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  1. ARCHIVED-m421 Guest

    Hello fellow brother paladins!
    I just betrayed from SK and given up on Innoruk as my diety, any tips on a pally diety?
  2. ARCHIVED-Valphine Guest

    m421 wrote:
    Two tips here, Mithaniel Marr or The Tribunal.
  3. ARCHIVED-Arastir Guest

    Valphine wrote:
    What Valphine said. Tribunal here.
  4. ARCHIVED-m421 Guest

    Thanks, think i will go with mithaniel marr.
  5. ARCHIVED-denmom Guest

    m421 wrote:
    Heh...well, if you'd not mind a sister chiming in...:D

    I went with Karana.

    Then again, I've a weird speccing for my Pally, but works well for me. YMMV.
  6. ARCHIVED-warstomp Guest

    I went with Mithaniel Marr
  7. ARCHIVED-Glenolas Guest

    I initially went with M Marr, then tossed him for Karana.


    All gods have only a few miracles and blessings you might actually use, and play at best a trivial part in most of your day to day gameplay. Both the above choices have something you can use occasionally if you desire.

    However, the pet stats should be class appropriate, and the cloak should be potentially useful in every fight.

    I switched to Karana because the pet stats are Pally useful, and the cloak is +50 to BOTH CA's and spell damage. It's by far the best cloak in terms of day in day out useful damage adders to a pally. It contributes many times per fight, since many CA's and spells are cast.

    The Marr cloak has a proc that adds +50 strength and 12dps, not even remotely as good as adding +50 to either CA or spell damage, never mind to both.
  8. ARCHIVED-fadelman Guest

    My paladin went with Tunare, but my Paladin is a Wood Elf, and being I started in EQ1, I felt uncomfortable chosing anything but Tunare :)
  9. ARCHIVED-Antryg Mistrose Guest

    Glenolas wrote:
    I don't agree with any of this. Pet is a trivial amount of stats, the cloak will be replaced when you get to high levels, and Marr one is arguably better anyway (check caps on CA & spell).

    Miracles ARE the best thing you get - Marr has a 10 hit stoneskin one, and a parry one. The first is a godsend, given our lack of other "oops" spells.
  10. ARCHIVED-Vulkan_NTooki Guest

    Antryg Mistrose wrote:
    Completely agree...
  11. ARCHIVED-Earar Guest

    well the tribunal has nice tanking miracles as well + the pet boost wis. that's what i chose for a fanatic paladin :p
    I don't use much miracles so for me the pet is the most usefull buff so karana can be nice, mythaniel could be the logic choice since the god himself is a paladin :p and tribunal too.
    depends also with the lore of your character.
    I usually depend more about lore than pure stats. like I went inny for my coercer since she's a DE.
  12. ARCHIVED-Boli32 Guest

    I can't stand the idea of Mirciles and blessings... the time you don't need it you'll blow it on a wipe and the time you really really need it it'll be down and it cannot be depended upon; recast is too long and you can only use it twice a raid. If you didn;t have to keep rebuying them then they might find a use in a discussion... but if you raid for say 6 hours you cna never be sure that "then" is the right time to cast anything; 5minm recast and use as many times as possible then I'll be examining each miricles and blessings like anything but in the end I went for pure God Pet choice - Brell - STA and WIS; plus I'm an avid supporter of the God of beer :p
  13. ARCHIVED-Transen Guest

    The cool thing about the deity cloaks...there's no deity requirement to wear them.

    Edit: At least there's none in the item's description.
  14. ARCHIVED-Earar Guest

    Yeah I know a templar who wears inny's cloak (he was a inqui who betrayed templar :p)

    I hate to re-up this post to the list, but I need to say that the diety for mithanial marr giving you a "stoneskin" effect is really effective on hard pulls. The one time we killed the final mob in Veksar, I burned a deity damage absorb for 10 attacks, (provided your not burning more then 50% of your health, holy ground for hate, then divine aura), wow, this really gives your tankiness a nudge up on zerks/guards. Remember, now that travel is sooo much easier your zones now. You burn it in veks, call guild, hit housing ring, re-up your deity spell. Use your door to guild, sell crap, mend, get a coke! Use portal to next zone- all in less then 5 minutes. You just can't beat how EQ made travel so much easier now. Anyway, yes, I still would choose Mithanial marr over others that I have studied. Good luck and have fun!
  16. ARCHIVED-Monkums Guest

    Marr's Barrier is the best reason to choose Mithaniel Marr as a deity. As the previous poster stated, this miracle is insanely useful on hard pulls. If I'm tanking an instance or raid and know there's a nasty pull coming up, I always make sure I have this one available.
  17. ARCHIVED-Felinfilou Guest

    Marr's Barrier is good, but Tunare offer the same spell but it add a reflect damage component with ! (not to mention the blessing who let you summon an elemental of your level)
    Cyfer, Befallen Server
  18. ARCHIVED-Arkinon Guest

    Felinfilou wrote:
    LOL You beat me to it.
    I also chose Tunare for this same reason... Once I started looking hard at what I was doing in fights I found this Diety superior. I switched from Marr ... then realized I had to have speak as a dragon to finish the diety line. So if you decide to go this route then get that done first. Plus the pet adds to both wis and agil.
  19. ARCHIVED-OrcSlayer96 Guest

    Tribunal, Tunare are pretty good dieties, but i treat the dieties like disposable contacts, and run thru their missions to get their cloaks/ trst their abilities and every so often flip over to another diety. Currently i switched over from Tribunal to Rodecet Nife, but i may eventually go back to Tunare. Even Bristlebane had a useful Miracle/blessing with the 15 second immunity to stuff. Karana's rez of group is useful if going thru hard zones. I did Tribunal originally for the cloak as some encounters in the game are easier with a few people wearing that in group instances and a few raid encounters. Solosek Ro was a fun diety to have to burn your faction down with and buying incinerate and other nukes. Brell had a couple of amusing and useful ones also, but the cloak was bleh at best. Querillous was wothless to me for buffs and cloak/pet. I have to say as far as pet looks, i like the rodecet nife valkyre pet the best so far. It really is more personal preference/playstyle on what is the "best" diety for you...:)
  20. ARCHIVED-Kallirye Guest

    I went with Brell Serillis. You can only have one miracle and one blessing at a time and he offers such a wide variety that are useful. Rift from Below, the very first miracle available, is an AOE that does massive damage and continues to scale with level. Consider that even at early levels you can hit 12 enemies for 2-3000 damage each, this is not only great for the damage it does, but also for generating hate. One of the things I love about playing a Paladin (I have two) is our AOEs. This just adds another to my complement.

    Stature of Serillis, the second Blessing available, boosts cold and heat resistance and adds 10% armor mitigation. This is a great buff to use right before a boss fight, especially one that uses cold or heat attacks.
    I haven't been able to fully evaluate the last miracles and blessings, but I don't play for end game stuff anyways. By the time I get to 80 I stop playing the character and make another one, so abilities that I can get early on and are useful throughout the game are what I look for.
    The crafting buffs seem nice, but I have yet to use them. Crafting is so easy that I can't think of a situation that I would spend favor on them rather than the adventuring ones. Still, it is nice to have the variety.
    As a side note, I have been considering Karana as well.

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