Daybreak Winter Extravaganza! December 18 - 31

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  1. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    Join us in celebrating Daybreak this winter with these incredible offers and more. It's the Daybreak Winter Extravaganza!

    Lifetime All Access Membership BACK DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND!!
    PC players, if you play EverQuest 2 or ANY of Daybreak's All Access games, you're in for a treat. Available for a limited time, lock in lifetime membership benefits in every All Access game with the Lifetime* All Access Membership! All Access currently includes DC Universe Online, EverQuest, EverQuest 2, and PlanetSide 2.

    No more resubscribing. No more recurring payments. All the access. All the time. Plus, if you already have an active All Access membership, we will convert your unused time to Daybreak Cash when you upgrade to this lifetime offer!

    The Lifetime* All Access Membership is available on PC for $299.99 USD, now through December 31, 2018, while supplies last**. Get yours today!

    *For the life of the participating game(s). **Only 6000 Lifetime All Access Memberships are available.

    12 Months All Access Membership + Bonus
    For those not ready for a lifetime commitment, this special 12 Months All Access Membership will still get you 12-months of membership for every All Access game - EverQuest 2, DC Universe Online, EverQuest, and PlanetSide 2 - AND bonus items.

    Combined, this offer comes with over $900 USD of special bonus items from the All Access titles, with EverQuest 2 bonus items valued at over $150 USD. Set yourself up for a great 2019 with these bonus items in EQ2!

    • Level 110 Boost
    • VIP 120 Days Research Time
    • Ominous Planar Sky-Stallion
    • Ominous Planar Gear Suit
    This membership subscription is recurring and will be renewed as the basic 12 Months subscription after the initial year.

    The 12 Months All Access Membership + Bonus is available on PC for $199.99 USD, now through December 31, 2018. Get it here!

    Frostfell 2018

    Finally, don't forget about this year's Frostfell celebrations, going on in-game now. Plus, check out the new Limited-Time Lewtz section in the Marketplace, where unavailable items are back in bundles just in time for the holidays. Last but not least, new prestige homes are here for those looking to decorate some historic abodes.


    As an All Access title, DC Universe Online (PC) is included in the Lifetime All Access Membership and the 12 Months All Access Membership + Bonus. Console players, make sure you click through for special PlayStation 4 and Xbox One membership and marketplace offers that you will NOT want to miss.

    Click here to learn more about DCUO's extravaganza and bonus items!


    As an All Access title, EverQuest is included in the Lifetime All Access Membership and the 12 Months All Access Membership + Bonus. EQ also has the yearly Frostfell event underway.

    Click here to learn more about EverQuest's extravaganza and bonus items!


    H1Z1 joins the celebration with a marketplace sale (ALL items 50% off!) and the new Slay Ride Crate.

    Click here to learn about all of H1Z1's offers.


    As an All Access title, PlanetSide 2 is included in the Lifetime All Access Membership and the 12 Months All Access Membership + Bonus. Make sure to check out the Auraximas holiday event, daily sales, and a new Holiday Directive rounding out PS2's holiday cheer.

    Click here to learn more about PlanetSide 2's extravaganza and bonus items!


    Plus, get deep discounts and limited time offers from our partners over at Dungeons & Dragons Online® and Lord of the Rings Online™! Don’t miss out on great store savings up to 75% off, new free quests, in-game boosts, and winter festivals with frosty rewards!

    Click here for DDO offers and click here for LOTRO offers.

    The Daybreak Extravaganza and special offers begin at 1PM PT on December 18, 2018, and end at 11:59PM PT on December 31, 2018. Daybreak does not ensure continuous or error-free access, use or availability of any game content, feature, gameplay, or server and may change, modify, disable, suspend or remove any such content, feature, gameplay or server at its sole discretion. If you are currently an All Access Member with a 1, 3, 6, or 12 month membership, the Lifetime All Access Membership and charges will take effect immediately and the remainder of your previous membership time will promptly be granted to your account in Daybreak Cash. The 12 Months Membership + Bonus membership subscription is recurring and will be renewed as the basic 12 Months subscription after the initial year.
  2. Arieva Well-Known Member

    Can we get details about the bonus items..IE the mount and "gear suit"?
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  3. Sowy Active Member

    also how much DBG cash do you get for unused time prior to the lifetime sub?
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  4. Punchie New Member

    • Level 110 Boost
    • VIP 120 Days Research Time
    • Ominous Planar Sky-Stallion
    • Ominous Planar Gear Suit

    Is that the whole bonus or are there other items?
    Are these one per account claim?
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  5. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    The gear crate contains appearance armor, cloak, and mount, and is redeemable once per character.

