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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Kittik, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Kittik Member

    Does anyone know if they are going to just allow Kaladim to follow the ridiculous path of vanilla or are they going to tweak the numbers and what's what with each expansion pack?

    Like is Crit Chance going to need to be 4000% during TSO
    and then the next expasion pack if you have 130 multi attack it's converted into Flurry
    and then the next expansion flurry over 100 is useless
    and the the next expansion pack you need 1000% potency
    and Crit chance over 100 is wasted
    and you need to reforge every piece of gear you ever get
    and....well you get the point.


    are they not going to ridiculous route with Kaladim? Please tell me they aren't.
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  2. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    There was no crit avoidance on Fallen Gate even during DoV.
    No MA to Flurry, but haste to flurry still exists.
    Flurry still caps at 100.
    1000% Potency will never be reached.
    Crit over 100 will always be a waste until drunder crit debuffs.
    Reforging will never be reached.
  3. Kittik Member

    All of my information was made up to make a point. Not to be taken literal. I just want to know if Kaladim is going to follow live the same way live went live? If that makes sense.

    Also, what do you mean reforging will never be reached?
  4. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Reforging came out in AoD?, and Kaladim will be dead and gone before it makes it too that expansion.
  5. Seth Member

    nah i was reforging on FG at the start of DoV Zenji
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  6. Zenji Well-Known Member

  7. Kittik Member

    What makes you say this?
  8. Zenji Well-Known Member

    History of previous TLE servers, the population decreases with each expansion. Somewhere between SF - DoV the server will be a ghost town even for EQ2 standards. This server already has a noticeably lower population than either of the previous TLE servers for only being in KoS.
  9. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    I don't know about that, I am optimistic this is going to make it. 7 raiding guilds of full raiders at level is a good sign. Lot's of alts, many things to do, just a healthy place right now.
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  10. Zenji Well-Known Member

    Which is half as many as the previous server had in KoS, and that server (Fallen Gate) had roughly half as many as the one before it (Stormhold / Deathtoll).

    You are also ignoring the fact that this server has 1/3 the number of guilds raiding in KoS as it did in T5. It is following the trend the other 2 previous TLEs did, just on a smaller scale.

    Please don't take my pessimistic view as wanting Kaladim to fail. I would like nothing more than to see a TLE server do well with itemization, raid balance, and player retention, but history tends to repeat itself.
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  11. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    One of the major appeals of a TLE server is nostalgia and a return to the "golden age" of EQ2. For most people this ends with TSO and you start seeing a significant loss of interest once Sentinel's Fate hits. It's like there's an invisible divider set up at level 80 that denotes a change in eras.
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  12. Minko New Member

    I can highlight for you very quickly what that invisible divider is. Most people have probably forgotten.

    The major stat overhaul was launched with Sentinel's Fate. When the classes went from using every stat to basically just 2 stats. IE, your SKs strength somehow increased your spell damage instead of you need intelligence to boost your spell damage. That coupled with the spell/CA naming scheme changes turned so many people away from the game.

    I nearly stopped playing myself. It was so disheartening putting all the work I did into my level locked 20 ranger on Nagafen that had strength out the wassu for CA and bow damage to have one change drop my natural selection damage 100 points. Made my ranger unplayable without completely regearing my toon from head-to-toe, jewelry and all. At that time and I didn't even have a max toon, TSO 80 pvp was a giant zerg fest and didn't seem very fun so I didn't bother capping my near cap assassin. So it wasn't like I was rolling around in plat to regear my ranger with BIS gear for 20. I had to grind all that stuff out. I deleted the ranger not long after the change, probably the same day to be honest.

    The name changes on the ability are fair though, it's be hard to keep thinking of cooler and cooler names for spells every 10 levels. They would have eventually ran out of ideas but the stat change... That was completely done to satisfy the small amount of players playing fury / shadowknight so they wouldn't have to roll around with 2 sets of gear for if they wanted to heal or dps / tank or dps.

    That is what the invisible divider was. Solely the stat change, how many people do you think really wanted to regear their toons after the majority of their gear became useless? It's not like this change just affected those two aforementioned classes. It affected everyone. scouts need INT for their poisons, melee spec'd healers need STR for their CAs, brawlers needed AGI for defensive stats, bards needed INT for spell damage. Only class it probably didn't affect too much was mages. Everyones resist chances were based off their WIS.

    This ONE change took out almost all fantasy from your class and dumbed the game down so far it was unreal. For some reason, your AGI now makes your assassin hit harder? Your AGI now makes your poison do more damage??

