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Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Ogdinmar, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Ogdinmar Active Member

    I was wondering if the devs have though about changing the 30sec refresh of reversal to match all the other changes to these damage shield types. Maybe drop it to a .5 to match the other longer refresh ones?
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  2. Arclite Well-Known Member

    While they are at it, fix the woeful threat component you can add in the AAs tree.
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  3. Ogdinmar Active Member

    Most threat numbers are woeful lol. However the number on there isn't too bad if it could go off more than 1 time in 30 seconds like it used to before they put it to this long refresh. Though I'm not saying it couldn't use a boost. I just feel that if all the other damage reflects got put on a lower refresh why cant this one. its a decent ability but 30 refresh is too long to make it justifiable to take. The only reason I had it prior to this xpac was the AA restrictions to get to the next bubbles.
  4. Arclite Well-Known Member

    I experimented with it on my guard, having 10 points in reversal and 8 in reversal threat. Cumulative results from multiple zones resulted in reversal generating just about close to 1 million threat zone wide. Given you can put in 8 points, its a joke.

    That said, we need an entire overhaul of each class structure at this point. No amount of bandaid fixes is going to help tanks or others.
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  5. Ogdinmar Active Member

    Yes that's is because it can only go off every 30 seconds which is my point. Of course it will only generate very little threat if the trigger rate is low. 30 sec means on 1 min fight 2 times only and so on. Which is why I suggested .5 refresh since that would offer it a much more realistic trigger limit. Tt used to be all the time until sentinels fate came out and one could reach high enough avoid to trigger it all the time, well that and the removal of buckler reqs. It made it over powered for its day but now would be average or normal powered at a lower refresh rate.
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  6. Relanah Active Member

    Something with it would be nice... Even if it was simply giving each avoidance their own separate proc so you'd proc up to 4 times per 30s (Parry, Riposte, Block, Deflect). It wouldn't be huge still, but at least it would be notable to have (With potential for some initial threat build up on pull if you get several procs in quick succession!)

    But to be honest, the skills in the Warrior tree are all pretty lacklustre. With exception of Acceleration Strike...

    Bind Wound? Out of Combat heal that gives a short term damage boost in your next combat...

    Executioner's Wrath? Barely competes with Apprentice skills for damage and the crit boost is barely noticeable among all the inflated stats knocking around...

    Dragoon Spin? Laughable damage. Doesn't even have the courtesy to get boosted by Zerker's Rampager Prestige (It would still be garbage compared to like everything else on a Zerker, given it does less than base skills Apprentice level variants even before Rampager...)

    Reversal - Well, we all know its issues. That being, its proc rate is horribly low (Due to the ICD).

    Belly Smash... Is actually quite nice. Until you start fighting things higher level than you (So knockdowns don't last long enough to cast it) or Epics (Which are CC immune) and then it does literally nothing...

    AS is only nice not because of its damage (Which is negligable) but because it gives a nice chunk of some stats and with a bit of reuse you can keep it up 100% pretty easily, allowing you to put less weight on those stats from gear in lieu of something else...

    But really... I'm actually debating how useful Tactical Wisdom and Experienced Insight are over just grabbing Stance Mastery, Dragoon's Cyclone (Even that's debatable with Open Wounds...) and maybe 10/10 AS and then funnelling the rest of my AA points elsewhere (Where? I don't know... Already taken most of Heroic/Dragon and all the useful things from Zerker...)
  7. Arclite Well-Known Member

    I have dropped the 10 points from reversal now after experimenting with it for a few weeks on my guard. The entire warrior tree has been outdated for about 7 expansions. Just like in my other posts, I will always be a proponent for a complete class overhaul - though it seems more unrealistic now than it has ever been before, but I will keep on pushing it.

    Once again, i see the dps classes push up ahead in terms of potency and overall dps and the tanks are beginning to lag behind. There is no way to sustain the initial spike dps from Ascension abilities. Target locks are even failing more now than they did before.

    The only fix I see going forward (because DEVs just don't listen/have resources or "put another excuse") is to double threat like they did back in ToV or use aggression stats to their advantage and make warrior's defensive stance (zerks can tank in offensive but guards are crippled defensively so no) increase threat by fair amount. The funny thing is on my guard, i lose around 7-8k potency when I change to offensive stance. That is a big loss.

    I hate that i have to bump up doublecast on my guard. It should remain useful for crusaders but not for warriors.

    I know they have no plans on making fervor affect threat which could in theory solve this issue by a lot.
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