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  1. Nazztee Member

    Server: Everfrost
    House Name: New Haven (Reimagined)
    House Category: Massive
    Owner: Mazteer
    A little description:

    Anyone who has ever visited Haven, the refuge for those who have betrayed their home city and have not yet raised alignment with the opposite alignment, know that this "town" is in desperate need of being upgraded and inviting. I have, therefore, taken the opportunity to attempt to tell the story of New Haven (the reimagined cityscape as collaborated upon by the citizenry whom have decided they wish to remain neutral, rather than becoming good or evil aligned. New Haven has even decided to be an open border city, allowing those of evil or good align to come within the city without fear or repercussions from the other factions within the lands of Norrath. Perhaps a small tour of what can be encountered within the city limits...

    As you enter town the Guards are happy to greet you to main street, and they direct you to the podium, with a bit of a history about the development of New Haven, contained on it

    The New Haven Bank is eager to assist you with all of your financial needs

    The local smithy is working diligently while waiting to assist the newest Tradeskill enthusiast with tasks that may enhance their abilities

    That is all I am able to post at this time... unfortunately, I have forgotten how to post new pictures and had to resort to posting ones that I have already posted on a different thread. please forgive me
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  2. Merriel Well-Known Member

    I do believe this thread was un-stickied as they aren't doing this anymore, but I still don't mind people posting homes on here, as I love to see how creative people are. :)

    Senneth, that GH is beautiful, and I just have to ask that floor with the symbol on it a part of the original skin or might I be so bold as to inquire what item(s) you used to create that lovely symbol. :)

    Edit: If I were to guess correctly, I think it is probably one of the Paineel tables?
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  3. Noneyah New Member

    How do you upload screen shots to the forums of you house etc. I clicked on the tree icon in this window menu and says to post the url? like i got post my pics on site and then post the url here? Im confused. Cant it be like facebook where you upload photos from your computer/phone files? why do i have to buy a outside program to be able to post screenshots. Please help not sure what Im supposed to do. and since cant post pictures Id like to add my house to this thread.

    Its a lavastorm house and i made it into a dragon themed/good vs evil place where evil took over the castle type of deal. check it out it is on Antonia bale server under Noneyah (character) name of the house is Dragonstone. I might change servers later on and republish it but atm its published on Antonia bale. I wouldnt mind some suggestions for the back outside part. maybe build a prision or jail or something to fit the theme.. Let me know what you guys think. I think its ethier under large homes or massive homes in the house leader board. cant log in atm to see cause server is down.
  4. Noneyah New Member

    sorry i guess i didnt post that the propper way so heres the listing of my house.

    Server: Antonia Bale

    House Name: Dragonstone or Dragonstone-backyard under construction

    House Category: Massive homes (i think )

    Owner: Noneyah

    Description: is in above post
  5. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Noneyah you do have to upload your pics to a host site before posting them here, unfortunately. I don't know why they didn't include the ability to upload images directly from your computer into these forums...I think that was poor planning on their part, but that's how it is. :/
  6. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    I would think, that like most Forums, they want you to host (store or upload) your pics on a third party storage and just provide links to said pics, to keep storage small and load times minimal. If they allowed players to upload direct to Forums, it would be a nightmare. It would be especially ugly if folks start uploading pics not optimized for web... ie. if several players all loaded Screenie walkthroughs of entire Guild Halls?? You'd be lucky to load the page by next Frostfell.

    Besides which, there ARE trolls in video games...they will upload all manner of evil bits n' bobs, if someone gives them the opening.
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  7. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Actually, I have been a member to other game forums for other games, as well as some forum sites that were not associated with mmo's, and most of them did/do allow you to upload directly to their forums. They do limit how many pics can be uploaded to a single post, and may even limit how many pics can be uploaded to the forums in a single day, but they do allow uploading directly from the computer. It's the same as any other post you make...if they troll, they are warned/banned as necessary. There really is no reason to not permit direct uploading.
  8. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Even more, there's no reason why, if SOE/DB does it this third-party referenced way, that there's not a STICKIED ADVICE POSTING on how to do this. Many's the time I've posted, others have posted, 87 of us have posted, and if we could get one good entry posted on one of the stickied areas here, or make a new, separate stickied thread on posting screenshot advice in this forum, I think it would be an enormous help. I could've used that myself the first few times! ;->

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  9. seneth Active Member

    The symbol I think you are referring to Merriel is a paineel table sunken to reveal just the outline,I love that look myself.
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  10. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Thank you, Seneth! That's what I had thought. I appreciate you taking time to confirm it for me. :)
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  11. Nanini New Member

    • Server - Halls of Fate
    • Island get away
    • Massive
    • Nanini
    • This is an island that has lots of things to see. Took me awhile to get the hotel finished but it finally is. After posting this i realized you can not read the details in the hotel. The hotel features a dining room, kitchen and bar with a retractable roof, the bar has live music at night as well as a public bath and steam room. It also features private themed rooms for your sleeping enjoyment. The themes are: Romance, Family, Sleeping with the fishes, universe room, scary room, and ice room. There are also several open air rooms set throughout the island on the upper land. There is also places for you to fish off the fishie island and then take the clear walk way and look up at the stars and shattered moon through the telescope. If your a tinker stop by the work shop and take a look of what they are trying to make there but be careful... you might just have a surprise! Have an dark side? Please check out Kera's torture chamber and the graveyard. After a long day, get your self a massage before heading off to sleep. Please stop by take a look around and see the beautiful sites in person and while your there go ahead and hit the like button. Thank you ![IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG]
  12. kianne Well-Known Member

    just done a video tour of this place here <<<
    sorry its taken a while hope you like it please leave feed back on the thread :)
    kind regards
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  13. Spextasy Well-Known Member

    They should bring this feature back. I can think of a few homes I've seen that are deserving of Dev Picks. And I've even got 1 or 2 of my own I'd happily submit for consideration. :)
  14. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    Thurgadin Server:

    Suessu's Bed and Breakfast
    Halas Magical Manor
    New Halas

    Bellatryx's Masquarade Ball
    Vacant Estate

    Jasmyneteas Halfpint house

    Jasmyneteas Oakmyst
    Oakmyst house

    ** there are more but I can' think of them yet. Will add later**
    Suessu's Jaccuzzi and Spa
    Personal Dojo
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