Decimation not working correctly and why got nerved ??

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Hellfiren, Dec 17, 2020.

  1. Hellfiren Well-Known Member

    Hello all

    My Prestige AAs are set right and working, but normaly it should be instand castable if i have my Increments on 180points like Apocalypse originaly did but Decimation dont do.
    In BoL it worked with the same Mechanic like Apocalypse and on the same Cooldown but now in RoS it dont work.

    And why Decimation have been nerved and the Necro Spell not ??
    Both spell dealed massive Damage to the mobs but only the Warlock got nerved ??
    And nerve is slighly a bit less damage but you cut like the half of its Damage Amount it has had before ??
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  2. Twisty Well-Known Member

    cause Decimation was idiotically overpowered. strange choice to compare it to the necro counter-part - it wasn't even in same league - but if you insist, i'll break it down. decimation was routinely 35-50% of the entire lock parse in BoL raids. necro equivalent 8-15%. both at ancient tiers.

    i can't speak for other classes, but both summoner spells went up to 2.5casting speed from 0.5s casting speed of spells they were replacing. decimation stayed instant.

    cool? cool.

    anything else you need mansplainin?
  3. LastActionJackson Member

    They nerfed decimation to the point that it is now a worthless spell -- whereas the summoner spells still worth it. Decimation's damage was decreased severely and its instant cast was cut. The instant cast was part of Apoc's prestige line for years. Locks also got screwed on Perdition. So basically both their spells from BoL are worthless.

    Your mansplaining sux.
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  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Yup. We're all using the old versions of those spells instead of the supposedly "new and improved".
  5. mR_vAiN New Member

    Use Apo, too. Decimation is now useless ...
  6. Twisty Well-Known Member

    you comprehension is feeble, i would step away from the keyboard before u hurt yourself. someone asked for manspaining why it had to be nerfed, i said nothing regarding whether they did a good job fine-tuning the damage.

    i don't recommend you continue down this road, but if you insist, i'll keep making your case worse. i can't show you what it looks like in raid yet, but i'm sure there'll be a "few" 1-2min turn and burns where Decimation looks mighty fine. tell you what, if Apoc can do better than that, it just means Apoc needs to be nerfed not that Decimation sux[IMG]
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  7. mR_vAiN New Member

    Damage isn't fine tuned ... Decimation "only" does 48 Bil in your screenshot .. take a look to Beastlord slashing :

    so pls step away from keyboard :)
  8. LastActionJackson Member

    MR_vain makes a good point. Decimation did 2.8 trillion on that fight posted. The beastlord melee attack did 14.5 trillion. They should have left Decimation alone. It would have still done less damage than those autoattacks. Twisty your mansplaining still sux and deceptive.
  9. mR_vAiN New Member

    Please don't get it wrong, these are different names, but still shows how big the difference is. Incidentally, that should not mean that a beastlord must be nerved, only that decimation is useless and we lost much Damage. :-(
  10. Twisty Well-Known Member

    my brain is melting from your guys' inability to hold a conversation on topic. what does this thread have to do with beastlords or other classes whose pets do melee-auto-dmg that are all utterly broken right now, as anyone with even a lukewarm pulse knows. when they were fixing decimation it wasn't relative to how they'll accidentally break into idiotic stratosphere another couple of classes.

    uhh, yea of course it does. their current pet auto-attack damage is roughly 2x as idiotic as pre-nerf decimation.

    what does it matter how much actual dmg decimation did on the parse i posted - it only matters what the pie chart looks like - and it finally looks semi-reasonable even if a little chunky still. that was the only point of that ACT pic.

    i just can't. i think i'ma extricate myself out of this before i'm exposed to more non-thinking blathering. hopefully at least OP was genuinely confused and found this a useful outside-the-bubble view on the subject.
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  11. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Nerve: string of special tissue that carries signals from your brain to the rest of your body.

    Nerf: (Noun) a brand of foam toy. (Verb) to reconfigure some game element to make it less powerful and/or effective.
  12. mR_vAiN New Member

    Regarding Nerv / Nerf, my translation mistake :) (greetz from Germany).

    The nerf caused the ACT to distribute the damage better, but if that was the goal, other spells would have had to be lifted more so that a Warlock remained a T1 DD.

