Days of Summer (and partially Fall) are almost here!

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  1. dreamweaver Developer

    It’s time again for some summer fun! But this year the Hua Mein felt that it was time to celebrate Yun Zi and all of his accomplishments, so Mei Lan has taken it upon herself to send you to some of Yun Zi's best known adventure locations to help a create a feast worthy to honor him! She has new weekly quests for you to complete to earn rewards from Yun Zi's trove of inherited treasures.

    Maybe you’ve been away for a while and need a quick way to catch up to play with your friends or you need a bit of a boost to run those expert heroic zones? Perhaps your house is feeling a little stale and needs some redecorating?


    Each week (Except tomorrow, Mei Lan will be available after the update!) starting Tuesday at 12:01AM PT, All Access members can log into any character and earn rewards for all characters on their account by completing Mei Lan's weekly quest! Mei Lan will have additional quests and rewards added each week, so be sure to stay on top of helping her out if you want to snag all of the possible rewards before summer ends!

    Mei Lan can be found in The Sundered Frontier, near the spires, and will have a new quest with new quests and rewards available every Tuesday. Mei Lan's second quest will become available Tuesday, September 29 at 12:01AM PT, but you'll have to complete her prior quests before you can start any new ones! Also, if you haven’t completed 2019’s Yun Zi quests, you will need to do that before you start the new ones. Those will all be available for you to start right away!


    Be sure to check back next Tuesday for a new quest and even more rewards! Remember, these quests are only available for members, so if you're not an All Access member yet, there’s never been a better time to join!

    What are you waiting for? It’s time to help out Mei Lan and celebrate all of Yun Zi's (and your) adventures!
  2. Rarkevan Active Member

    Awesome! I love the Days of summer quests and rewards!
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  3. aada New Member

  4. Marae Well-Known Member

    Cool! I've been waiting for this! *does a happy dance*
  5. Peredhel Active Member

    I love the Days of Summer quests and rewards, too, but I wish the packs were either slightly bigger or we could get multiple to a limit. I say that because with SOME items, like columns, one set especially if there are different types, won't be useful at all.

    And maybe make them Heirloom, instead of No-Trade?
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  6. Beee Well-Known Member

    Perfect - tnx

    The quest steps for the old (and soon the new too) panda quests can be found >> HERE <<
  7. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Yahoo! Thank you much. :D
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  8. Louly Well-Known Member

    How exciting! Now which character was working on 2019 hmmm ummm LOL Well will finish them and start on this!

    I have never regretted subbing back in the day and then going all access. I do miss Vanguard but EQ2 keeps giving good things to do! Thank you!
  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Yeah! Considering that we only have to do this with one toon to have it "open up" for the whole account (though I'm not sure about the "special" servers; if memory serves, it works that way for US, EU, and Public Test), if one toon can be the account's agent, why not make the items Heirloom? :-/

    And yeah, multiples, especially of house items, would be ideal. :)

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  10. Arcos Active Member

    Thanks for doing this again this year. I've noticed that the new white adornments have exactly the same stats as those for 2019. They all say Greater Aspect of Tol'Ren as last year, and the stats 1) 43.2 Crit Bonus, 86.4 Crit Bonus Overcap, 2) 500,000 Ability Mod, 3) 1172.2 Potency and 4) 5 Fervor Overcap, 5 Fervor are exactly the same as on the Daring Adventures 2019 versions.
  11. dreamweaver Developer

    The white adornments have not been updated yet because they are not available to players until week 6, they will be updated in one of the upcoming hotfixes.
  12. Beee Well-Known Member

    The red ascension adornments are orange with wrong slots.. I'm sure they will be fixed too ;)
  13. Obano Well-Known Member

    My crystal ball tells me the Tol'Ren stats will be:
    1) 86.4 Crit Bonus, 172.8 Crit Bonus Overcap,
    2) 1,000,000 Ability Mod,
    3) 2344.4 Potency and
    4) 10 Fervor Overcap, 10 Fervor
  14. Kurei Hitaka Well-Known Member

    Test player, or Bruiser hopeful? :p
  15. Arcos Active Member

    Could I possibly plead that when using a harvest box for the GLEESH writs could the default position be that the writ uses common harvestables and not rare or even purified rares as it does now. I don't always remember to double check and it is infuriating to lose hard worked for rares for nothing.
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  16. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    Denmum recommends disabling the depots for those writs, and having the specific harvests that you want to use in your inventory. It's a good idea. Bit of a pita to have to keep grabbing what you need, but safer than, as you said, them using up your rares.
  17. Darwiin Active Member

    Hate to break it to you all at Derpaw but before the servers even came back up today it was fall already for many. There is no days of summer, it Days of 100% Fall.
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  18. Juraiya Well-Known Member

    I thought autumn has already started everywhere.

    But to be quite frank, I don't care what they call them. They can call them days of winter, days of spring, or days of anything in between. As long as we have our panda quests, I'm happy! :D
  19. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Absolutely! :D

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  20. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    YAAAAAYYYY Days of the Panda is back