Deleting my 9 year old warlock

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Cythemia, Nov 6, 2015.

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  1. Veta Well-Known Member

    I am wondering about that too. I do not think "the secret weapon" has missed a raid since expac launch. So it could not be anything recent if he only knows of Deathfrom, so probably talking about Beta stuff? When he was not there and noone was trying.
  2. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    Warlocks are not top dps on anything. We're generally fighting for somewhere around 5th/6th/7th on parses at this point.
    We don't compete period at anything except we've got a short on massive aoe trash parses. Anything else we're laughably bad.

    Without a doubt, we're behind the following classes in overall power:

    Assassins/Beastlords (again, heads and shoulders better than all other classes)
    Rangers/Brigands (no real competition for the 3rd and 4th best classes)

    And so if nothing goes strange, Warlocks really can't hope to do better than 5th (unless the raid brings more or less than 1 of the above, of course)

    The classes that are relatively the same dps as Warlocks are Conjs/Necros/Wizards/Swashies, and if the Assassin gets a fabled FFU parse, all of the chanters can slide in above us.

    When people say Warlocks got nerfed, believe it. If you're a Warlock and you love your class, my suggestion is this:

    Roll a different toon for raids, and use the Warlock for solo zones. Focused casting doesn't really do anything other than in solo zones. In raids our CB is high enough that already doing next to nothing.

    TLDR: our class is only really good at draining mana and running solo zones now. it was fun while it lasted, but now we're easily the worst T1 in the game.

    PS: Side note it is just hilarious to me going into a fight fully charged w/ max increments and blowing my entire temp rotation only to see that after the temp rotation blows I'm sitting 6th on the parse, and my dps is only going to go downhill from there.
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  3. Gigglezzz Member

    Just curious Mogrim, not trying to call your bluff or anything, but after looking at the twitch feed/youtube video that was posted of you guys on your most recent kills of the new mobs, you were always #1, #2 or #3 on pretty much all fights according to the ACT parse on the video.

    This is sort of going against everything that you are posting about warlocks. Also in your last post, you are saying that Warlocks are even with the rest of the mage classes now? (Conjs/Necros/Wizards/) That is how it should be correct? That Warlocks are in the same competition boat as the rest of the mage classes. Again not trying to burst any bubbles here but I am really confused, seems like some contradictions.

    Additionally, you keep recommending to all other Warlocks (that love their class) to play some other class but you are staying on your Warlock. So why make that type of recommendation to other warlocks if you are not following it yourself? There are a great deal of warlocks that look up to you and for you to make that type of recommendation just adds fuel to an already burning cataclysm of paranoia, anger and fear that at this point is really unnecessary.
  4. Eles Well-Known Member

    I'm not even have a warlock but..

  5. Anunnaki Active Member

    I'd really like to believe that, since I don't want to be the reason for the nerf =P. Either way though, outside of the AoM focused feedback beta thread, I havent seen a thread in here make any difference at all. Even if they are legitimate bugs and not just a crybaby balance thread like has been dominating this forum lately.
  6. Belton Member

    Lol... Has any thread we've made since TOV? done anything? Sorry i don't get Super groups like Macky. And my utility can't carry me like yours can. So my numbers don't look all flashy like yours both. Yeah the Salt is real before you all want to start.

    Veta and his guild have been in the works with their Dev-best friends recently. So how dare he speak out against them! Hense the reason for his illogical responses. >Inb4 banned from forums.
  7. Veta Well-Known Member

    Elaborate? You have not been in my guild or raid to know what I do and do not get :). Clearly fom your statement I do not receive a super group either, so why would your numbers look less flashy? Before we all start? Its like your whole post was to start drama.

    You mean illogical responses like these with no proof and assumptions? :( Shame on you Belton, I thought you were better than this. You are doing nothing but helping my point here. You come on the forums and make a scene, yet you think the Devs should listen to you? I am very sure they do not listen to me either, but thats okay.
  8. Belton Member

    My dude. Four of us sat and watched you guys pull the contested the other night. Also the Super group comment was about Macky not you. 1. Lol that proc game is dumb. Well played on your behalf though. 2. It's not hard to see when your numbers super inflate compared to most others. I mean... ???>>?? o_O

    I'm just saying what i SEE. That's pretty Factual no? A SCENE? Who was the guild that came onto OUR (at the time) server. And harassed our guild because you got your first WW1st in 6 months? Then as soon as we learned the strat proceeded to get us suspended... Please. Get the **** out of here with that dumbshit veta. I thought YOU were better than this.

