Developers hate wizards and warlocks

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Shmotok, Feb 21, 2018.

  1. Shmotok New Member

    All classes increase DPS! Why they cut warlocks and do not fix so broken wizards?
  2. Ceyarrecks Wunnfirr Well-Known Member

    Casters are some of thE most powerful in Norrath.
    ...and anyhow, DPS was deprecated with Kunark Ascending in favor of pure Offensive skills, i.e. actually using skills instead of hitting Auto-Attack and going to make a pot of coffee,....
  3. Dannni Active Member

    Lol no no no, wizards are great, warlocks will still be #1 i bet
  4. Alexstrasza Active Member

    What on earth are you talking about, when did mages ever care about auto attack?
  5. Hellfiren Active Member

    Hello people,

    The incoming nerve of the warlocks is not ok, mages are hated in this addon at all.
    We get a high DoubbleCast debuff in raid which nerves all mages in DPS and efficency now the only spell which is doning correct DPS on Looks because the wizzards are crying LOL.

    Better fix the broken Firey Blast which is not fixed since T5 content, instat of kill DPS , its hard enough in this addon with the 100drts of Debuffs especialy in Raid for mages doing DPS and now the nerve Warlocks again, at launch of PoP they gave us 18% Damage increase now the nerve Cataclythem , hey defs arey playing the game atm or is thier anyone who knows the mechanics in game ???.

    It seems not first you increase than you nerve us than debuff us into a buff bot whats going on here??

    And when Monks get nerved back into a Tank and not even more doing DPS like a T1 DD ?? monks are able to do 60% of thier DPS with only one slacker spell, this is not OK.
    Sometimes monks are first in DPS over all DDs in group thats not OK, i call you go back to the Roots were DDs are DDs ,
    Tanks = Tanks / Scouts ( Supporter ) = Supporter and Priests are Priests , no Bastrad classes anymore or crossover.
    DPS should be a thing done from the right Archetyps not from everyone.

    Atm you are the Hero in DPS if only spend money on ASC spells all an Grandmaster and pot over 70k you are a DD dosent matter which archetype is played , this is not OK and blames everyone who could play his Archtype.

    Tanks are screwed and blamed beause of no Aggro, but the real problem is that all players are DDs exept most tanks.
    Its realy hard to hold Aggro with Berserker for example Paladin is laying back having a Cocktail by tanking.

    So stop fixing the game broken, play the game and get your information how game is working and dont try diceing out what should be patched, most patches are not succesful.

    In the case of Warlocks and Wizzards it seems that DB has no recepie for getting the Wizzards Fixed espeicaly Firey Blast if this would work thier is no need to nerve Warlocks.

  6. woolfman3000 Member

    I totally agree with you they nerf the warlock spell yet not only not nerf the bruiser one with exactly the same damage on it they increase it for them i mean wtf?
  7. OnlyMe New Member

    Great. BLs up 2%, SKs(!) up 4%, but warlocks OP spell got a 20% decrease. If any class didn't need any extra it was the SK, they are tanks, they get groups/raids because they are tanks. BLs are doing fine (will be better since they got a fix this patch too). And as others say, the Monk's OP spell stayed the same. Locks have one use, and that's DPS. So yes, maybe it wont make a massive difference, but i still don't understand the rational.

    If they fixed broken focused casting too, and the completely useless class rune, then i might understand it more.
  8. Dannni Active Member

    lol dear oh dear... wizard and warlock are still great. Its like people are completely blind to how good their class is. Its like theyve never seen their own class played well. Confirmed, warlocks still number 1... wizards maybe 3rd or 4th.
  9. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Spot on. It goes warlock > conj > wizard > necro > ranger > everything else from what I've seen and heard. They could have nerfed Cataclysm's damage by 95% and warlocks would still EASILY be the best dps in the game. Conjurors are slightly ahead of wizards imo, and wizards slightly ahead of necros, but those 3 classes are balanced pretty well. I can't speak for scout dps as much since we are an extremely mage heavy guild.
  10. Dannni Active Member

    When you factor in player skill, gear, ascensions etc it does really muddy the water and it is very difficult to clearly define a dps hierarchy. The way I like to look at it is more like 1. Warlocks, 2. Everyone else. That much seems quite clear.
  11. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's too difficult to define. I'm guided with a bunch of people known for being at the top of their class and the results don't really tend to vary (when looking at the entire night averaged out). All 4 competitors have comparable gear and skill. Warlocks are the undisputed #1, but I think 2-4 are pretty clear too, with not nearly as big a gap from 2-4 as there is 1-2. If they nerfed Warlocks by about 15% and buffed necros by 6-ish% the mages would be about perfectly balanced.
  12. Dannni Active Member

    Its easy to define a hierarchy of the players in your guild but for a truly accurate hierarchy of all classes in the game its much harder. Even by your own admission you are not considering scout dps whatsoever due to your mage heavy guild. Also I think its fine to say the players in your guilds gear and skill is similar but you would need to scratch beneath the surface a little further than that for an accurate result as these are huge factors even in top guilds in the game.
  13. Alexstrasza Active Member

    I'm curious now, what guild are you in?
  14. Dannni Active Member

    It’s somewhat irrelevant but if you feel you must know, its public information
  15. Tupperbeast Active Member

    He plays at Unreal (Thurgadin server) that says it all.
  16. Dannni Active Member

    When you dont have an argument in a discussion, its easier to resort to character insults isnt it?
  17. Tupperbeast Active Member

    Where is this insult learning read then you will understand it he asked which guild you belong finished and more is not to write.
    And to discuss with you brings nothing anyway see your articles you write.
  18. Drona Well-Known Member

    There is a saying that goes something like "one should not throw rocks from a glass house" :p
  19. Tupperbeast Active Member

    And who has no fault throw the first stone, right?
    I think you and Danni can not read then learn and understand what people write, but for some it makes no sense or.

    And now it's time to work on your sk.

    Because here is a wizard thread :p:D;)
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  20. Drona Well-Known Member

    You are indeed right but I am in the right place! After all, what is a SK but a mage in plate? :p
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