    To get back to the topic, Decimation was the UPDATE to Apocalypse and is now a downgrade, due to the cast time and reduction of the damage it is unusable. Now we use a Spell from the past.No AA Points work with the "UPDATE".

    I don't know if Twisty play a Warlock, but for Decimation / Apocalypse to bring the high damage you have to time and prepare different things:
    - Build 180 Stacks you get 6 per Cast, so u must cast 30 Spells bevor (Singeltarget) .. 60 Seconds to build it (Timewarp);
    - Timnig with Illusionist (Time Warp (5 Sec. timewindow), Peace of Mind and more) ..
    - pre Cast Free Hand Coecery, Spellbind, Aura of Void (Fervor procc) etc.
    If the outgoing damage then has a larger share in the pie chart, that's right in my opinion.

    Greetz from Germany and .. Google translation :)
  13. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Mein Deutsch ist auch ziemlich schlecht, ich verstehe die Probleme!

    I have a hard time getting all the steps aligned to be able to get really good results from Decimation on my warlock. Rather than trying to get the stars and spells to align, I just dropped back to use the older spells.

    I think that Decimate should utilize the AA just like Apocalypse does.
  14. Twofeets Active Member

    Ignore Twisty, his opening posts condescending attack on the original poster negated the ability for him to form an objective response.

    As to Warlocks, They were far from the top of the parse. Decimation was one of the few tools they had which would allow them a spot in a raid. Guilds like Muskateers dont even run a warlock (it was 4-5 BLs and a wizard which topped their DPS). When the top guild in the world doesnt even allow a warlock, its hard to call them overpowered.

    There are a lot of 'nerfs' with the current expansion, I'm hoping some will be adjusted/fixed, but so far I cant help but be a bit worried.
  15. Revanu Well-Known Member

    I’ll go up against their wizard every day of the week as a warlock.

    Hard to say a class is top dps cuz one guild doesn’t run them.

    Decimation needed nerfing dmg wise but not aa application. That was a foul up that needs to be fixed.
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  16. Priority Well-Known Member

    Musketeers may have been first in points, but I'd be willing to wager they don't have the highest RW dps with their setup in BoL.
  17. Twofeets Active Member

    They may not be the highest, but they do parse high and are VERY selective about which classes they choose. The reality is a Warlock had to work a lot harder than a wizard to achieve the 200-300bil DPS I routinely saw from their top parsers.
  18. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    That's likely true... but there are plenty of warlocks raiding, even if it's not on the bleeding edge.
  19. captain_crunch New Member

  20. Astrayel New Member

    no , no and no.

    there are multiple ways to maintain stacks, gain stacks, if mR_vAiN you still say you need to build stacks 6 a time you should ask someone. We all know in most occasion we hit 4-5 spell on trash we get max and we keep it with etherealist. Again, if you don't know how, you should ask someone how to play a warlock.

    Pre-cast/timing big hit is same for all dps class, that is like saying Oh I need to put on my cloth before I go to work. Don't try to make it sound like you worked for that dps, everybody need to do that, but while doing that our stuff is way more effective than other people's crap.

    I play a lock myself, and decimation is still great, just not as great as before. Complaining "oh I am not one button win" is really silly, Twisty is mostly correct there, on every count of accusation to the spell. I think decimation is in a great place now, I am still competitive with other classes, and I would choose to use Apoc base on the situation. I like the aspect of it is now a tactical choice between the 2 spells. Also, the fact, Apoc is also way overpowered than other classes spell, and I am loving that. Doing it right Apoc stays about 27-30% of my dps. The fact a well-played lock is still top line dps (aside from the broken BL pet that is super obvious not intended) crying Decimation is now worse than Apoc will just get our Apoc another nerf.

    Complaining about decimation not affected by AA instant cast? Yes it hurts, but many classes' replacement is not affected by the AA designed to modify the original spell, so we are not alone in anyway, why should we get it while other classes isn't? I don't see the logic here. You are basically trying to say " I play a lock so I can drive, you all other classes just walk"

    Locks, we are still top dps, don't stir the mud and they will just hit us again.

    Although, the new spell of Necro/Conjuror is not the problem, it is always the dumbfire. Blighted horde should be reviewed, 30 sec recast and the damage? wow is all I can say

    And Twofeets, you are literally saying lion is safe simply because you only seen cat and was told that is a lion. Saying warlock is not top dps is like trying to tell people you are very ignorant about the game current status.
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