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    I hope that some folks can shed some light for me on this AA. I am new to playing a conjurer in eq2 but I played a mage for many years in eq1 and was very well used to pocketing my pet for future use. This always came in very handy if a pet died and I needed a fast replacement. It was nice to pull out a fully buffed pet.

    I thought that dimensional storage would work the same way but I don't think I am using it correctly.

    I cast my fire pet, buff it and then click dimensional storage. and I thought that was my pet stored for later use. I then cast a new pet and buff. If my current pet dies, I then clicked dimensional storage again and I expected my stored pet to appear but I get nothing.

    Help please
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    Madgincia wrote:
    It sounds like you are using it correctly .... Try it again and this time watch carfully. You're either missing something or you have a bug somewhere. It works fine for me (as of last night) and I'll outline how I do it.
    First off ... let me say that I do not believe the Buffs store with the pet. If they do I never really noticed, but will check tonight when I get home as I'm not interested now.
    • Summon Pet #1
    • Cast Dimentional Storage (DS) (Pet #1 is stored)
    • .......You can mouse over the spell icon and it will tell you what pet is stored.
    • Summon Pet #2
    Now ....
    • If Pet #1 is Mage and Pet #2 is a Fighter ... click DS and Pet #2 pops and Pet #1 should be standing there.
    • If you're fighting and Pet #1 dies ... click DS and Pet #1 should be standing there.
    • If you Die ... Pet #2 pops
    • If you Revive ... THIS IS WHERE THE TROUBLE IS (for me)
    • ...... You Die
    • .................. You get a Rez and Pet #1 is standing next to you
    • .................. You Release (Revive) and techincal (if you watch close) you stand up (alive) and then DIE (again?)
    • .................................................... When you puple club, Pet #1 is standing next to you and then pops before the loading screen shows. You end up with no Pet and nothing in the Dementional Storage. You can hear the sound effect for this as well.
    This is a NEW BUG as of DOV .. I don't know if this has been /bug documented. I have just started to see it this last week or two.
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    Most of that is correct, but you are not understanding the death mechanics.
    If you die with a pet in DS, that pet is GONE. It doesn't pop up next to you. You simply lose the pet. Dimensional Storage is, technically, a self buff that does not persist thru death. The important point to note here is that DS does not persist thru death, and anything it contains is simply gone.
    So, if you die with no pet + 1 in DS, you will wake up with no pet. If you die with a pet alive and one in DS, the pet you had alive when you died will be there when you wake up. If you die with a pet alive and nothing in DS, you wake up with your pet alive.
    Finally, to the OP, do not bother buffing any pet you put in DS, since those buffs will not be there when it comes out of storage.
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    Banditman wrote:
    I am certain (100%) that if your Pet dies and you have one in DS you must <click> DS to get the pet out, this is not automatic.
    I am quite certain (99%) that if you die with a Pet in DS and you get a rez cast on you from a healer you still have a pet in DS.
    I am also quite certain (99%) that if you die with a Pet in DS and you revive/release you lose the DS pet.

    I am fairly certain that the determining factor is whether you Rez or Revive. If you Rez you keep what you had when you died, including the Pet out and the Pet in DS, but if you Revive you lose both.
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    Nrgy wrote:
  6. ARCHIVED-Vaylan77 Guest

    I am new to playing a Conjurer as well - is DS a buff that can get debuffed by Crusaders for example? I really hate that lately that I am constantly rebuffing.
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    That's a great question, I don't PvP much anymore so I don't know, but it seems like it would be reasonable to expect that a Crusader (or Druid, or Mage, or Swashy) might dispel it.
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    When did BGs i think i remember our DS being dispelled.

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