Deleting my 9 year old warlock

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Cythemia, Nov 6, 2015.

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  1. Belton Member

    Move back onto summoners? What are you playing at in this post?

    40 mil on TWO ae encounters. He's a warlock? Warlocks are AE DPS? Only makes sense. Are you new to this here game? Also our Beastlord wasn't on that night, so parses are a little skewed.
  2. Doomey Active Member

    fc op

    (04:27) Uigirf the Magician: 1940378160 Daray-Fiery Blast-990659750
    Facer | 250955829
    Heza | 193958622
    Death | 157167319
    Sigma | 152564281
    Daray | 142588602
    Vetax | 136209593
    Yakou | 111764749
    Neilo | 110767969
    Hypno | 86420349
    Doome | 68179203
  3. Ishmel Member

    Deleting my assassin thread inc.. the lag on that enc is real
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  4. Karsa Active Member

    Neil - ranger
    Daray - wizzy
    Have no idea which classes are The rest...;(
  5. Cythemia Member

    Okay just to update on the warlock issue for those who don't know. yes i stayed on my favorite class... Guild leader requested stay on warlock for power drains. Once I Started raiding on live, some critical things i have noticed. Good call Mogrim btw, i am wearing fabled gear, not even raid gear and in raid i was cap'd out on stats all ready, Thank fully Time Warp still gives us ticks and trigger chance <---that is huge for locks....even SWDB was capped out early.
    Right out of the box first raid zones we did, i was on top with the warlock YAY,Thinking well this might not be so bad, until other people started getting raid gear, then i slid down to #2 behind wizard and assassin.Then the scouts figured out how to increase damage, word spread and now the brig betrayed to swashy and Assassin run off and leave everyone fighting for the top slot. Wizard was not far behind but the illy was ahead of us both with mimicry on assassin. then i started seeing the beta numbers again.
    I am currently capped on stats for increasing dps, the only available resource is Potency and Ability Mod and there is just not enough ability mod in the game to push our skill set any higher. What i am looking at is i am completely caped on damage and do not see any avenues for increases while everyone else gradually gains more and more i fall further and further behind.
    Now latest i have been seeing is this.
    Ranges cover single target,and AOE spectrum.
    assassin - 90-125mil
    Swashy- 90-125mil
    Beastlord- 80-115mil
    Ranger -80-112Mil
    Necromancer 70-90Mil
    Conjuror 70-85Mil
    Wizard- 50-70Mil
    Warlock 45-68Mil
    Coercer -45-60Mil

    yes the numbers might fluctuate a little between fights and people shift around. Circumstantial things happen that can change outcome but on a straight ideal burn fight this is usually what i see.

    i raid in 2 different guilds now on 2 separate classes and i can see where there is room to expand on my scout vs the mage. basically if your in raid and you see a warlock and wizard in the top 3 at this point in the game....start recruiting new scouts. or do like my previous guild did, Eliminate the T1 Mages / replace with T1 scouts / Utility buff healers/ add more dirge.

    i see people posting parses that mean absolutely nothing to me, if its consistent that is one thing. some mobs are Circumstantial. And i have rarely seen anyone put up those kinds of numbers either.
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  6. Belton Member

    I disagree. Yes Warlocks took a hit. But they still reign supreme (Other than BL) on AE fights as they should. On any other fight I as a conj in a high end guild fight for the top spot with our Lock(s)/Sin. It's brung back the competitive nature of playing DPS class as it should be. If you play a T1 class solely to be the ONLY one to top a parse and not have anyone to rival you. Why even do it. You should reroll shaman and top heal parses all day long =)
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  7. Doomey Active Member

    All our t1s are fighting to top the parse. Yes that was an aoe fight and a single target fight would be a lot closer but for that particular example it was lock, sin, sin, necro, wiz, conj. I'm just not buying the whole phasing out warlocks thing, lol. Our lock even does great on st. Not always number 1 but competitive. Also if a dirge is beating a warlock on a named regularly did the warlock just not get a rez or something? They should not be parsing like utility even if we like to joke about it. That's either a massive gear gap or a skill issue.
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  8. Yards Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure how/why you are capped out on stats ( I'm guessing cb/swdb ). This expansion is pretty terrible for gear selection and there is almost nothing that should be worn for personal stats. The few spots that are available, I try to fill them with potency items as much as possible or aura share. While in raid I go a little above 2k cb, but fc still does give me a decent amount of cb and pushes me to cap.

    Our assassin still wins most the parses except the huge ae fights. He has a few encounters where he completely dominates everyone but for the most part the classes are semi close in dps. All this being said I haven't hit the fc wall yet and I am not sure how that will play out when it happens.
  9. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    I protest using that lag fest fight to show parses hehe. Especially since on that particular one I had to handle some occifer thangs.

    Speaking of single target me and that same warlock were the two top parsing individuals on the almost entirely single target fight of Forge Golem. He topped that one as well with 94.5 mil.

    Starting to think this entire thread is an effort to sandbag warlocks and boost them further. Warlocks are not only 'fine' they are definitely at least the best mage DPS at the moment and arguably the best DPS in general.
  10. Doomey Active Member

    Every fight this expansion is a lag fest aoe fights just amplify it haha
  11. Tharrakor Well-Known Member

    Spellcasting is its own reward!
  12. Lare Active Member

    Locks since conception where always the AoE kingd and would normally do double the dps on AoE fights, Last xpac they used to do 100m more dps on those fights, Now when they are only doing 23% more its OP. OMG get a grip. They are ment to shine on AoE fights.

    They took a hit on ST and are no where near where they where last xpac.
  13. Nkito Well-Known Member

    From what I'm seeing in this thread they still DO shine at aoe encounters like intended.

    Locks are the ones complaining that they are no longer competitive and need a boost... People are just responding to these inaccurate statements as far as I can tell.
  14. Anunnaki Active Member

    Just *starting* to think that? Been pretty obvious since post 1 that this was the intention. Warlocks were far and away the top dps in AoM and people dont want to lose their epeen status and hate competition.
  15. DoomDrake Well-Known Member

    Warlocks hate competing for 5-6 position on DPS ladder ...
  16. Yards Well-Known Member

    Not sure why this thread was started however others were started due to fc not scaling. This hasn't made any difference yet because cb cap isn't easily obtained yet and can be somewhat avoided. When cb is easily capped and everyone is sitting at 3k cb in raid that is when warlocks will start to drop off severely in dps. I don't care though it hasn't come to that yet and this game has a lot bigger problems now besides class scaling. For example this expansion is complete trash for Itemization and if it stays this way it won't matter one way or another because no one will be left playing anyway.
  17. Zanger Member

    sad truth
  18. Occam Well-Known Member

    Every single expansion there's a class that absolutely dominates the parse. Then, in an effort at balance, they get knocked off their pedestal and we start seeing all the "I'm deleting my char!" threads.

    I'm sorry, but I have little sympathy for this. So you no longer blow everybody else out of the water. Big deal. My main is an inq, and for several expansions now there has been ZERO reason to bring an inq on raids, since there's nothing we can do that another healer can't do far better or more efficiently. Will I delete my char? No way. He might not be as fun to play right now, but chances are DBG will make inqs relevant again at some point.

    You go ahead and delete your char in a fit of pique though. :rolleyes:
  19. Germs Member

    < Fellow former Inquisitor main. I needed a good laugh this morning. Thanks!
  20. Eles Well-Known Member

    so, what's the status of warlock? are wizards so bad too?
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