Daybreak Systems Maintenance - April 20, 2021

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    On 4/20 at 12 AM PDT we will be starting a 24 hour maintenance period on some of our internal systems. We have a large migration maintenance of our backend which will impact all game services. During this timeframe all servers will be shut down until the work is concluded. This maintenance is affecting all Daybreak titles. We'd like to thank you in advance for your patience.
  2. dreamweaver Developer

    [REMINDER] This maintenance will occur at 12:00 AM PDT, EverQuest II Servers will come down around 11:30 PM PDT this evening (April 19) in order to prepare for the maintenance.
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  3. dreamweaver Developer

    [ALERT] This maintenance is now complete and servers will be coming up soon. There is a known issue with DBC top ups at the moment, so please be aware of that if you plan on taking any actions with purchasing dbc all currently owned DBC transactions should be function normally. We are still investigating those but all other actions should able to proceed as normal. Thank you for your patience.
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