Deleting my 9 year old warlock

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Cythemia, Nov 6, 2015.

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  1. Anunnaki Active Member

    Every class is bad and should be deleted immediately.
  2. Lare Active Member

    bugger does that mean I have to delete my 5 100 warlocks now?
  3. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    lol why so many?
  4. Lare Active Member

    well I used to raid in a few guilds on different servers also I had 2 wizards that I got bored with and betrayed them to the loc's might betray them back as I've seen some parses recently that show wizards are not doing to bad raid wise this expansion. Contrary to what people are saying.
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  5. Cythemia Member

    i went back and read some of the comments in here, alot directed at stop crying because your not number one, IMO well defined Class roles are becoming more obsolete, without class roles this game will be nothing but Warcraft, if i wanted that i would have went to that game, and the people who thinks every class in this game should be top dps (even from xpac to xpac) should leave and go play a game that has almost no roles and solo targeted gameplay, what has and will always make everquest 1 and 2 unique is the definitive roles in gameplay. Yes there should be a step ladder in dps, Utility and Gear to support the roles of classes not to make everyone OP in someone else's only role. T1 should be Predators and sorcerers period. This is not the case, we are seeing utilities in the Top T1 in most cases, its rare and in the top 1% you see the balance fall closer into place. the rest of the players will see class's usefulness deteriorate faster and faster suffocating players ability to compete or perform in groups. My beastlord can hit just as hard and even harder with abilities than the warlock but at a much faster rate not even counting my autoattack hits. Power drain got that, wards, got that covered too. so yeah i love being DPS/ Healer/ Coercer / Utility but i would not be surprised if i got nerfed, mainly because i not only can do all these things but i can do them to the point some of the other classes are obsolete because of the proficiencies. I can run toe 2 toe with the assassin even though i rarly win im so close lol. but the mages are dropping like flies. we have 2 mages left illy and conj the others /ragequit, and i expect more of that happening especially with the horrid itemization. I even asked them "do like i did make you a scout" they said they had to much time energy and money tied up into them, that they would just rather play a game that was not so screwed up and constantly broken. <---id have to agree. But i have to much time invested in this game to start a new one. If anyone can Help these poor souls out who refuse to betray to scout Please do. Id rather those classes get some sort of boost to help them out rather lose the raid force. People are more important than virtual numbers and when you take away their purpose (class Roles) they have no reason to be here.
  6. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    I am not necessary agree on 100% that ...
    Sorc should be king on "burst" DPS (wizzi ST and locks on AoE) with slight edge over predators
    Rogues/Summoners - should be kings of sustained DPS

    As for luck of mages presence - that is what I see as well ... wizards nowhere to be seen ... locks still struggling to fight for DPS ladder, conjurors seems to be blooming and so are illy/coercers ... necros on the same boat as warlocks
  7. Rubyfire Member

    I just want to say so many valid point have been made here and i just hope the dev's read these.

    While my view is from a wizard the wizard forums are pretty dead. I think because they appear to be a dieing class atm.

    I play a wizard and admit while we can bring a lot to the table aoe we no longer have the single target dps ability unless all the stars align and the perfect setup/ cast order is obtained. Even then the pet classes and assassins are still going to own sorcerers single target. Most raid fights are single target now so sorcerers don't bring the massive dps to a raid force.

    I agree completely without roles there is no point. The game may as well be WOW

    I don't mind the beastlord can heal but don't make them dps more then a dps class or heal more than a healer. The fact they can do both and the versatility from this makes them valuable to a raid force without them needing to be the top at either roll.
    Sorcerers need a boost its as simple as that. You hardly see any of them anymore.

    Please note all my comparisons assume all roles are played by people who know their class.
  8. Rubick Well-Known Member

    Look at parses from the top end guilds. Those people have the best gear and are the best bet of finding two T1s that maximize their dps so we can have a class comparison. Warlocks have topped almost every single parse I've seen, and the warlock in my guild, which is (sadly) above average, crushes everybody. The warlock, assassin, necro, and conj in my guild are all pretty comparable in skill, yet the warlock smokes everybody this expansion. Wizards need a boost, but if you're getting beat so bad that you delete a warlock then it's probably for the best, as you weren't doing something right.
  9. UBiLL Member

    All those post you say warlock is struggling Doomdrake, i think you should say you are. All those informations you give about what classes stand where on the parse are based on your experience in your guild. I'm still at the top of the parse most of the time, though i gotta admit the bl or the sin beat me more often this xpac but i don't feel like conjurors are doing better then me.

