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  1. ARCHIVED-Achur Guest

    I was just Curious
    DO the Dirge have a heal skill, or a HoT?
    I know the Troub has a Heal, but that is at 30 0.o.... Can someone let me know plz
  2. ARCHIVED-thecynic315 Guest

    At 65 we get a health transfer, which is the closet thing to a heal we get.

    Things that are kinda the same but not really would be the lifetaps on Howl of Death and Thuri's Doleful Thrust, our Single Target and Group Rez, and the ability to add a Ward to our Nox resist buff.
  3. ARCHIVED-Achur Guest

    oh its sooo Different!!! I use to play EQ on PS2, and i loved the Bard!! Both HoT and PoT.... and in EQ 1 it was similar to that... So basicly Dirge is PoT,with Hp Steals later, and the Troub is HoT etc huh? man this is a tough choice now!!! grrr lol
  4. ARCHIVED-thecynic315 Guest

    Well troubs also have Power Taps on a few things, but what you have to keep in mind is that the bard's Power/Life taps are really weak and not that great at all.

    If youre looking at a Bard based on healing ablities youre looking at the classes the wrong way.
  5. ARCHIVED-Achur Guest

    Oh i know the Taps or even there HoT/PoT's are not gonna be Amazing, i Mean they are not a healer... but i was just saying cuz i like the other Bards, cuz they had both HoT and PoT... and like i am Playing the Dirge its fun yeah, but with PoT i dont ever need it lol... And the Troub might be better for me, for the HoT. for Soloing? Am i Wrong? idk lol
  6. ARCHIVED-Aanadorn68 Guest

    Dirge heal is really a health transfer, so you won't be using it solo. It's on a long enough timer that you probably wouldn't use it on a duo or something like that, it's really a small emergency spell that you can use to bridge the gap when a tank is in the red and the healers may be in the middle of their cast. It also stifles you, although there is an AA ability in the shadows line that takes away this stifle, but needs 5 points into it.

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