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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Kinya, Apr 8, 2015.

  1. Kinya Active Member

  2. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    They are posting on Reddit for the purposes of the Campaign beta testing, yes. That was stated in the announcement that the Rum Cellar Campaign was live on beta:
  3. Lamatu Active Member

    I think your head is in the sand.
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  4. Siren Well-Known Member

    It's kind of bizarre that Daybreak would go to such lengths to terminate so many parts of all their games' forums, and then go out to the wilds of Reddit where they have to weed through 200x as much irrelevant stuff to find out what their players think.
  5. Gharyn Well-Known Member

    It's looking more and more like they want to close down these forums altogether.
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  6. Delishus Active Member

    I don't think they're closing down the official forums but they seem to be going with the recent trend of game co. reps/devs engaging on a reddit sub. I suppose any dialog with these folks regardless of the mechanism of discussion is better than none at all.
  7. Kinya Active Member

    If you belive in that then dream on... Maybe you want to check other DayBreak forums?
    EQnext forum closed and discussion redirected to Reddit, on H1Z1 forums players can't start any threads and reply only in few, Planetside 2 discussion also moved to reddit...

    It is not only for Beta testing purposes but to prepare EQ2 players for changes imo. For me it is fine as I use Reddit anyway.

    Also this forum software was not updated from a long time...
    Honestly I watch many other games and play few - devs are present on subbredits, but still game forums are active and it is main place for discussion with devs... I have no clue why but it is diffrent for DayBreak - maybe it is related to the fact that Smedley loves Reddit and uses it since a long time? Also - no costs of maintaining...
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  8. Atan Well-Known Member

    meh, I don't want to be bothered with reddit
  9. Feara Well-Known Member

    Should we be saying goodbye to each other and these Forums?

    What a loss for us if this is the case. I will no longer feel our game is first class among others.

    Come on DB! Blizzard can do it!
  10. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    From one of the reddits asking why reddit is being used:

    It takes the workload off what little community management there remains and allows the community to properly vote on what's important, rather than the most controversial, repetitive or argumentative topic taking the spotlight.
  11. Iadien Active Member

    Those up and down arrows are revolutionary and are the sole reason why the Devs want us posting over on Reddit. The arrows provide invaluable feedback, that cannot be gained through any other means. /s
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  13. Caela Well-Known Member

    I don't buy it for a minute. These forums do not get enough traffic for important issues to get buried. All a dev needs to do is read the subject line for a half dozen posts in the Testing forum to get up to date and see the important issues. And who says the up/down voting is actually going to work? Many people won't bother to vote (I have never on Reddit). And it's taking a lot of forum functionality away - Can I get a list of all the dev posts?

    If they are moving to Reddit, I'm not moving with them.
  14. Vainamoinen Well-Known Member

    I've never been a big fan of Reddit, but it could be a somewhat passive method to "advertise" the game & I don't mind using Reddit for the purpose of keeping in touch with different aspects of the game.
  15. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    I don't know what there is to not buy. Staff has been reduced and there are only a handful of people left to oversee all the forums. Test is not the only forum where people post feedback. Have you actually looked at a lot of the subject lines on all the forums? It's hard to look at a lot of them and say "oh, I know exactly what this is going to be about." or "this is a new / hot topic" This also helps add to the repetition of a lot of subjects.
  16. Dulcenia Well-Known Member

    I can't vote or post there, because I don't have a Reddit account, and have no intention of making one.
  17. Flatline Well-Known Member

    Makes you ponder doesn't it ?

    Closed forums here ... CHECK
    Limited access to people logging in ... CHECK

    Adds the zest pool that is reddit where anyone with an opinion WILL post ... WTF!

    Doesnt add up to me at all....

    (i know the official reasons, i just dont buy them is all, so please dont post it mmmkay? :) )
  18. Deveryn Well-Known Member

    Well, if so few people are willing to hop on reddit, maybe I can finally push my own agenda, as people have accused me of doing. :p
  19. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    Only good part of the reddit shift so far is that devs seem more likely to respond, and we don't have Roshen or DGB-MOD-05 breathing down our necks and removing posts or 24 hour suspending us for voicing our opinions without sugar coating it.
  20. Chronus Active Member

    This could either be absolutely terrible or great. Reddit has a far superior algorithm for sending threads to the top. This will either result in a) things that actually matter getting to the front page constantly while not staying on the front page for too long. b) there are so few people there that whatever group (decorators, raiders, people that do everything else in the game) dominate the front page and it's pointless to post about other things there.

    I have to say though the downvote button is by far my favorite thing in all of social media so I'm happy.
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