    Here's a quick post from Ten Ton Hammer outlining the changes in case the pasting of the tables doesn't work properly. I'm 95% sure this was dumbed down further before the addition of "primary stat" and "stamina" only. To the point where the other stats said "has no affect on your class" hovered over each of them except the one directly correlated to your classes damage and stamina. It's been awhile since that though. But I know it's like that today.


    STR- Determines how much you can carry and increases your damage and max
    AGI- Improves your chance to avoid melee attacks and increases your
    critical mitigation
    WIS- Improves your resists against spell damage
    STA- Increases your max health
    INT- No benefits

    STR- Determines how much weight you can carry
    AGI- Improves your chance to avoid melee attacks and increases your damage,
    max power, and critical mitigation
    WIS- Improves your resists against spell damage
    STA- Increases your max health
    INT- No benefits

    STR- Determines how much weight you can carry
    AGI- Improves your chance to avoid melee attacks
    WIS- Improves your resists against spell damage and increases your damage
    and max power
    STA- Increases your max health
    INT- Increases your critical mitigation

    STR- Determines how much weight you can carry
    AGI- Improves your chance to avoid melee attacks
    WIS- Improves your resists against spell damage
    STA- Increases your max health

    INT- Increases your damage, max power and critical mitigation

    Resists, which used to be a nice long list of various
    ailments, have now been narrowed down into four categories:
    • Arcane Resist – used to be divine, magic, and mental
    • Elemental Resist – used to be cold and heat
    • Noxious Resist – used to be disease and poison
    • Physical Resist – used to be vs. crushing, vs. slashing, vs.
    Critical, damages, and healing bonuses have also been
    consolidated and you’ll see some new terms floating around in game that you may
    not be familiar with.
    Toughness – A PvP only stat that reduces damage
    taken. This is a good one to be aware of if you are playing on the
    Potency – This used to be base damage and base
    healing. Rather than just raise one of the base stats at a time, raising your
    potency increases the effectiveness of all abilities. This means that a Fury,
    who previously had to raise both base damage and base healing separately if they
    wished to do damage and heal effectively, now only needs to raise their potency
    to see an advantage for both.
    Ability Modifier – Previously this was combat art
    and spell damage, taunt amount, and heal amount. These are now all under the
    umbrella of the new name and will affect all of these.
    Crit now covers all types of crit. Whether it is
    critical spell damage, critical healing, or critical physical damage, the crit
    stats apply to all and will give that bonus to all types.
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  13. Adoninilol Well-Known Member

    So wait, you're complaining about the conversion of primary stat when the past three expansions (EoF, RoK, TSO) all had set gear and just overpowered procs/effects people wore on gear and gave literally no ***** about the primary stat because you were pigeon holed into it anyway.

    Makes no sense to me but pop off buddy, once you realize that no one cares about level 20 toons, only max level characters; and you realize that literally every single piece of raid gear had the stats that the devs told you to run and you didn't have a choice, you're gonna feel a lot better.

    Also you're delusional if you think people quit in SF over something so meaningless because see above.

    It was more so nerfing avatar gear, removal of contesteds, and the fact that heroic content was null. You literally went from people have WoE x2, tons of heroics with great drops; to vig x2 which scrubs couldn't clear, and zero useful heroic gear until they added the "rare" nameds into the instances. By that point everyone had already killed nerfed raid content and gotten better gear, or stopped caring.

    Hope this helps you understand how stats used to work and helps shatter your illusion of primary stat being in any way relevant to eq2's issues and not crit mit, requiring 300% crit for mobs, etc.
  14. Bekkr Well-Known Member

  15. Zenji Well-Known Member

    But it's like 130 people that are raiding at max level! It is a GOOD sign! /s
  16. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    That wasn't Sentinel's Fate, that was DoV. It was a Smokeblower change and Brenlo was in charge for SF. EQ2 between RoK and DoV played musical chairs with its lead producer seat after Scott Hartsman left.

    In my mind there's the Classic Era: Launch-DoF, the Hartsman Era: KoS-RoK, The WTF Era: TSO-SF, the Smokeblower Era: DoV-ToV, and the Holly Era: AoM-Present.
  17. Zenji Well-Known Member

    According to that, the game went to **** after Holly took over.
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  18. Minko New Member

    Mighty, you have no sweet clue what you're talking about...'s_Fate

    Here's 3 references all dated in 2010 for the stat consolidation. DoV didn't come out till Feb 2011, so unless you went back in time, it's impossible for the stat change to have happened in DoV like you claim it did.
  19. Minko New Member

    Yeah that sounds a bit more accurate lol.
  20. Adoninilol Well-Known Member


    But just reread what I quoted you with to whatever this post says.
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