    That being said, i really think wizards need some loves from devs as does necros.
  10. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Incorrect statement - I am saying that unless warlock have Hammer/Eth and ideal group composition warlock will lag behind summoners who a lot less depended on group composition
    Speaking about Sins and BL - more often then not I do top them. All I am saying that warlock DPS (and so is sin, BL) greatly depend on group composition and 2-3 items (like Ethereal and Ire-Dread hammer) - which DPS of summoners much less depend on those factors
  11. Rubick Well-Known Member

    I couldn't disagree more. If warlocks don't have a reset item and scouts don't have a fai thass, warlocks are the best dps. You can't compare dps classes when you take one with all their items vs another class with no rare items just because you want to justify your apparently poor dps. There is nothing wrong with warlock dps in any facet I've seen, assuming equal gear to any other class. If you're comparing classes without equal gear then you have no business commenting on it. As far as getting beat by summoners goes, that is definitely a "you" problem.
  12. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    You missing what I am saying or at least half of what I am saying
    Warlock unlike conjuror a lot more depend on group composition - I am not talking here about scouts. So please stop demagogy (compare warlock to scout and afterward jumping back to conjuror ... unless you assume that conjurors suddenly became scouts?)
    My warlock putting sustained 50+M in groups w/o illi or troub (providing I am not having carpal syndrome mashing my keyboard building increments) - that's speaking of my DPS level .... Again return to discussion - read my previous post regard my DPS in relation to DPS sin and BL - I beat BL most of time and more often then not top Sin
    I am talking here about comparing DPS conjurors and warlock in none ideal group w/o ideal gear set up (read - no one have hammer, essence of duality). And just chew this for you - conjuror unlike warlock don't so much depend on key mashing (increment built), conjuror do not depend as much as warlock on joisting (thanks to pet) and do not so much depend external conditions for burst damage (compare FC chain and souldburn) . And just to chew a bit more - IF I have 180 increments to start with IF I don't have to joist, IF I have illusionist TW synced with mine FC chain fire up - hitting 150M+ aren't a problem. Unfortunately warlock is no longer glass cannon (which would be fine) but more like some sort of swiss clock where every single gear need to be precise place to generate expected ku-ku sound (DPS)
  13. Anunnaki Active Member

    It's pretty obvious you get beat consistently on the parse by a conjy and you think that means there is low skill and better class involved. The conjy is still the most broken T1.5 class of all time. If you are getting beat, you are bad. Simple as that. This isnt even including the insanely OP Hammer that doesnt even do anything for a conjy.
  14. Veta Well-Known Member

    *looks at parses*

    Yup increments still topped my parse.
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  15. Rubyfire Member

    Can you please explain this. How is conj broken in comparison to sorcerers? I have seen an array of players with different skill levels for conj and even without the hammer they have a lot of potential. the best dps players i know at the moment is a conj and a beast lord. that is not to say reaching their potential is not difficult. The fact that they can do somch where as i do not see the same potential in a wizard leads me to think they are not broken as such but are in a good position. So could you please explain what you mean for me.
  16. Rubick Well-Known Member

  17. Anunnaki Active Member

    Do you read any other thread in this section besides crybaby sorc ones? If you had been around longer than 2 weeks, you might have seen all of my threads/posts that absolutely nothing has come from.
  18. Rubyfire Member

    Ive played eq2 over 8 years but never bothered with posting. I always just read other peoples posts. There is so many posts. I didnt think a quick recap from you would be too much to ask. I also do no think being rude ever acheives anything.
  19. Anunnaki Active Member

    There is a laundry list of problems with my class, but I'm not going to bring them up in a Warlock thread as that detracts from the purpose. I am never rude when bringing up the problems my class has, as I would actually like to see them addressed. I am only rude when people that have no idea what they are talking about come into a thread an throw around ridiculous statements like they are truth.
  20. Lare Active Member

    sadly your really still don't get your class man. There is still so much wrong with what you do so to be actually able to comment when you only know half the story is kinda misleading.
    and Rubyfire meh what ur saying in your limited view of players on your server and gear suggest u look at more parses from other locks in better guilds :)
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