    I don't want the Devs to listen to me. I want them to listen to the masses. To fix the bleeding and actually listen to the player-base. Instead of just a select few. But folks like you, and macky and anyone else that says we are in a "good place" will always keep us a step behind. But what do i know? I'm just a baddie conj from Guk. #Salton out!
  9. Veta Well-Known Member

    Still ranting I see. According to the video Kaaria had posted, you guys did not know the strat, completely. I can easily point out a flaw in your strat besides the reviving scheme. I had nothing to do with the bannings, believe it or not, guilty by association I suppose.

    About that x4 contested mob, yes, you watched me parse but what else was I doing? Popping bubbles up. What procing game? Oh you mean my wand? I only got the first wand I ever saw that dropped because the necro wanted his ethereal wand back.

    Anyways, the important stuff. I never said conjs were good or bad. I said new things/stats were sharing and they are, except that 5-set bonus which does not matter anymore. If summoners are not in a good place then who are you having trouble competing with, the assassin? So is everyone else.
  10. Belton Member

    You should know me by now... Don't put your neck out there next time. We knew the strat completely when you idiots reported he whole guild for the Revive fiasco (Remember the pull before we all went bye bye he was at 60% Oh yeah Remember the next day when we were back we killed it in two pulls...).

    LOL i also know you guys had to learn the strat from us because you had no idea wth was going on until you watched us. Hense why we stopped pulling it js. If you don't know what you are doing... i'm not going to elaborate. Using things that shouldn't working that way. Kinda like... Revving when you shouldn't be able to!

    This is something we agree on. I never said we are in a bad place either. We need tweaks. Certain items (Essense of Duality) still don't work. Many procs still don't share. ect. ect. And yeah Sins are stupid atm. That's a world wide consensus. Mages maybe with the exception of wizards are on a level playing field for the most part.
  11. Veta Well-Known Member

    Did you guys ever get that fire from below timer? Those who know the script will get a good chuckle out of that question if they have seen the video that Kaaria posted.

    So Brell was up for one day before he suicided and was dropped for like a week or two while being fixed. We killed it first pull the second raid day it was up. So we learned our strat from you when it was not up? It also took you a while to figure out he was healed through max max hp debuffs, which I do not recall seeing the post until after it was killed by us, which you can definitely not see from outside the raid as he has no incoming healing registering. You could also not see adds spawning. You all still had a couple days or a week to kill it before banned, yet you knew the strat?

    Any other assumptions you would like to make? To the first sentence of the second paragraph, you really do not "know" what you are talking about. I am waiting for evidence that we did anything to you or do you just "know" we are the ones that caused you problems. All you are doing is causing drama, just like you did with Mogrim, its not doing anything for you except help lock this thread. In the time it took you to post all this banter, you could have made a simple thread on things or am I going to have to do that for you too?
  12. Mogrim Well-Known Member

    1) I had 30 beta infusers coming into the xpac. As a result, on days 1 and 2 I actually had a pretty significant leg up on the rest of the raid force. Our kill videos are from those days.

    2) I know this will step on toes, but Warlocks have a higher degree of difficulty than the other 3 T1 Mage classes. Significantly higher. If we're about equal power, then most players will not be able to compete w/ their T1 Mage counterparts.

    3) Mana drains are going to be a thing on enough fights that I'll probably be boxed into this class or I would have already changed classes by now. I look forward to running x2s because I get to switch to my Paladin for a fight or two when we do those. It's the first time in a long time that I don't look forward to playing my class at all, because the class just isn't good.

    Beyond that, an overall thought: Warlocks still are the worst utility of the T1 Mage DPS classes. Why?

    A) Ice Lash is > Curse of Darkness
    B) Conj Bubble has more progression relevance than our utility
    C) Necro Rot Flesh's damage amp is more dps significant than our utility.

