Did DP Intend It To Be Like This?

Discussion in 'Lore and Legend Discussion' started by Nellee, May 29, 2023.

  1. Nellee New Member

    I was out doing the Gathering Obsession quest and thought I'd check out my spells against a skelly in the Commonlands. I quickly learned that almost none of the spells work which was a problem as several nearby skellies decided to join in the fight.

    Later, while fighting individual mobs, there was nothing for me to do, as I could only melee while the pet assisted, so I napped. And I napped, and I... Well, you get the picture.

    Sometimes there was a harvestable node nearby that I could harvest while the pet fought. But for the most part, it was incredibly boring since there wasn't much I could do to help with the fights.

    I realize the spells are disabled so that we can't one-shot the mobs, yet that is exactly what we do, most of the time, with higher-level mobs. This makes little sense and isn't the way mentoring works on Live servers. The only difference between KD, and Live should be not having to visit the Chronomage. Everything else should work the same.

    I hope you all will reconsider the current way mentoring is done on KD and change it so that it is in sync with Live servers except for needing the chronomage. It isn't much of an adventure, at lower levels, when our only way of fighting is automatic melee, and depending on our pets to do our fighting for us.
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  2. Buggabug Active Member

    I'm confused by this post, I've never come across a zone where none of my spells work or had my spells disabled. On my conjuror even my pet can kill things in a couple of hit in CL. Not sure why you would be having an issue.
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  3. Denmum Developer

    I am unsure what happened to prevent your spells from working. If it happens again, try a relog first, to be sure you're not in some odd broker transaction state or the like, make sure that the spells on your hotbar are the ones from your knowledge book and so forth. This utterly is not the experience that should be happening there.
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  4. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    nothing like that is disabled on Kael server.
    Are you clicking your spells on hot keys or using keyboard shortcuts?
    Number 1, 2, 3 and so on? or alt 1, 2...
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  5. Nellee New Member

    It has happened on multiple characters. If I move from one part of a zone to another the spells may start working again but usually I have to move to a harder part of the zone. I am using the same way of casting my spells that I normally use which is clicking on the icons for the spell I want to cast.

    While my fighters usually don't have as many problems as casters, there have been times when their melee and casting spells don't work and I have to depend on auto attack or AoEs. For some reason, the AoEs on all classes seem to work but of course casting an AoE isn't always a good idea.

    So far, I have never had this happen except in the lowest zones like the Commonlands, Antonica, etc. That's why I thought the spells had been disabled. I'll try to make a record of the what, why, when, where, and who now that I know it isn't intended.
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  6. Tkia Well-Known Member

    Check your window positions. If you have another window that periodically overlays your hotbar it can prevent the key presses from activating when it's in the background.
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  7. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    Press F10 key in game to show borders of all your open windows. If you notice some hotbars overlapping you might wanna drag them around a bit so they don't overlap. Also pressing F10 unlocks all your current windows, so drag around, drag just a border of any window to make it smaller, larger, whichever you want.
    When you're done press F10 again ( second pressing will remove all interface windows - useful for taking scenery screenshots) and then press F10 again to go to original default screen without all the borders showing.

    Regardless of that when you RIGHT click on any window, including spell hotbars, you can then click on window options and there's more sliders and things to fiddle with to make stuff larger/smaller, opaque or translucent and many more,
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  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Sometimes there's advantages and disadvantages to having all the windows be so relatively customizable, yeah. :-/

    who usually does the spells/abilities/etc. via the keyboard (1->=, Alt+1->Alt+=, Ctrl+1->Ctrl+=), but that wouldn't work on the 4th+ hotbar... X-P