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Discussion in 'Off Topic Discussion' started by AnotherForumName, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. AnotherForumName Member

    I accept this will be deleted but I have no other "official-like" medium to make this statement.

    For a couple years now I have been on the hunt spending hundreds of dollars on voxel-building games from Voxel Studio, which can't compare due to no one to share creations with, to Boundless to Dual Universe (may have potential some year) to Minecraft (way too limited for detail) and 5-7 other games that utterly failed.

    Landmark was the best and still remains the best *building* game of all time. Not a single other game out there had the ease of building, functions for efficiency, and the ability to be as detailed, and we could share with friends!

    Out of options now, desperate in frustration, so can someone at Daybreak please (I will beg if need be; heh): bring back Landmark.

    (Sorry EQII players: no one looks at the Landmark Reddit anymore)
  2. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    If they figure out a way to make it a milti-platform app game without having to spend resources on it then I'm sure we'l see a return. Otherwise, it's too hard and cost too much to do.
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  3. Siren Well-Known Member

    They really should have put it out on a single-player disc or download, at least as a free link for everyone who originally bought it. Unfortunately, these days, MMO devs and publishers shut down their games so quickly and so often that this really needs to become a prerequisite for launching them in the first place.
  4. Fangrim Active Member

    EQNever and 'Landmark' we're always pieces of complete %^&* that never deserved to see the light of day, they were in no way aimed at eq/eq2 players so I accept your apology.

    Edit: Even EQ2 isn't aimed at EQ2 players anymore.
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  5. AnotherForumName Member

    Ok that should of done it. Prepare for Landmark Resurrected by next week.
  6. Xakrein Well-Known Member

    While I personally would not rate Landmark to such a harsh extreme, I do rate it a sub par product. I believe the "release" of Landmark for individual sale will be imprinted into the memory of every customer who paid for it. And that includes anyone who purchased the Founder packs.

    It is my opinion that when it comes to those who paid for Landmark, caveat emptor should apply. When founder packs went up for sale, the risks relating to purchasing digital products still in development was common knowledge. News of failed Kickstarters, vaporware products, and pre-orders for blatantly incomplete and buggy games had been doing the gaming media rounds for years. At this particular point in time, anyone who chose to partake in fundraiser packs like Landmark received the lesson they deserved. If they knowingly parted with the cash knowing it may never come to be, they are in no position to ask for sympathy.

    I had high hopes for EQNext, until I seen the early footage. It was definitely not going to be the game I hoped for. And regarding the building tool that was Landmark (before it was split off), news of how designers felt deceived out of getting proceeds from their designs on early versions spread far and wide. I was surprised by the degree of animosity it generated. I really wish SOE managed this particular aspect better, and designed the system to inspire early creators rather than drive them away with a bitter resentment toward the entire company/IP.

    Either way, it does not matter now, Landmark and EQN are history. Daybreak Games Company has a clear aspiration in the biggest gaming market of all, FPS games. Even though H1Z1 has dropped off, it raked in the cash. Daybreak most likely hopes to push a new FPS product to be the next big thing. Even if it's only big for a few months, it is good money. There is not enough easy money in MMOs for Daybreak to bother trying. The IP of EverQuest is the old horse put out to pasture. Sad, but I will call a spade a spade, and be pleasantly surprised if I am wrong.
  7. Khieran Active Member

    Yes, it was "caveat emptor", but this was Sony (at the time) we were talking about. I bought 2 founder's packs at $100 each, based on the fact that it was a big company with a proven track record of great games behind them, plus the promise of getting to help shape EQ:Next...

    I've learned my lesson now :(
  8. AnotherForumName Member

    Whoops, I blinking into the wrong PU (parallel universe) when I posted this. Don't worry, I got *Suny to start up the servers in another universe I just Mis-ported and though I was in the correct dimension when I posted this. Everything so samey... almost!

