Decent T9 haste items?

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-zerole, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-zerole Guest

    Looking for a decent haste item in T9, preferably something that doesnt require raiding. Tried looking on lootdb but they dont seem to have a filter for haste.
  2. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    If you look in the Guardian section on flames (because the Berserker section has been crap for years ) the thread with Heroic Instance Armor has a section devoted to haste items. Since I was there looking, I'll paste them in.
    Haste Items
    Legendary - 35% Haste, Waist - \aITEM -63827270 2076652443:Girdle of Bitter Friction\/a - Miragul's Phylactery: The Anathema
    Legendary - 35% Haste, Waist - \aITEM 475213488 -2017031177:Girdle of Unfathomable Horrors\/a - Vasty Deep: The Abandoned Labs
    Legendary - 35% Haste, Waist - \aITEM -1828955167 -1772872455:Clasped Belt of Stone Links\/a - The Hole: The Outer Vault
    Legendary - 35% Haste, Waist - \aITEM 2033933745 432308005:Sash of the Necrolord\/a - Royal Palace of Erudin
    Fabled - 40% Haste, Ear - \aITEM 1845308924 2146256287:Stud of Rawr and Grrr\/a - Erudin Research Halls**
    Fabled - 40% Haste, Finger - \aITEM -528762147 -1349301485:Ring of Kardag the Blade\/a - The Vigilant: Final Destruction
    Fabled 45% Haste, Finger - \aITEM -1687052952 1229782775:Channeled Band of the War Blade\/a - The Vigilant: Infiltration**
  3. ARCHIVED-zerole Guest

    Thanks for the links. I concur on the flames zerk forums, too.
  4. ARCHIVED-zerole Guest

    meh, looking thru those links...
    Anyone else get the feeling that those are decidedly scout orientated?
  5. ARCHIVED-Aanak Guest

    There's a pair of Fabled Plate Gloves on the Mark of Arad dealer in Paineel that have 35 haste on them, for 25 seals (no upgrade part cost)... I can't remember the name. I realize raiding is required to get them, but I think they are overlooked (even unknown) by many. They are definitely hast-not-meant-for-scouts gear, and not difficult at all to get if you are raiding. Aanak Guk

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