[DEV] Irresistable Force Completely Resistable To Raid Bosses

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Ogdinmar, Feb 14, 2017.

  1. Ogdinmar Active Member

    Question for the Devs. Back in SF you gave us a force target taunt cry of the warrior, which was great until all raid mobs after that xpac were pretty much immune to it, with the exception of trash for the most part. Still had positionals on it so ok still some what useful. Then you changed Plant the Guardian ability to be an aoe threat force target which again doesn't work on anything raid other than some trash. But the new epic ability given to the Guardians has a force target component ok cool but it also does not work on named boss encounters. Why cant our force targets work on named raid bosses? it not like we can keep them perma up?
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  2. Kioske Well-Known Member

    DBG has a sick love for watching beastlords die 5-10 seconds into every pull lol
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  3. Buco Active Member

    Any dev feedback is welcome, even if it is an "we are still looking into it and have no clue why it is not working".
  4. Fairin Active Member

    no one should die on pull, thats what troubadors are for.

    if your troubs have on idea what im talkin about get new troubs.
  5. Kioske Well-Known Member

    I am aware of AV and what it does. It's just a running joke we have with our BL. At the beginning of the expac, as soon as AV ran off he would rip aggro from the tanks.
  6. Fairin Active Member

    XD time to get new tanks!
  7. ShinyAddict New Member

    Or your raid need to get some real dpser.
  8. Buco Active Member

    Any dev feedback is welcome, even if it is an "we are still looking into it and have no clue why it is not working".
    Or is this new Epic 2.0 guardian special supposed to work only for heroic encounters?
    Hey Daybreak talk to us.
  9. Scalo Active Member

    could be helpful if you were more specific and brought some data. for example, some encouters are scripted that name will target someone and thats how the script runs, you cant do anything, else the whole idea of that fight is defeated.
    also, taunts, like spells, can be simply resisted as a whole, and it happens fairly often. check that too.
  10. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Just like they nerfed our epic 1.0 after people whining about it being too OP, i am sure this was intended. I mean God forbid, why would they let guards have extra snaps on named raid fights when they have like 2 billion damage per picosecond. /sarcasm off.

    On a side note, since the future is "Ascended" i will not be surprised that in a few months time, your hotbars will have 3/4 ascension abilities and everything else would be just filler because you know why fix class balance when you have TITHE + PLAT INFUSED GEAR + INFLATED BLUE STATS complimenting the new class system.

    I loathe the state of the game...
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  11. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    why the short range of 4 meters...boggle
  12. Baldrian New Member

    well just a side note:
    you know irresistable force is like peel on steroids. force target AND change target to caster every 1sec.

    guess what:
    peel works, irresistable force doesn't. why? is it because of those ******* steroids (namely force target to caster for x sec), which don't make sense anyways if there is an additional force target to change target to caster on it. just make it a simple plate peel and get it going!
    why invent new stuff that doesn't work for the endgame, which is basically the target of all serious players in this game?
  13. Baldrian New Member

    you are apparently not a guardian...
    have you every noticed rescue resist? i seriously doubt that. irresistable force works the same way. IRRESISTABLE. at least that point works as intended...i guess ^^
  14. Arclite Well-Known Member

    Irresistible only by name or may be they were going for some ghetto euphemism. Like, "bad is good" and "sick means great". If so, they nailed it!;).
  15. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    There are times it seems IF is more like a weak suggestion.
  16. Ragequit New Member

    It is quite possible your tanks need more training. I am not sure since your BL was a low parser or maybe your troubs didn't av properly. So, running joke is all on you I think.