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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Billyjak, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Billyjak Member

    Level locked @ 50 Progression/Achievement guild.
    Current Expansion Lock - Shattered Lands
    Content start date early November. Gives us time to recruit and prepare.
    Looking for new and returning players who may already feel out paced or are really having a great time exploring content.
    We are a brand new and on the ground floor. Currently at Level 1 and open to all. Questers, Chatters, Shinyholics, Crafters and any other under level 50 toon looking to find group mates.
    Feel free to send me a tell or in game mail for more information.
    For those who want to know more, below is a an outline of how we are looking to progress.

    Guild Progression Pace:
    1. Will remain level locked at 50 till the guild achieves all of the following:
    A. Level 50
    B. 14 out of 14 Guild Achievements (Wiki note says for a guild to get credit for actual achievement at least 2 guild members must be in a group and at least 2/3rds of the raid must be made up of guild members.)

    Member Achievement Pace:
    We want to encourage as much content exploration, grouping, chatting, questing, information sharing and friendship building as possible. To help with this member ranks will be based upon achievement completion.
    Rank Description
    Pledge New recruit (no bank access)
    Member New recruit that has completed their racial trait quest and earned 1000 SP (bank Access)

    Next set of ranks are for members who achieve a set requirement. They can earn 1 or all 4 titles. The requirements will be set by the council prior to the guild moving up to the next progression. To start, a fairly easy requirement goal will be set.
    1. Rambler - Questers. Complete 7 out of 14 quest achievements in Shattered Land quest tab.
    2. Veteran - Raiders. Complete 7 out of 14 raid achievements in Shattered Land dungeon tab.
    3. Historians - Shinholoics. Complete 7 out of 13 exploration achievements in Shattered Land exploration tab.
    4. Architects - Crafters. Complete 11 out of 22 trade skill achievements in Shattered Land trade skill tab.
    5. Crawler - Groupers. Complete 10 out of 20 dungeon achievements in Shattered Land dungeon tab.
    … and earn 5000 SP

    Council Members (officers) are those who set the requirements for each member rank for the next expansion we move into. Each expansion step brings a new set of requirements to maintain current member rank or earn it.
    To earn a seat on the council:
    1. Earn at least 1 of the 5 member titles listed above.
    2. Complete the Eiodolon of the Shattered Lands triumph achievement.
    3. 10000 SP
    (Note these requirements change with each expansion step. To continue to be a council member after the next guild increase you will have to fulfill a new set of requirements set by previous expansion council.)

    A lot to digest I know. Look for me in game or through in game mail for more info, interest or to join.

  2. Gilknight Member

    I would really be interested in joining im a returning player i mailed you in game Newkem what are your play times btw so we can catch up cheers.
  3. Billyjak Member

    Hey Gill. Glad to hear your interest. So far it has been positive. About 11 strong now. I am usually on around 8pm eastern time. If you do not see me do /who delvay all. Look for arume, ragnorook, or ricctor. They can invite as well.
  4. Ahriham Member

    I might be interested in this as i love doing all raid achievements in a tier before moving to next tier been in progression style guilds in the past but i always fall behind maybe this time i will not with this kind of guild how many strong are you now?
  5. Billyjak Member

    We are about 15 strong currently. Most are teens and 20's. Still got a bit before end tier content. So not looking forward to speak like a dragon. Still plenty of time. Very laid back and come as you are and what you got.

    Look for anyone /who delvay all. Pretty much anyone can invite.
  6. Radilar New Member

    I'm totally down with this.

    I havent played in 2 years and very rarely since 2009 and have been looking for this.

    I've always tried to enjoy every inch of this game and it would be great with other players and to raid too.

    I have to confess tho, I'm an altaholic. And I like to 2box. Any objection to this? Always on 2 machines, no 3rd party software. I'd agree to only play one account when grouped/raiding.

    Either way, I would play a swash with my forum name, Radilar.
  7. Billyjak Member

    Rad. Thanks for the interest. We don't police individual play styles.

    We would ask during guild functions like our upcoming hq runs, raids, dungeons, etc... you only have one character/account present.

    When working on any individual content use what you may as long as you are enjoying yourself and representing the guild name appropriately.

  8. Billyjak Member

    Delvay is having a little meet n greet Sunday, Oct. 7th @ 5pm eastern. Since we are still building not everyone has had a chance to meet each other.