    * It's Suny and not Sony over there and they are the top game producer (EA burned down in 1998 and Suny bought out Blizzard & Sons). They only pulled the plug on Landmark because so many people were Circuit Traveling to the game world and dying if they were wearing the Virtual Reality Bodysuits from voxel cave-ins (that's a new kind of creaming your jeans [bodysuit]).
  9. Evguenil62 Well-Known Member

    I wonder did you play it at the time or was it a total waste of money?
  10. Korucuu Well-Known Member

    I think all I did in Landmark was dig a big hole.
  11. Khieran Active Member

    Yes, I played, and enjoyed it, so it wasn't a *total* waste. However, the reasons I bought the packs in the first place was because I saw the promise of EQ:Next and wanted to do a small part in helping build/test that. That's gone now, and it still saddens me.
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  12. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    I thought alpha for Landmark was fun. Parts of beta were alright, but it rapidly went down hill for me. I knew going in Landmark was not Next, but I still primarily wanted to support Next. I suppose when we figured out Next was dead was when I started souring on Landmark. Some months later when they finally admitted Next was dead I was a bit bitter. Then that thing they pulled which they chose to call a launch was no help. I wanted it dead by then.
  13. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I played it too for a while, but it started getting boring after a while, there was really only so much you could build and do. I quit before they added like the caves and water and that, I'm not sure if they actually added all that stuff or not.

    I did see some stuff though that was just amazing. The guy up the hill from me did a whole star trek thing it was totally awesome!!!!!
  14. Tommara Active Member

    I ran into this thread a few days ago when I was on a similar quest to the OP's. Dual Universe looks interesting, although I have my doubts about the viability, or more precisely, longevity, of a game that is a mix of Landmark, Eve Online, Minecraft, Sky Citizen, and No Man's Sky. Not enough to spend $180, which is the buy in for its pre-alpha.

    Then I ran across Rising World, which is in early access on Steam for $15 (I hate Steam with a passion, so I paid a little more by buying it direct from the devs due to the Euro exchange rate), which seemed a less risky investment.

    It's only Minecraft crossed with Landmark, without the sci-fi outlandishness (pun intended). Not quite as good as either one, but is the closest I've found to Landmark so far, including blue prints. And goes a couple of steps above and beyond, with modding support, ability to upload textures, and having builds not confined to little bounding boxes. I haven't seen creations as good as Landmark, but it's the closest I've seen in a voxel game and after playing it for a day, while horribly dazed and confused over the controls, it seems like it has the potential to equal Landmark. It's at about the same stage of development when we played Minecraft six months before its release.

    The people who play it seem very passionate about it too, which really was what swayed me into buying yesterday. Followed quickly by my husband and son today, both of whom were also Landmark players.

    If you find something else out there that's better, please let us know!

    P.S. It also has all the game mode options that Minecraft had at the same stage, i.e., creative vs. survival, single player, multiplayer on LAN, dedicated servers, etc.
  15. Lasai Well-Known Member

    I'd consider a Landmark purchase, but only if it included a rl Mime glove slapping Ponytail Dave with every purchase made and a short video of said event.
  16. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    Building with CUBE in CU, as crude as it is at this point, isn't bad. They pretty much have to keep working on CUBE since it's the method by which players will populate the world with structures for opposing realms to try and destroy. At this point I believe it's only a matter of time before some Landmarkesque game gets released that actually works.
  17. Sigtyr New Member

    There is a Facebook group called Landmark Orphans where we discuss new games and keep in contact, I recommend it if you are not in the group yet, we have a lot of Landmarkians there.
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  18. Tommara Active Member

    Day 4 on Rising World, and loving it, now that I've somewhat learned the controls (husband and son having fun for different reasons, like dungeons not yet populated with mobs, but have lootable chests or being able to mine down to -100, only 700 more to go).

    But for us who prefer to build, who would have ever thought that hitting the Enter/Return key could be so powerful?

    For my first building project, I chose to replicate the last project I did In Landmark. It's so much easier, now that I've learned the controls. It's much easier than Landmark was to create complicated roofs, primarily due to planks and beams, which are rotatable, resizable building objects (blocks are like Minecraft blocks with all the permutations that Landmark blocks had, stairs, slabs, cylinders, curved cutouts, etc). A plank is like a sheet of plywood, whose thickness can't be changed, but width and length can be changed. A beam is a long piece of lumber, but one face is square (think 2x2, 4x4, 6x6 stock lumber) Both are resizable, rotatable, in every plane, in 15 degree increments).

    I like it so much better than Landmark, primarily because of simple things, like being able to build a tree-lined path to my son's base.

    Because I can build wherever I want to.

    That's where Landmark missed the boat, in my book, which left Daybreak Games with no option to keep it open without additional development - server architecture that supported only dev controlled servers, instead of server architecture that allow players to decide whether or not to let griefers in, and hence, you can build anywhere.

    Plus Rising World aspires to be a game (not a fair comparison, since Landmark did not make that claim when I bought in, and I had no idea what the devs intended for Rising World when I bought it.
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  19. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Good luck, Tommara. Glad you are having fun there!

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