Definative Answer Please... Jboots and Selos "Stacks or No"?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Patch, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Donte Guest

    totem of the wolf
  2. ARCHIVED-QuiPo Guest

    Spirit of the Wolf Totem
  3. ARCHIVED-Fromingo Guest

    Yes Selo and Jboots stack. Let me tell you playing an alt with no speed enhancers and a 48 dirge is like driving an old bus then getting behind the wheel of a Porche.
  4. ARCHIVED-Asharad Guest

    haha..I was expecting some fancy name. Thanks.
  5. ARCHIVED-Priestbane Guest


    Ahem, woops, my bad. It just causes a psychotic break in me every time I see that title with a new post...
  6. ARCHIVED-Laromor Guest

    Now that this thread has come back to life, I might as well ask....
    Does anyone know if there are other items in game, with same or similar ability to the Jboots... meaning +runspeed?
  7. ARCHIVED-ZOAR007 Guest

    wondered that myself
  8. ARCHIVED-Fromingo Guest

    I did see a pair of Fabled Boots that had +10% runspeed similar to J-Boots. Stats were better. I can't remember the name. Think I wrote it down at home somewhere.
  9. ARCHIVED-playatru Guest

    theres an earring with spirit of the wind on it
  10. ARCHIVED-Laromor Guest

  11. ARCHIVED-Buttcliffe Guest

  12. ARCHIVED-Full_Metal_Mage Guest

    Cazrial wrote:
    Flat out wrong. If mounted you move at the mount's speed. If your run speed is faster than the mount speed, you are better off on foot.
  13. ARCHIVED-Giland Guest

    Well, it might have been that way 3 years ago when he posted.
    I don't remember myself
    Think it was a couple of months before KOS was released
  14. ARCHIVED-Full_Metal_Mage Guest

    Good god. I saw the month/day of the posts but didn't realize that Buttcliffe necroed a 3 year old thread.
    Bad Buttcliffe. Bad.
  15. ARCHIVED-imnotdisco Guest

    Laromor wrote:
    Its got a 10% run speed, and stacks with jboots/earring of solstice/totems, but i noticed it makes you run erratically (run zig zag quite comical actually)on occasion. not sure where it drops from but i found one on the broker for 30 gold, and i believe its lv req is 60+
  16. ARCHIVED-Gisallo Guest

    Cazrial wrote:
    Not all the time. Just tried this today and it didn't stack (the totems at least)
  17. ARCHIVED-Whysprr_Wyrd Guest

    SOW doesn't stack with Selo's. And the Ring of Pure Panic isn't a useful way of increasing runspeed; what you get in straight-line speed you lose in random zigzagging, and in occasionally falling from some high place and having to revive and run back.
  18. ARCHIVED-JerronBlacksilver Guest

    Just for fun today I played with my TSO AA's to see what kind of run speed I could get; with 5 increased run speed from general and 5 enhanced Selo's, I got to 74% base (with 6 in Wis 3). Add in J-boots and Ring of Pure Panic, and I was zipping along at +94% run speed =)
    (And yeah, the ring of pure panic can be annoying, but the effect can be cancelled off. It seems sometimes it gets stuck in "Proc all the time" mode, and others it doesn't proc at all...when the former happens I just hit my macro to un-equip it.)
  19. ARCHIVED-eqaddictedfool Guest

    I would say yes because people still yell at me cuz at 80 i wear my j-boots and use selos.

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