Definative Answer Please... Jboots and Selos "Stacks or No"?

Discussion in 'Dirge' started by ARCHIVED-Patch, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. ARCHIVED-Patch Guest

    Simple question, do these effects still stack?

  2. ARCHIVED-Lornick Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-Landsurveyor Guest

    Not saying your wrong but ???? Where do you get that answer? Any support info?
  4. ARCHIVED-EdainG Guest

    The answer is yes.

    Support: Run with another pair of boots on. While running, equip JBoots. Observe slight speed increase.
  5. ARCHIVED-ZOAR007 Guest

    The answer is Yes!
    The next question thou, is does selo's stack with horses to max out speed limit? I know jboots do, and when i turn selo's on it does seem like I am goin even faster on a horse, but I'm still not sure.
  6. ARCHIVED-Cazrial Guest

    Yes from me as well.

    Plus if you want even more speed than a 60 plat mount get sow totems.

    Selos + jboots + sow totem
    34% + 10% + 24% = 68%
    go flash go.
  7. ARCHIVED-Cazrial Guest

    oh and my support....

    try it and come back here and post.

    support for jboots, regularly shuffling groups around jbootless guys gets left behind.
  8. ARCHIVED-Priestbane Guest

    Until the window was removed (when LU13 went live) the MainHUD.Character display would give your speed values. Jboots do NOT stack with mount speed. You get the better of either speed or mount speed (whichever is faster). Jboots add to speed, and stack with Selo's. In most cases, selo's + jboots is faster than a mount (unless you have the most expensive kind), so adding jboots on while having both a mount and Selo's running may give you an apparent speed increase, but that's not your mount going faster.
  9. ARCHIVED-playatru Guest

    i didnt want to tell my secrect but here goes greater or powerful blood of the wolf plus jboots/ seleos/sowtotem makes you run uber fast
    p.s. and thats why i have all my adept 3's cause i can get to the nodes faster
  10. ARCHIVED-ZOAR007 Guest

    You should try 40% horse, Jboots, and wolf totem. 40+10+24= 74% increase, not sure but dont think selo's stacks with horse.
  11. ARCHIVED-Cazrial Guest

    nothing stacks with horse, its mounspeed. all others are just speed. (info from the old ingame command /show_window maindHUD.Info)
    - so you either get the biggest fastest mount possible 60pp or you
    - use selos + jboots + sow totem. (use totem at discretion) and that workin in dungeons and in water.
    The only advantage of having a horse is ditchin you jboots for better stat, better mit boots.

    Cazaril 59 Dirge/60 Weaponsmith Najena
    Memento Mori
  12. ARCHIVED-ZOAR007 Guest

    not sure thats accurate. I am zinging by all the other horses. + I heard jboots do stack with it. It is a definite increase in speed when i cast the totem on the horse. its the 14.5pp horse to btw
  13. ARCHIVED-Jehannum Guest

    Mountspeed - speed from carpets, horses etc - does not stack with any other speed boost of any kind. Anyone who tells you any different is deluded or lying. There's no shame in having been deluded.
    Combatspeed - Speed from sprint and from a select few short-term buffs - does not stack with any other speed boost of any kind. See mountspeed.
    Speed - Speed from jboots, pathfinding buffs and SoW effects. These do stack internally, but not with either of the other kinds of speed. You can stack jboots plus one of (pathfinding, selo's, SoW spell) plus one of (SoW totem/wolf blood) for haste, but unless I'm incorrect in lumping Blood of the Wolf into the totem category that's it. Since I haven't actually tested with Blood (nor, indeed, totems since I'm a cheapskate) recently I admit they might stack with one another for even higher speed, but my best thus far is a 68% improvement; 10% boots, 34% selo's and 24% from a totem. The joke is that bards sprint when they want to slow down a bit.
    The tricky part comes in when you calculate your actual speed - it might be any of the 3 types which prevails, but it will only ever be the fastest single speed type which determines your actual runspeed. Mountspeed and normal speed suspend in combat so in combat your speed is your combatspeed, regardless of any buffs.
  14. ARCHIVED-Cazrial Guest

    Well I am sure mountspeed does not stack with speed. Did you know that when you use jboots and selos and are on a horse that the game will keep the horse graphic but you will use whichever speed is the highest, in this case it would be your runspeed.Therefore if you cancel your horse you speed will remain the same cos you were not using your mountspeed anyway.
    Mountspeed = anymount
    Speed = Jboots, sow buff or sow totem or potion, selos or pathfinding

    Game checks which value is higher and uses it. We know they do not stack as they are not even in the same category.
    Cazaril 59 Dirge/60 Weaponsmith Najena
  15. ARCHIVED-Donte Guest

    J boots do not stack with horse. Tested many times vs. same horse rider w/o the boots on. we ride the EXACT same speed.

    totem + selos + boots all stack.
  16. ARCHIVED-ZOAR007 Guest

    <bows head> I'm deluded =(
  17. ARCHIVED-Cazrial Guest

    You are definately not deluded, did you read my post? You just mistook your runspeed taking over your mountspeed and thinking your mount was going faster, quite an understandable mistake that anyone could make without all the facts that we now know.
    oh btw hit 60 last night :)
    Cazaril 60 Dirge/60 Weaponsmith Najena
    Memento Mori
  18. ARCHIVED-ZOAR007 Guest

    Woot!!! Gratz Caz!
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  19. ARCHIVED-Jehannum Guest

    Nothing to be ashamed of :) As long as you don't cling to the delusions when you're shown otherwise, no more can be asked :)

    Grats on 60, Caz - should hit 60 on my troub tonight I hope :)
  20. ARCHIVED-Asharad Guest

    Going to ask a question I should know the answer too...what's the actual name of the SoW totem?

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