    I haven't parsed it, but I don't believe so. Even if they did it wouldn't be worth 4 concentration slots.
  8. ARCHIVED-Lornick Guest

    I guess I should read a little closer. I thought you were asking relentless tune and merciless meloday. Jonthans must be troubador haste right? I've grouped with troubador singing their haste while I sang mine and the results were inconclusive. Both songs would take effect as I recall, but I'm not sure if the haste components stack.
  9. ARCHIVED-Weekapaug Guest

    No Jonathan's Whistling Warsong is one of the level 20 special training abilities that went in with today's patch.....It appears to be the same as Merciless Melodies but with some kind of offense increase (atk doesnt go up when I cast it so not sure exactly what that is).

    Been wondering the same thing....they stack but don't know if the effects actually do.
  10. ARCHIVED-juznity Guest

    Though u can cast both Jonathan's Whistling Warsong and Merciless Melodies buff, but the buffing effect do not stack.
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    Beside these skills from lvl 10 onwards, what bout those skills from lvl 1 - 10. Do those get upgraded too?
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    Alright i know this is becoming somewhat of a Dirge class spell list which are everywhere, but hey what are you gonna do? I updated list up to the lvl 20 spells. Maybe later ill add a section at the bottom for all the spells which are in their own category or oddly similar. As an after thought later i will add what the differences are from upgrade to upgrade and maybe even the different training options and what they upgrade and THEIR stacking issues.
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    Rin's Song of Luck seemed to me to be the upgrade to songsters luck.
  14. ARCHIVED-FatAggression Guest

    Rin's Song of Luck is the training upgrade to Songster's Luck not the normal upgrade you would get at a later level

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