    Public is invited to mingle and perhaps to see if you have interest in being part.

    It will be at out Frostfang Manor house.
  9. Billyjak Member

    In addition to our meet n greet please look at the seasonal event forum for our upcoming Bruisday Tuesday event. Details on the thread. Have plenty of time to train your fighter.
  10. Billyjak Member

    Worried that you will fall further behind once the new expansion comes out. Why worry! Play at your pace.
    Looking for all characters levels 1 to 50.
    Still enjoying low end dungeons.
    22 members strong mostly in the 20's. No need to catch up, bring in your character and get started right away.

    Currently have a pretty even mix of classes so roll what you want. Especially that one that you always wanted to try but didn't want to get in a dungeon and realize you don't know what your doing... Apparently you've never grouped with billyjak.
    Most desired too right now is a knowledgeable toon who is willing to educate and still learn.

    Find us in game /who delvay all to get started.

  11. Billyjak Member

    Delvay is starting their "Quest to progress" on Nov. 1st. It will still take a bit of time but our outline is set. A few tweaks from the format outlined above. For a complete look at what we have set to move to the next teir please visit our guild house... Large house number 12. There is a book on the table on the progression requirement. Plenty of time to get in. Or start that toon you always wanted to try.
    The requirements are geared to make sure everyone has to visit a good chunk of Shattered Land defining content before the next progression. This is to limit an influx of level 50's signing on to raid and move up and then be done.
    Looking for all players with a desire to invest in meaningful guild content.
    All classes and skill level are welcome.
    Levels 1 to 50 at this time. No matter the level you start off the same and must achieve certain ranks within the guild to vote for the progression.

  12. Billyjak Member

    Also we are 30 accounts strong. It is becoming much easier for grouping all level of content.
  13. Yades New Member

    Hi, what state is the progression server in? Meaning which expansion is being played right now?
    I was curious about starting a new game on the server, returning player, played from release until the end of "the shadow odysee" and just randomly came across EQ2 on steam :)
  14. Billyjak Member

    We are in the shadow odyessy now. Just saw a post that sentinel fate unlocks on December. 4th

  15. Billyjak Member

    Delvay looking for content driven players.
    Two type of characters that do well in the guild...
    The solo quest grinder that enjoys conversation with the security of a solid group when needed to finish tougher content and the achievement addict who looks to put on nightly group hq runs or dungeon content.

    We are looking for anyone lvl 50 or below. The lower the better.

    Close to getting runneyeye on farm status. Lots more to go.

    Also we are looking for any other like minded guilds who may have been hit with the raid bug where players have left for more raid oriented content and/or just don't have enough people on consistently to do anything meaningful and tired of pugs.

    Please email me in game to talk about options.

  16. Namotai New Member

    Hello! I'm very interested! I'm in EU though, will your raid times make me stay up until sunrise?
  17. Billyjak Member

    No. We are still aways from raiding. Still alot of concentration on HQ's and heroic achievements.
  18. Billyjak Member

    Well now that you powerleveled every alt to 80 during the heroes festival puppet parade in time for the next unlock what do you do now.
    Start anew and actually do all the content that you missed!!!

    Delvay looking for any content hound toon looking to accomplish any content driven achievements.

    We have altered the concept slightly to accommodate the leveling rush. We are separated in tier locked toons. Wanting to explore original eq with a bard. Join our tier 1 team. Hate sinking sands content then level past and join our teir 3 team still enjoying EoF and KoS. Wanted that bruiser tank with drag ability in RoK then lock yourself at 80 at join our tier 4 team.
    Your game - your pace.

    Also looking for any other small guild endlessly spamming chat for recruits. Perhaps the answer is "cooperative competition". If you have a solid 8 to 10 players but just don't have enough to get you over the hump to do any high tier content maybe it's time to join forces. Please email billyjak if interested to see what a collaboration could mean.

    From the office of Delvay.
  19. leoassflash New Member

    is this guild still active
  20. Billyjak Member

    Yes we are still going. Been a bit slow for low level content with exp. Opening on live and those puppets a few weeks ago.

    But we are still rolling and still working on 50 content. Have expanded some tiers to allow alts to lvl past to keep members occupied while building our lvl 50 raid force.

    /Who delvay all
    I'll be on tonight and rotwood and Jaxon can invite too


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