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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Vunder, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. Vunder Well-Known Member

    So. I'm a huge nut when it comes to making my ogre self even more sexier than I already am. I know, I know it sounds impossible, how can anything make a naked ogre look even sexier. Well, the answer is Heritage armor and animated cloaks.

    So. When are we ever going to get more heritage armor. Is this something players can design in the player studio? Can we design armor? I have never looked into it. (Im so buys in RL id be scared that i'd become a hermit designing stuff for in game use).

    Because we all need more images of sexy ogres in our mind.
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  3. Frinch Well-Known Member

    "Chirp Chirp"

    Exactly what you hear just before...


    Just sayin'.

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  4. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Players can't design armor. Only cloaks, shields and weapons:

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  5. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    I like the protective armor for females, but sometimes I do want to look sexy while in combat, but that's hard to find or arrange. So I wouldn't object to some chainmail bikinis *giggles*. Perhaps they might be put into the game to be found or even in the Store? Just a thought.
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  6. Pixilicious Well-Known Member

    Sullon's armor is pretty cool, or the armor that the Valkyrie type of creatures wear, but i think they said that before that those npc's or monsters have different body structure than playeable races so not possible we can have them.
  7. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    While I wouldn't have an issue, in principle, with them creating another set of Heritage Armor for Ogres, I would want them to have at least one Heritage Armor set created for each character race in the the game before they add a second Heritage Armor for any character race that already has one. The following are the Heritage Armor sets that exist (i.e. are listed on the Marketplace) at the time of this post:
    • Arasai Heritage Armor
    • Barbarian Heritage Armor
    • Dark Elf (Teir'Dal) Heritage Armor
    • Erudite Heritage Armor
    • Gnome Heritage Armor
    • High Elf (Koada'Dal) Heritage Armor
    • Human Heritage Armor
    • Ogre Heritage Armor
    • Ratonga Heritage Armor
    This would mean that the following, at a minimum, should be made before Ogres get a second set:
    • Aerakyn Heritage Armor
    • Dwarf Heritage Armor
    • Fae Heritage Armor
    • Freeblood Heritage Armor
    • Froglok Heritage Armor
    • Halfling Heritage Armor
    • Iksar Heritage Armor
    • Half Elf (Ayr'Dal) Heritage Armor
    • Kerra Heritage Armor
    • Sarnak Heritage Armor
    • Troll Heritage Armor
    • Wood Elf (Feir'Dal) Heritage Armor
    While that, in turn, means that it likely would be a rather long time before you would get what you are asking, I think that it is the only equitable way to handle it.
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  8. Vunder Well-Known Member

    Oh i didn't want a second set of heritage. I want, along with many others, exactly what you listed. The rest of the heritage armor to be finished so i can buy them and wear them on my ogre toons.

    Because we all know everything looks better on an ogre *wink* *wink*

    Heck, If they would allow me id sketch the armor based on the races lore and heritage and submit them for approval to whoever does it. I could really have a lot of fun doing it, and I know a great many other players that enjoy it also.

    Do we even have a Dev in charge of armor design?
  9. Raff Well-Known Member

    My Ogre struts the Kerran Faction armor. The Gruengach Plate set. One of the best looking armor sets in the game, imo. But I like stuff that looks like it could be real. Hard to find people with faction to do this armor anymore. If you are on AB, Moondazzle usually has this set up in the broker for preview
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  10. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    You mean like this?
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  11. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Yeah, where do I get that?
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  12. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    I am thinking that's Aeon? I can't remember where I got this picture. A friend sent it to me when I was complaining about gaming armor for females in WoW being hardly any coverage. This was a 'it could be worse' picture (lol).
  13. Siren Well-Known Member

    That screenshot is from Tera, a real-time combat MMORPG made in the Unreal 3 FPS engine. :)
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  14. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    *cries* I was sure it wasn't in EQ2 but I could hope... and make males drool on themselves *giggles*
  15. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    For equality's sake, I wouldn't oppose that - provided that they let me run around as a middle-aged, pot-bellied dude in chain mail skivvies. :eek: :D

    (In case the emoticons didn't get the point across, that was totally <jk>.)
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  16. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    Yeah, picture that set on an Ogre...of either gender.
  17. Raff Well-Known Member

    Renaissance Festivals - the home of " middle-aged, pot-bellied peeps in chain mail skivvies" :)
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