    That is the whole bonus that comes with the 12-month membership. The boost and research time are once per account, while the gear and mount is once per character.
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  6. Roxxlyy Community Relations

    You'll want to reach out to CS so they can calculate this for your account!
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  7. Kaid Member

    I wish there had been a storewide % discount on purchases so I could get some things I want on sale, like advancement tokens, prestige homes I want, etc. rather than select things that I personally do not want. In a perfect world, the current sale with the addition of a storewide % off sale would have been great. I think Daybreak misses the opportunity to drive more store sales by limiting the focus of sales at one if not the biggest times of year for retail sales.

    Just my two coppers.
  8. Bella222 Active Member

    What worries me is "for the life of the participating game". How long will you guarantee that EQ2 will keep going? Are you all that cash strapped that you forgo future funds to get them now? Oh, how I hope that EQ2 is not on the way to folding as I really love it. It is my all-time favorite game. From also playing EQ occasionally I think EQ has many more players than EQ2. All you have to do is compare the number of worlds. Please reassure us that our beloved EQ2 is not in danger of folding?????? Incidentally I already have 2 recurring year long all access accounts as well as some free ones. Oh, I just hope that the game keeps going.

    Also, are bonus items one per account or one per character?
  9. Jinksie Member

    To clarify - I assume you do not get the bonus items with the Lifetime membership. Only with the 12 month all access membership. Is that correct? Thank you!
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  10. Rhodris Well-Known Member

    4,000 lifetime memberships on offer for US$300 = $1,200,000.

    By the end of the month. Which coincides with financial year wanting to make the cash-book ledger look healthy?
  11. Vlahkmaak Active Member

    Will you guarantee the servers will be running for the entirety of my lifetime?
  12. Sowy Active Member

    I mean there's not a set amount per month?
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  13. Edaine New Member

    It appears that the bonuses do not come with the Lifetime, as I didn't see anything after purchasing it.
  14. Benito Well-Known Member

    It's a gambit.

    The US economy is showing signs of a slowdown. (One publication predicts a recession late in 2019). How well will Daybreak and other gaming companies weather economic shocks over the next 3 years? (Compounded by the fact that Daybreak has laid off one-third of their workforce in 2018).

    Didn't they make a lot of promises to Landmark players? Player buys X and is promised Y upon release? Shows you how fickle and dangerous this lifetime sub can be.

    A handful of players are claiming to have bought the lifetime subs over at EQ1.
  15. Chiffon Active Member

    It appears to be auto calculating # of months x $14.99 (a monthly sub cost)
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  16. Jinksie Member

    Thank you! I guess the lifetime membership is its own bonus. :)
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  17. Alarra Well-Known Member

    With regards to the money....

    The Lifetime Sub:
    We will be paying $300 for Lifetime Sub.
    Which doesn't include the bonuses.
    So equivalent will be 2.5 years ($300 / $120 = 2.5)

    So one would expect the game to be up for at least that time for us to break even.
    And DBG to not destroy their All Access plan, which would make lifetime membership void I guess.

    The Yearly Bonus sub:
    1. 1 Year sub ($119)
    2. 120 days of Research ($100? 2 Endline spells?)
    3. an appearance mount ($15?)
    4. an appearance crate ($10?)
    So maybe $244 worht of goodes for $200 I guess.
    I only just paid for a yearly sub on December 2nd'ish, so my options are pretty much the lifetime sub or stay on for a year and make a decision.
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  18. Faelynn Active Member

    Will players on the lifetime sub continue to receive the 500 DBC / month claim?
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  19. Chiffon Active Member

    According to Caith in Discord, yes we will continue to receive this.
  20. ArcticflareArcadian New Member

    Ok just purchased the lifetime sub. Cannot find the gear crate.... checked inventory and claim rewards nothing.... any idea???
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