    There is only one significant utility that Warlocks contribute that some other T1 Mage doesn't do better. Our ability to lower the mob's mana via Dark Siphoning. But in order to do this right, we've got to sacrifice our ability to gain increments efficiently.

    As a result, on any fight where mana draining is a high necessity, Warlocks will likely parse behind the rest of the T1 Mages due to the way that mechanic stumps our ability to grow increments.
  13. Belton Member

    Not talking about Brell. Talking about the Contested. Where i COULD see your procs. Hello? Pay attention? How was i supposed to see your procs on Brell? We aren't petty ******* like yourselves. =). Well only me. top kek. we figured out the strat then you guys pulled your ********. Why? That i don't know. Maybe you were Salt? Maybe you are threatened by ANY hint of competition who knows?

    It's not like they are going to do anything anyway. Any ounce of ***** given from our dev team is gone. It died with Aniathor. (That's what i was playing at earlier. Not what you were insinuating). I'm not causing Drama. I'm pointing out facts. Although i won't back off making Rev look like some Dev hugging clownies that you guys are that, like i did with Mogrim. Again. With the "Make a thread everything will be golden" Why should i waste my time? To get my hopes up and watch it all crash and burn? I've talked to many about the Reset wand getting fixed over 4 months ago(Timeframe?) and they spoke with devs. Devs claim to fix it. nothing happens. What makes you think in your fantasy world that if we take the time to make a thread ANYTHING will be done? Plz. Stop while you are ahead? If we are calling it that.
  14. Veta Well-Known Member

    Its hard to follow when you are being salty about 1 mob and jumping back an forth between other mobs.

    Also, we pulled what "insert how many every asterisks that probably mean the word -bs-"? Pulling the mob? We do not start raids until 8:30est, which is 30minutes after you all start.

    Also, Aniathor was listened to because he was a knowledgeable, well known member. I do not recall him ever coming into posts to cause drama, like this, and talked trash about the devs, like this. You want them to listen to the masses, not you specifically, but are you not part of that mass? Do you think Aniathor would have given up before posting because he felt his dreams, etc would be crushed? Nope. Why not as a top-end raid guild conj lead by example instead of ranting?
  15. Belton Member

    My dude. Friend Veta... I'm not even salty about Brell. You claim it's easy this that and the other BUT No text to tell you bout max health debuffs? You can't say that's "easy" That's ********! I'm Salty you guys got us Suspended. And yes i know that was your "guilds" intention to induce salt. But that ***** childish.

    Aniathor had made it clear numerous times he couldn't stand our incompetent dev staff. He may of not been as vocal as i BUT it was well known. the funny thing is.. Aniathor quit for that exact reasoning... The same reason Mogrim despises his class right now and because friend. I've tried to "lead as example". I actively posted on that thread year and a half ago on my thoughts and what should be changed/Fixed. I don't have the time nor the energy to even try any longer when they flat out ignore the top end raid conjs like us. wait for it... I can't even anymore.
  16. Yards Well-Known Member

    As of right now all t1 mages are pretty even on the parse from what I've seen. The only problem is with scouts having the completely overpowered bc.
  17. Allessandra New Member

    Yep =( I'm stripping my warlock of her gear and throwing it on the necro. So sad about this massive nerf!
  18. Anunnaki Active Member

    Yeah, except when a conj specs for barrier, they neuter their ability to be a T1. So once again, the ounce of utility we get pushes us back down to T1.5(at best) if we spec it.
  19. Anunnaki Active Member

    Okay, so I don't raid in a top 5 (XX whatever flavor you feel) guild, but I know I still do well, and will continue to do well. I think conjurors are in a good place on the personal dps front. However, we are given next to zero utility. We constantly have to deal with a lack of effects sharing (at least at first.) Horribly balanced effects compared to other T1s (reset ethereal prime example). And flat out broken spells (see my communion thread.) When we don't have to deal with these things, we are in a good spot. Yet these issues spring up and are never even *acknowledged*.

    The QoL issues for a summoner go FAR beyond crying about the most OP temp ever being less effective (yet still quite powerful.)

    Instead, we got out scout pets fixed. Yay. I'm so happy.
  20. Ishmel Member

    Necro op /thread
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