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Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Dracas, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. ARCHIVED-Dracas Guest

    I'm a lvl 14 Kerra bard in Freeport atm and is wondering now what subclass is available for me at lvl 20. Both Troubador and Dirge or just Dirge?
    Which one has elf illusion?

    - Mure
  2. ARCHIVED-VelvetAcid13 Guest

    You can be either as they arn't split by Good / Evil.

    Dirge has dark elf illusion at lvl 40, haven't heard any comments about it yet though.
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  3. ARCHIVED-Wascen Guest

    The Troubador has Disguise: High Elf, so don't just go Dirge because it has AN illusion. They both get one.

    From what I can tell, the only real difference between them is that Troubadors are able to augment more resistances and deal their damage primarily as mental damage, where the Dirge only seems to be able to augment against disease and deals musical damage primarily as disease. Aside from this, they can both "tap" power and health away from their enemies at some point.

    Troubadors also get a song that increases downtime health recovery, which I don't see in the Dirge's list. The Dirge gets a song (at a rather high level) that allows them to peform a non-combat resurrection; however, it's pretty late in the game before it will ever come up. If you are fighting at that point without the benefit of a priest, then the devs balanced EQ2 better than I would ever have expected.

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  4. ARCHIVED-Xanusus Guest

    Wascen hehe well stated. I'm a dirge by the way and am a bit miffed at the inconsistency between troubadors and dirges. They get 2 forms of crowd control. A charm and a mez. Dirges? one fear song that gets upgrades during the course of lvling which by the way we get much later than the troub gets his charm at. So let's see Troubs 2 Dirges 1. Troubs can increase more resists via songs than dirges can. Now tell me who would you rather have during most raids except the rare occasion of a boss that does disease? Yayy dirges get an out of combat res later, whoopty doo. It's not like there won't be a priest around in the high lvl game who can't perform this action already. So that kinda puts the dampers on that unique ability. Troubs get a health regen song. Dirges? nothing that compares. I could be wrong about this because I haven't gotten to the lvl yet but Troubs also get a third installment of haste song. As far as I know dirges don't. All the other abilities seem in line but those areas really need looking into by the devs. It's no wonder that anytime you do a /who all dirge or /who all troub on any server at any time that troubadors will always outnumber dirges 2-4 times as much. People aren't stupid they will always pick the class with the better abilties. Had I known then what I know now i'd be playing a troubador but i'm not about to throw away 40 lvls now to start over. Bring our abilities in line with the troubador's please devs. Our fluff song compared to theirs?...LOL don't get me started on that one. The other abilites that troubs and dirges get are pretty much even like the melee attacks, other songs, spells and what not. I feel like a second rate bard when I join groups now. I can't help but think that any troubador would bring much more to the table to help a group than i can.
  5. ARCHIVED-Lornick Guest

    Oh please don't let the 'member envy' begin already! That post makes me think of two kids squabling and each crying the other got a bigger piece of cake. The game hasn't been out long enough for this kind of post. Please, I'm begging you not to turn this board into the rogue/ranger boards of EQ live.
  6. ARCHIVED-Zubek_99 Guest

    Now I don't much about the Troub line, but let me tell you some about Dirges.... Granted we may not be able to buff a group's resists like a Troub's.... But we can sure debuff the heck out of the mobs. An encounter wide slow is probably one of the best tools we get. Not to mention all of the other debuffs we get. I can make a mob very weak, very slow, and easier to hit. Heck It's not thing to hit for over 200 with Taffo's after a full debuff. Our DPS is awesome. at lvl 32 all adept 1, I have 2 nukes that do over 200, one of which is a lifetap, Taffo's doing over 200, Darksong doing close to 200 after dot is done, and another lifetap attack that breaks 100 easy. We get haste and Stat buffs. I'm sitting pretty at 160 agi self buffed, and still have room to debuff. We also the the Power regen songs, and Troub's can keep their Health regen because with T2 food everyone regen's fast outside of battle. In fact i'm not sure i've been in many groups where we are waiting on health... just power. I have grouped with many Troub's in groups and I think we both complement eachother nicely. We have some similar stat songs, haste, stats, power song, so when i group with a Troub I can lay on even more debuff's. Only 2 things I don't like... Our haste takes 2 concentration slots, wish it was just 1... and our Power regen song takes a concentration slot for a 3 min tune.. I only play it outside of battle and wouldn't mind seeing the concentration beeing taken off it since it only lasts a short time. Other then that I love the Dirge class.. It is under played atm but that is just because most people don't know what all we can do. Not many classes can slow in this game, just us and the shaman line i beleive. So any class that can buff, debuff, slow, haste, regen power, and Unleash Hella DPS is king in my book.
  7. ARCHIVED-Epyx Guest

    regen song
    group resists
    powertap/powertap overtime

    lifetap/lifetap over time

    Thats the main differences. You destroy the mob with a dirge, you buff the group and try to destroy mob with troub.

    troub is a little bit more group friendly
    dirge is superior in solo

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