Defensive Haven, Antagonize, and Conjuror's pact broken due to fix.

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Enymac, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Enymac Member

    Defensive Haven,Antagonize and Conjuror's pact were dropping when zoned. Instead of fixing the problem, a default spell was put on the pet while one is up on the conjuror. The problem is the spells are not the actual spells cast. They all seem to scale to level 95. So a level 14 grandmastered defensive haven generates more threat as a max level defensive haven. It also gives a higher mitigation level and warding level. This does not show up on the character, but does show up on the pet as such. The same thing goes for a grandmastered Antagonize level 53 spell. It gives more potency on the pet, then the highest level mastered spell. This is crippling to some conjurors who use a lesser version of defensive haven for more hitpoints but do not want to generate the hate gain. Basically, if you have a grandmastered version of the spell, it scaled to level 95. No need to even buy any spell upgrades because level 14 gets you the best defensive haven, and level 53 gets you the best antagonize.
    I would of course prefer it the way it was. Please fix it.