Defiler Prestige Feedback

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Arieste, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Arieste Well-Known Member

    With the change to prestige distribution, getting the Countenance upgrade has gone from costing 1 additional prestige point to costing 7 additional prestige points. This is a completely unwarranted nerf of an ability that is in no way overpowered. The requirement to get all 12 points of the line of prestige needs to be removed and replaced with the same requirement as before, where 6 points (Total) out of 12 were required.

    I'm pretty sure this impacts other classes as well.

    Alternatively just move this ability to the middle of the tree. This ability has absolutely nothing to do with either the left (Defensive) or the right (Offensive) side of the tree, it is simply an upgrade to an unrelated self HP buff.
  2. Erage New Member

    Ward's Bane is dropping on death. The buff should persists on death.

    Phantasmal Barrier, I just can't see me taking this. The duration and recast alone make it unappealing for a max of 2 wards that may not even apply, yet starts the recast.

    AC reset is the only thing that's appealing to me on the left side, especially in this easy mode content, and that's before all the CoE prestiges. Another ward, while useful if there was actually hard content that hit for a lot of wardable damage, just isn't needed as it's excess (and this is also another reason Phantasmal Barrier is so weak with it's duration and recast). While AC reset is still good for both unwardable spike damage and an emergency heal for the group. I think the best I'd do is a partial left to get the AC reset and then the rest right side, but I don't ever see me getting any left CoE prestige just due to the content not needing another ward vs CB + damage proc for the group.
  3. Taka Active Member

    You make a good point.. why do we still have our fears too? Is any of the new content actually fearable?
  4. Arieste Well-Known Member

    yes, most of it in my experience. although i use it more for the de-aggro portion than fearing tbh.
  5. Erage New Member

    The end of beta nerf to Spiritual Dominion/Ethereal Souls was a bit excessive considering how this buff has to be maintained. Twelve increments that instantly poof once you cast a single target ward. Ethereal Souls now increases Spiritual Dominion a pitiful 6 CB at MAX rank 3 when at MAX 12 increments. Other classes with similar prestige buffs can maintain theirs without sacrificing their primary spells. Ethereal Souls needs to be buffed back up to around the beta prenerf as the best case is 12 increments for only 6 CB, that has to be built up each time you cast a single target ward.

    Right now, even with the 12 prestige requirement in the first row, I'm just going double conversion with just 3 in Spiritual Dominion as I'm not even seeing it worth going all the way down either line. The content isn't there for the left side to be meaningful, as there just isn't enough wardable damage needed for additional wards, which also makes Phantasmal Barrier unappealing as even an emergency ward, since there's no heal attached and it's duration is just 10s. If Ethereal Souls added a meaningful amount when sacrificing your single target wards, I would go down right line unless we actually got content that needed the left side. But only losing a max of 6cb (best case, if not casting single target wards) isn't really worth losing AC reset and Pot->CB conversion.
  6. Estred Well-Known Member

    I don't play a defiler so I will keep my input minor. Ward's Bane is being changed by the 11/29/2012 patch to persist through death.
  7. BlahBlahBlah New Member

    After taking this Ward's Bane in the prestige line, I had to try it out. Went with a tank friend and seriously rounded things up in Obol Plains just to see how much damage it would do. It works very well, however, it adds the DAMAGE to whoever has agro of the mob and not just MINE. I am maybe being acting like a spoiled brat, but Its my spell, my prestige, my points spent, therefore it should be MY DAMAGE. If you go through ACT and look under the damage done per person it shows Ward's Bane under them and how much damage it has done. Also, in combat log it states it as being their Ward's Bane did # amount of damage. Shouldnt this be listed as only defiler damage since it procs from my wards?
  8. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    I was wondering about ward's bane - you can't turn it off if you take it. I'm thinking about other fights in past raids where healers didn't damage because those doing damage were getting stunned and interrupted. Not sure if that's true for current fights.

    I agree, it ought to be our damage, just like the ward it's attached to is our heal.