Days of Summer (and partially Fall) are almost here!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Sep 21, 2020.

  1. Arcos Active Member

    Another question about the primary and secondary items provided by the panda this year. Unlike last year the weapons and shield cannot seem to be infused or have planar essences added to improve them. Was this intentional or an oversight?
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  2. dreamweaver Developer

    Technically it was the same day, so I'm still counting it.
  3. Jinksie Active Member

    It is Equinox and depending on where you live, it is the first day of Spring. If the pandas are from the Southern hemisphere... they should be gearing up for summer next!
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  4. Melt Actually plays the game

    Most likely intentional, those mechanics are universally disliked and they're moving away from them.
  5. Bludd Well-Known Member

    seems like they are like drops in sol eye the calling where they are already infused/leveled
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  6. Obano Well-Known Member

    Not everyone disliked infusions you know that right. Just a lot of people don't understand the law of unintended consequences. Will you be happy when Krono costs 100 million plat or it costs 200 million for a master spell when the game economy goes through hyper inflation because there are no plat sinks left.

    Then people will complain about that. The reason infusions were put in the game in the first place was to stop the hyper inflation.
  7. Melt Actually plays the game

    And they did that swimmingly.

    No, you like pay to win because you play a terrible class and it's the only way you can compete, your wallet. If you ask the average player, a low end player, and a high end player, they're all saying they don't like pay to win aspects. You are the only person that I have ever seen show support for them, and you also like ascensions, which are equally disliked. You speak for yourself only.
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  8. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    Pay to win is only liked by players who don't possess the skill to excel without it.
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  9. Arclite Well-Known Member

    I simply cannot take anyone seriously who says they liked infusions and thought they were a good addition. It was/is an absolute garbage mechanic solely for the purpose of siphoning money. Coupled with mechanics and scripts that benefited from stat checks. I have spent money, a lot of it and to say that you get a mile head start over others is an understatement. If you have lots of players in your raid who have spent money and maxed out stats then you would have literally rolled over all raid content.

    Stats should always be about the gear you are wearing and the ability you have as a player and not at all influenced by pay to win aspects that clearly gives players (mediocre and subpar players included) an advantage. Mind you, even with that much money, some players are still rubbish because of not knowing how to play them.

    Good riddance to infusions, i hope familiars and ascensions follow soon. I want that time back where a player in heroic gear gave a player in full raid gear a run for its money because of just being better in class knowledge.
  10. Obano Well-Known Member

    People always throw that accusation around when they can't keep up. Oh that guy is doing better than me. Must be pay to win.

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